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  1. TheEvilGrin

    I need help

    If you mean a decoration (some of them emit light, which may be why you calla them "light"), you can find them in the "decorations" or "obstacles" or "light sources" in the "thing" selection menu in Doom Builder. Light-emitting things only work in GZDoom's OpenGL renderer, though, but there are other ways to do lighting, like draw circles around your light source and put a brightness gradient from bright in the middle to darl on the sides. If you want to create your own decoration that emits light, you can, but you'll need to use DECORATE or ZSCRIPT, combined with a GLDEFS lump, which may get tricky.
  2. TheEvilGrin

    Looking for newer Doom 2 wads...

    I guess you could check out the Wadazine, there's plenty of recommendations from the last 2-3 years. Especially the master recommendations are really good, like Bastion of Chaos. Here's issue #6's thread (issue number 7 is the latest, but everything is Halloween-themed so this might not be what you're looking for).
  3. TheEvilGrin

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Found something else, in the entrance of E2M8 there's this lava pit around the bridge, and the right teleporter just didn't want to get me back to the start. I checked in DBX and there's nothing wrong with it apparently, but since I got knocked back into it by a projectile, I must have linedef-skipped or something. Oh and I really loved E3M9. Entering puzzle, general concept, everything was great.
  4. TheEvilGrin

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    I'm not done with E2 yet. I couldn't solve the puzzle with the maulotaurs so I had a look into the code. The variable "ThisBullBeLitFam" made me chuckle quite a bit. Oh and that would be great if you could make the text that prints in the unholy font stay longer, I didn't have time to read it and had to leave and re-enter the level.
  5. Question 1 - You can use SLADE to export the lumps you want into another WAD file. About intellectual property stuff, I'm not an expert, but I guess it would be acceptable if you clearly state that the map isn't yours. Question 2 - This look a lot like a sector-not-closed bug. It means that the sector you have is not properly drawn and therefore is not rendered correctly (either there are overlapping linedefs or a wrong copy-paste stuff happened). To solve this, use your map editor's "map analysis" tool. Default key is F4 I believe. THen you will be able to delete and redraw the sector properly (properties are normally conserved when doing that). Sorry if I'm being unclear. Don't hesitate to ask anything else if that didn't work. Normally it should, but you never know.
  6. TheEvilGrin

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    You know that famous photo of the Id guys ? Someone told me one day that John Carmack's smile probably inspired the evil grin, and I happen to have the exact same smile. So yeah.
  7. Taras Nabad for sure. You can't even see the archviles with all the banners and stuff. And there's a lot of pain elementals there too. Even Nekravol is easier. Urdak is hard too, but the way the arenas are built look more like other levels, whereas the first area of Taras Nabad is just a big hole with ledges on the side.
  8. TheEvilGrin

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    I have good reflexes, but an incredibly bad aim. Therefore I always play on Hey, Not too rough, except Sunlust that I play on I'm too young to die. Ironically, the wad I'm making is for UV, so I often die while playtesting. That's what mapping teammates are for after all. I do go to HMP on Ancient aliens, but only because I know every single nook and cranny of it.
  9. TheEvilGrin

    My DECORATE definition doesn't work for some reason

    Yep, that was it. Stupid me. Thanks a lot !
  10. TheEvilGrin

    My DECORATE definition doesn't work for some reason

    There is indeed another actor definition right after, but it's basically the same and causes the same bug. There's also a GLDEFS lump, though, which calls for this one, and that might be the issue. I removed the "#include DECORATE" from the GLDEFS, and now I got a "Unknown tag: object" error in the GLDEFS. Really weird, given that even if I use an example from the ZDoom wiki it still refuses to work. Here's the GLDEFS code : pulseLight TECH { color 0.1 0.0 1.0 size 16 secondarysize 64 interval 2 Dontlightself 1 object BlueTechLamp { frame BTLP {light TECH} } }
  11. Hello everyone, I'm making a custom lamp in DECORATE for my wad, but when I launch the game, this message pops up : Script error, "marsholeresources.wad:DECORATE", line 1 : Error parsing defs. Unknown tag : actor. If I understand (I guess I don't then), the problem comes from the word "actor", and iirc, it's how you define an actor, isn't it ? Here's the full code : Actor BlueTechLamp 1001 { Radius 16 height 32 +SOLID States { Spawn : BTLP ABCD 10 Bright } } That's really weird (there's also a function that doesn't work, A_AttachLightDef, but apparently you have to do that in GLDEFS now). Anyone knows what's happening ? Thanks in advance !
  12. TheEvilGrin

    Your greatest achievement?

    Ending in the 3rd position at a national competition (archery). I also broke my PB by 37 points this day. It was 2 years ago. Last year I couldn't participate, I broke a rib diving on the ground during a game. And this year, no championships because of covid. Hope I'll do it again in 2021.
  13. TheEvilGrin

    Basic helpfull scripts

    If you wanna get into scripting, you might wanna have a look in the "ACS functions" category in the ZDoom wiki. There's the list of all the pre-built functions you can use. If you know about loops, variables and conditions, you know all you need to know to make basic scripts which will handle a lot of stuff at once. Oh and don't forget the semicolons too.
  14. TheEvilGrin

    I made a video series for complete beginners

    Great ! Love to see a new member helping others to start mapping ! (DBX is also a very good choice for beginners, less complicated than UDB). Difference between decoration items is, "obstacles" are blocking on the floor, "light sources" emit light when the "load lights.pk3" is ticked, and "decorations do neither of those 2 (some are blocking, but their hitbox is on the ceiling).
  15. TheEvilGrin

    Your mapping fears

    Greatest fears : _Getting that unpatched bug in DB that crashes and you can't save _Not being able to make the map look like I thought it would look _That one time were imps glitched through the ground and HB levitated, and a shotgun also disappeared fro some reason (never happened again though) _Having the script error window pop up when I press the "playtest" key