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  1. MattFright

    Underused high quality resources

    Another update to the OP! For one i decided to organize things a bit better, but also added a few more texture packs. Gonna list them below in the hopes that they interest someone enough to consider mapping with them, along with some screenies to show them off here: Devtex OAGB Textures The Kerberos Complex Texture Pack Wireframe Texture Pack
  2. I've been gone for a little while now huh?


    A few months ago i was suffering a lot from stress when working on my maps, comparing myself to everyone around me, thinking that i would never be able to get to that point and that i was making progress too slowly in comparison to everyone else i look up to in the community, causing me to no longer enjoy making maps.



    It was only after a month or two of self-reflection and trying to look at things a bit more rationally that i reminded myself... It might not seem/feel like it, but i only really started at this somewhere around June of last year, and i'm simply doing this to myself, because all of those people i keep comparing myself to have been at this for close to a decade, if not more!



    So i think what other people can get from this is that i made the decision to keep making these and keeping them to myself. I feel extremely flattered when someone DMs me and asks where they can download those maps or when they're coming out, and you people who have done that have given me a lot of motivation to keep pushing through even when i was bringing myself down, but i think it'll take a while for the stuff i'm actually proud of to ever get released. I can't really tell yet when i'm going to release any of the maps i'm currently working on, but at the very least i'll guarantee you that they'll be worth the wait :)



    Despite a few bumps in the road we've had throughout this year, i'm really glad to be in this community. You guys are great <3



    PS: PRCP2 is a project i have actually submitted a map for, which i'm really proud of! Go check out/playtest my map before the 1.0 release if you haven't already :D


  3. MattFright

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    Can we stop arguing here, and if at all necessary, instead create another thread elsewhere titled something like "should different authors imply the continuation of another mapset series in their own unrelated one?" or whatever? It's really annoying to open a wad's thread only to see people arguing instead of...actually talking about the maps.
  4. MattFright

    Massive difficulty spikes early on in recent wads

    I guess so, but most of what i come across now isn't quite the type that works well, but more the type that throwws 3205820358235 things at you all at once without any time to react, after an otherwise chill or only mildly difficult map. It feels like trying to appeal to one type of player, then suddenly turning a 180 on them with micro slaughter (of the bad kind).
  5. MattFright

    Massive difficulty spikes early on in recent wads

    I used to be the type to try to UV-saveless every map i played for a good while but man it really isn't cutting it for me anymore lol Oooo i thought that was a feature for demos only... I'll definitely give it a try next time i try playing Doom, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Of course this has always been a thing but i've felt this a lot more the past two years with some of the biggest releases, especially after seeing someone on DW pointing out something very similar although it was about difficulty rather than necessarily pacing. I've found myself enjoying a lot of releases lately but, more often than not and increasingly so in big releases lately (or so i've felt), there's maps early on (if not the very first) in a mapset that i REALLY enjoyed, but right at the final fight, it's not necessarily difficult to pull off? as much as it just doesn't leave you any time to think and ends up just being overwhelming for the sake of it, ruining the flow of the map and usually causing a permanent rage quit from the wad. For reference, Eviternity is a perfect example of before i felt this started happening to wads, where its pacing feels really smooth and hardly ever did i feel like being overwhelmed for the sake of it (even with the astral cacodemon), even with how bad at Doom i used to be when it came out during my 100% blind UV playthroughs. But i didn't want to just come here and complain! For one, i wanted to ask how many other people have felt this as well (because i honestly have no idea), and if there's anything i can do to enjoy those if i'm the one doing something wrong. Saving right before those fights, for one, is something that seems to help others but doesn't seem to be helping me at all, though.
  7. MattFright

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Holy shit, that looks gorgeous
  8. MattFright

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Eviternity is MBF, not Boom. So you should actually use MBF(strict) if you want the intended experience @Nilex. Things like jumping, mouselook and such are most likely already set to what they're intended by the wad via ZMAPINFO, so i wouldn't worry about that.
  9. MattFright

    Recommend me any open-world/Metroidvania TC you know.

    Does Hexen count as a metroidvania?
  10. MattFright

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Heh yeah, sorry about the way i phrased that... I guess it's just the way my brain decided to describe my enthusiasm for the project after i finished playing it. In the end what matters is how great this year has been for Doom for sure :D And yeah that's true, i think i should be doing more of those (since i do also actually enjoy writing them). I might make my own thread or something down the line for reviews. Either way thank you for the suggestion!
  11. MattFright

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Out of anything released this year, @Velvetic's Atmospheric Extinction is the mapset that would make me the most disappointed if it didn't make it to the cacowards, by far. I don't think i've ever had my jaw drop this often while playing Doom before. Solid original soundtrack(s) too by the author too!!
  12. Oh man, if i keep up at this pace i'll probably have this short episode fully playable before the end of the year! I might still do a looot of polishing before a proper release (i want to be proud of my first standalone project for years to come) but this still makes me really excited! :D



  13. MattFright


    A lot of people still use it, don't they?
  14. MattFright

    Corn on pizza

    As long as humanity exists, people will put all sorts of weird things on pizza and start a war online over it
  15. MattFright

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Making architecture and detailing lightning fast now! Super happy with how this is shaping up so far: