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  1. LVENdead

    Dead Signal (wad) (New version available)

    Here's my playthrough of this map: I really like what you've done to create this good classic feeling map with some nice advanced features sprinkled in. The elements like sector glows/lighting, ambient sounds, 3d floors, etc are implemented in a rather reserved way that doesn't really seem to hint that this map may have been an experiment for you. It's overall a great example of how you can maintain a classic Doom feel while relying on some modern tech and detailing to spruce it up. The map layout was really cool and exploration was fun. I like how multiple areas were reused and how the map looped back on itself multiple times. It's pretty linear overall, but that's not a bad thing. I did feel like the additional monsters didn't really add anything, and overall the combat was completely acceptable without being very noteworthy. Given the weapons I did find, plus the hint that a plasma gun was hidden somewhere I never discovered, I was really expecting a few of the traps to be quite a bit deadlier than they turned out to be. I also felt like there was some artificial difficulty in placement of the hitscanners outside that could snipe me a bit ridiculously in multiple rooms, and that outside of it it was pretty easy. I enjoyed the map overall though. I like your style a lot and I'd be interested to see what else you end up doing with UDMF if you keep experimenting with it.
  2. LVENdead

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Finally had a chance to finish this up. It's just absolutely incredible. This WAD is for the Doom engine what Ion Fury is to the Build engine. The maps use all the advanced features to really effective extents - I mean it never feels gimmicky. I can't understate this enough: to be so consistently surprised during the entire duration of the WAD is incredible, because I've been playing Doom literally since it came out. I love the way the 3d geometry and advanced engine capabilities allow for some inspiring exploration and excellent combat, with arenas and setpieces you really haven't seen in Doom before but which don't really violate any intrinsic "Doomness". I love the scope of everything, and how the levels just feel like these giant superstructures that are interconnected and like intricate machines, folding back on themselves and opening and changing constantly. It's not just an industrial-themed texture or visual design we have going on - it really informs everything about the maps. The new weapons and monsters were such a delight to experience as well. I've been a big fan of @skillsaw's incorporation of glass cannon enemies into the rosters of Valiant and Ancient Aliens, and they are well appreciated in this one as well. @Xaser you fucking knocked it out of the park with the weapons. I love how the flame thrower fits well into the PG role, but flips it on its head a bit by making it deadly to use up close - something you frequently would do with the PG to escape tough situations, and transfers some of its value over to the dual Skorpions. And of course, the Cluster Bomb launcher...man it's hard to replace the BFG, but I can't say this weapon had me wishing it was the old classic, it was just so damn fun to use. And the soundtrack is just amazing. You half-way forget you're listening to midi music these are just so layered and masterfully crafted. I know there are a lot of great composers in the Doom community but @stewboy is absolutely legendary with this thing. I don't know how you can take this like, house/funk/rock style and mash it up into this catchy but driving groove that fits with an industrial themed map set, or compose what sounds like an entire prog album condensed into a 5 minute track (Map 06) but damn man does it have great results. The standout map for me is Map 06, where it feels like everything awesome about the WAD comes together in a true moment of synthesis. I enjoyed every second of this WAD, and the only thing bad I can say about it is that I'm sorry it's already over.
  3. LVENdead

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    My god this is a game changer, thank you for asking about this.
  4. LVENdead

    Crepitations - Otex map

    Here's my video playthrough: Absolutely stellar map. I found it delightful from start to finish. I did find it overall on the easier side, but I thought there were enough fun setpieces and interesting traps, it's not like I was sleepwalking through this map. This map has the feel of a carnival ride - something that is a little more on rails but is woven up intricately and packed full of surprises. The pacing was nice, it didn't feel like I was slogging through a 400 monster, 45 minute map - it gripped me the whole way through but had good quiet moments befitting a map with this atmosphere. I've got to say, I find your use of OTEX very impressive. You have a great idea for how to use color and contrast in the texture set and you create something that really stands on its own. It's impressive without being ostentatious. I was very into the theme of this map, and I duly loved how you had this industrial and ugly layer under the charming village exterior. Some people might be disappointed if they think the map presents this possibly open exploration type of map (especially with the beginning area), but I was okay with that fact that it was mostly a pretty linear quest. The whole thing is a blast.
  5. LVENdead

    TechBase1 - my first released map

    Here is my video playthrough of this map with commentary (video is still uploading as of this post, probably available about an hour from now): This is a nice effort with some good classic feel to it. I think the effort to establish some consistent theming was well worth it, and makes the map entertaining to explore. My favorite aspects are how you can clearly tell what the "story" of the map is (as in, the actual lore of why the map exists) and how the map is well interconnected. The map has a very logical flow and structure to it that makes it easy to understand. The combat in my opinion is a bit on the flat side, but I wouldn't consider it bad. For the most part, I was flush with ammunition and there wasn't much in the way that pushes or drives me around the combat spaces or forces me to confront uncomfortable scenarios - you just kind of go from room to room and shoot everything inside before moving on. The map could use something to drive the excitement, be it more traps (or things to surprise the player in general) or maybe some slightly more structured combat. Honestly, I would just take these as considerations for when you work on your next maps rather than showstopping issues I'd say you absolutely have to go back and fix in this one. If it comes down to a matter of "did I enjoy my time with this map?" the answer is definitely a yes. Keep up the good work, interested to see what you come up with next!
  6. I really appreciate the mention, it honestly means a lot! I don't think you can really understate how monumental this series has been for the mapping community and how helpful it is to anyone aspiring to map. HAK's commentary always seems to be able to effectively dissect strengths and weaknesses of maps in an authentic and candid way without ever trudging into mean-spiritedness even when it's clear HAK isn't enjoying the map he's playing or without being overly prescriptive. I learned so much from just the commentary video on my first map alone, I've actually gone back and watched HAK's playthrough of Malleable Intent multiple times just to try and absorb the various observations and critiques. And just having the wherewithal to actually play over 1400 maps in the span of like 3 years is absolutely insane to me - if that's not an indiscreet love for Doom and the mapping community at large, then I don't know what is. So I will just reiterate one last time, thanks a lot for this. It was truly awesome.
  7. Thanks for playing my map @Terminus! Sorry I didn't get to check it out live, I was unfortunately at work when you streamed today. The slaughter-ish fight near the end of Aspect of Daedalus was so hard to set up and I never really got the balance right. You kind of brute forced it by using resurrect (which I totally respect given you have to get through a couple dozen maps in a given streaming session) but the intent was to force the player to run into the canyon area and draw the whole horde out into the map for a prolonged battle. Glad to see your footage, it was great!
  8. LVENdead

    Back to Saturn X difficulty

    Welcome to the community! If we're on the topic of WAD difficulty, there's this list that was kind of assembled by community opinion to help organize some WADS by difficulty for the purposes of getting better at a smooth-ish progression. I can't speak for everyone else, but I'd imagine a lot of people might put BTSX somewhere in the middle, like around Valiant/Ancient Aliens maybe? Of course you know this now, but it can't be understated that almost any given PWAD is going to be much harder than Doom 2 if you're new or dusting off the cobwebs. I remember only about a year and a half ago, I beat Doom2 on UV from pistol start and saveless for the first time and thought I was some hot shit. But you go too many steps up that list and I start getting my ass kicked. I think you should play Doom however you want, and if this means modding the game then I'm not going to be the one to say you shouldn't. But I will say, figuring out how to deal with Arch-Viles is like, one of those milestone "it clicks" moments. I dunno about everyone else, but even still nothing else really makes me panic like an Archie showing up in a crazy situation, I can't imagine playing a version of Doom where they are easy enough to kill with just a couple SSG blasts. The snap decision of "Okay, how do I DPS down this guy, when my best weapon is the rocket launcher with 7 shots, and the room is full of pinkies" is like, one of the Doomest things about Doom.
  9. I have some major catching up to do. I ended up playing ahead to map 08, and then getting stuck there for a bit, and now I'm back after having played a few more. I lost track of my stats so I'm just going to skip them from now on. MAP 04: Expert, pistol start, saveless This one is a bit of an odd man out so far, but I can't say I dislike it. I don't know why, but something about this map reminds me of BTSX EP2 Map 01 and Ancient Aliens Map 09, both by Joshy. I think it lies more in the aesthetic than anything about the map flow, but I couldn't help but point it out all the same. I actually like how the map starts out with you taking fire from many angles and having to try and decipher the best route through the obscuring vines and multiple paths. The midi is pretty cool too. The ending is a bit bullshit, but otherwise a fine map. MAP 05: Expert, pistol start, saveless A short little map that employs a thin monster count but maintains a strong pulse. You'll mostly be visiting a few larger areas that are all pretty much connected to one another. I could not for the life of me figure out the secrets on this one. MAP 06: Expert, pistol start, saveless This one will wake you up if you were somehow not fully into this WAD by now. I didn't find it TOO difficult, but you definitely feel the increased monster count. This place is absolutely crawling with baddies. The progression is weird, I guess there's basically a whole option part of the map? Must be for deathmatch I'd guess, otherwise you can completely miss it. It can be beaten pretty quickly if you don't go exploring for secrets. MAP 07: Expert, pistol start, saveless This one was the first that I died to a couple of times, but I didn't find it too hard. It's just got quite a lot of tricky things to manage if you're not paying well enough attention. The fight where you get trapped after getting the SSG killed me the first time - I think I got really unlucky with some caco positioning. Outside of that it's not too vicious. It's got a bit of a weird layout, and the Duke 3d toilet is strange but also charming. I liked this map for the change of scenery, but couldn't say I'd count it amongst my favorites. MAP 08: Expert, pistol start, saveless As soon as I got to this map and understood the premise, I would have put money on it being one of MtPain27's favorites. Interestingly enough, this map killed me more times than any of the others so far. I got really far through it my first run and blew myself up during the blue key ambush (this is actually a running theme for me), and then did the same thing literally again a second time. Then I went through one of those valleys where you just get stuck early in the map over and over, dying to stupid stuff like an errant rocket guy I forgot about, a pinky swarm, a revenant, whatever. Just dumb deaths really. Eventually though, I made it all the way back through and beat it. It wasn't until MtPain27 pointed out the room that looks like it comes from Quake that I realized why part of this map feels so familiar. A map that gave me way more trouble than it should have, otherwise I had a blast shooting and fisting my way through this way. MAP 09: Expert, pistol start, saveless I played this map tonight, so I have more fresh thoughts on it. It was pretty tough but also a lot of fun. Since I have the luxury, maybe I'll just respond a bit to some of DFF's own comments about it. I actually really liked this start a lot. Give me the SSG and just enough ammo to kill one or two pinkies, then give me basically no choice but to dart out of the cave and try to grab supplies while taking potshots at the snipers I can hardly see. A frantic way to kick things off without relying on bullshit. These guys were used to great effect. They make better snipers than imps at least since the projects travel faster, but they aren't bogus hitscanners that feel unfair when they're perched up there in huge numbers. Well they certainly put in some good work during my playthrough! I loved how effectively they chase you down after grabbing the blue key and again when teleporting in to grab the red key. The mastermind fight at the end was...there? I managed to basically just corner peekaboo him with the chaingun and he didn't put up much of a fight. Overall this was a fun map, I liked the cool blend of interiors and exteriors with varying elevation and the use of the foliage as a tactical consideration. This map is at times as cerebral as it is violent. MAP 10: Expert, pistol start, saveless Somehow I only died twice on this map. I actually didn't dislike it although I totally understand why other people do. The starting battle presents an interesting puzzle that is really only solved with good positioning and monster management. It's of course a good idea to prioritize the pinkies since they are so effective at clogging you up, but it's also not a bad idea to pick off a few cacos as well, since they really exert a lot of control over the space. I got lucky with infighting which made cleanup a lot easier and safer. The second fight is nuts. I honestly didn't do a whole lot of specific fighting, and instead took opportune moments to clear monsters out here or there to mostly grab resources safely. When the archies showed up, I panicked a bit at first, but having the BFG did a lot to assuage myself and get my head back into it. The cyberdemon showing up was of course a moment, but he quickly drew the ire of an arch vile and I mostly left them alone. I do think it is pretty bogus to put that many archviles in open areas where you might not really have a good way of keeping track of where they are or when they come in. I didn't realize I could exit perhaps as soon as I was able, but by the point I did, I had eaten at least one archie blast and just got the hell out of dodge to say that I beat the level. I think I ended with ~70% kills. I actually like the setting of this map as well. I'm always a big fan of big subterranean industrial spaces, ala Black Mesa, and this map just kind of elicits that feel for some reason. Didn't mean I wasn't ready to run for the exit when the time came.
  10. So using SLADE3, what you'll do is make sure you incorporate OTEX by copying the entire contents of the WAD into your map WAD. The options you're looking for to complete this process are in the Archive menu. So you'll do Archive -> Maintenance, and then you're going to do the top 3 options but in reverse order (Remove Unused Flats, Remove Unused Textures, then Remove Unused Patches). Their purpose should be fairly self explanatory - SLADE will comb through the lumps in the WAD and remove anything from OTEX (or whatever other texture pack you might use) that isn't actually used in your map. The one thing to keep in mind is that it will remove anything that isn't EXPLICITLY used in your map - this includes any subsequent frames for animated textures, such as liquids or switches. That means that if you textured a wall with, say SWITCHTEX1A, you also need to deselect SWITCHTEX1B (or whatever the texture for the "on" frame is) from being removed or none of the switches that use the texture will actually animate when the player activates them. You also need to deselect the sky texture you use, or SLADE will remove that since it's really only specified in the MAPINFO. The reason you do these in reverse order (really you just need to ensure that the Patches option is done last, probably doesn't matter outside that) is that it seems like SLADE executes Remove Unused Patches by looking at what textures still exist in the WAD file itself and then cleans up the PNAMES lump accordingly. If you do it first, every one of the OTEX textures is still in the WAD file so it won't delete anything from PNAMES. Even though SLADE clearly shows that the PNAMES lump is relatively small in terms of file size, completing this last step seems to have a big impact on the overall size of your WAD, so I don't recommend skipping it if you care about that.
  11. LVENdead

    (Boom) - Land of the Imps

    Here's my video playthrough with commentary As I previously stated, holy shit this map is fantastic. I mean, I've been playing a lot of Doom lately and this map really stands out. An intense ride that has great pacing and some spectacular fights. I would almost dare to say that it suffers from "Everything's a trap"-itis as I'm apparently starting to call it, but the way that each of the traps plays out keeps it from really being a detracting factor at all. I never felt like any of the traps was total bullshit unfair, and generally it was my mistake (and I made QUITE a few in this playthrough, let's chalk it up to being the end of a long week and say nothing further about it!) when I died. You did a good job of anticipating the player without making the mistake of being overly heavyhanded with "countering" every single move the player might make. The way the map transforms constantly is also super cool. I noted some very adept Boom "scripting" you employed that was excellent as well. The map just felt like this active, responsive thing, as if the level itself were struggling against the player as much as the monsters within it were. That's the kind of thing that defines top-tier Doom in my opinion. Between the level design and the combat design, I loved how important positioning/footwork ends up being, and how you have to be aggressive at times but not reckless. This map punishes poor decision making With everything that's been said, I have to say that the visuals almost fade into the background - but I don't mean this in a negative way at all. I appreciate that you've gone for this quaint classic-esque style that doesn't need to be this modern art project, and so it's never really distracting. Nothing about it is an eye sore in any way, and it is actually pretty visually interesting; it's just not trying hard to be flashy which I appreciate, even though I can tell you went to a lot of effort on the visuals all the same. I also need to take a second to point out the midi. The midi is a prime choice here, it's just so good! Overall, this map is one of my favorites that I've played in recent memory. Outstanding work.
  12. LVENdead

    (Boom) - Land of the Imps

    I've got a video uploading and some thoughts to come, but I wanted to pop in early to say I absolutely loved this map. I don't really know how to be succinct about it, so I'll save specifics for my writeup but man, it's just fantastic.
  13. LVENdead

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    Finally was able to finish this up today. My god this thing is just insane. I know it's a modern source port/mapping format and all that but some of the stuff this map pulls off visually is still just incredible. The setting is just so captivating, I could explore a whole world of this style and I loved seeing all the interesting ways the geometry was varied. Simple outstanding. I think the combat and progression was alright, it definitely felt distinctly like a "visit a series of arenas" structure more than anything else, but that's mostly alright to me for a single map. I would still have loved if exploration itself played a greater part in this map. There's just so much surprise and wonder that can come from the anticipation of what you'll explore next, and this map in my opinion doesn't really capitalize on that at all. That's not to say there's no surprise, it was certainly an incredible experience to discover, I just mean more like - it kind of began to feel as "Oh I wonder how cool this next arena is going to look!" if that makes sense. With that said, there were some fucking amazing looking arenas - the little "vortexes in the floor" and the spider mastermind arena were absolutely highlights for me. I hope I didn't diminish what an incredible feat this map is though. It's so god damn good.
  14. That's a reasonable solution if that's what you want to do. I would just also recommend considering how you can elicit the experience you want for that section in alternative ways. I feel like what you're trying to do is create this uncomfortable and tense experience where the player is almost a bit desperate as they search these dark halls infested with monsters for SOMETHING to fight back with. Even if you gave us the shotgun prior to the blue key, we'd still be short on ammo for it if you chose not to just hand over shells, and that would create a very similar experience without also forcing the player to just use the pistol. I personally don't find the berserk as a viable replacement because I don't really like punching hitscanners. But that's just a completely unsolicited suggestion based on my opinion about the kind of Doom I like. I would ultimately encourage you to do what motivates you as an author to create.
  15. Here's a video of my playthrough with my commentary and summarizing thoughts at the end: I gotta say, @PurityControl, it's a damn shame this hasn't gotten more attention already because this is a legitimate effort for a first timer or otherwise. You mark your debut here with a bold stamp and I'm already anticipating what's to come from you in the future. Pros: Strong and appealing visual style that I would say is "texture agnostic" - meaning I think the use of OTEX only serves to enhance the style rather than define it. Great variety in spaces that connect to each other logically, with especially great use of open/overlapping areas at the beginning, covered and uncovered interiors, dark/light areas, etc. Exploring is a strong suit here. Pulse-driven combat. Once you get the chaingun, the opening area is a blast (no pun intended) to run through laying waste to everything. Every other gun has a time to shine too. There's a good blend of run and gun/incidental type of combat with more arena-driven affairs and ambushes. Pacing is pretty solid. Nice mix of more intense action with some slower, exploration phases with moments to recuperate. You generally avoid making anything tedious - fights are over when they should be, exploration generally doesn't divert you for too long before it's back to the fighting. Not overly trap-heavy. Some new authors suffer from "everything's a trap"-itis and I don't see that here. Possible Improvements: Progression is still probably a bit obtuse in areas. I can see your intent to mostly make backtracking coincide with looping areas, or new monsters that draw you back to where you started, but more than a couple times I would "progress" the map but not actually realize how or what I'd done specifically. Capstone fight is pretty tepid towards the end. Any time I can circle strafe to win, there's not enough going on. More forgiving for an early one, less so for the final battle. The actual concept of it was great though - I love the way the arena changed on a very telegraphed timer and the player immediately understands the consequences of taking too long or not being aggressive enough (all your cover goes away). (Nitpick) Still not a fan of how monster-dense the starter area is when you don't give out a weapon sooner. I think the severity of this problem is heavily a matter of opinion, but generally I'd imagine MOST people you poll would probably say "I shouldn't have to kill 30+ monsters before I find an upgrade for the pistol". (Nitpick - just food for thought for next time) Rooms are still very squareish overall. Even though hallways and connecting areas tended to be more round, actual arenas/open areas were mostly rectangles. This was a treat. Job well done. Can't wait for what's next.
  16. I always have OBS showing on my second monitor so I don't actually know the answer to this. I don't mind looking into it later though!
  17. OBS isn't TOO complicated once you get it set up, but when you finally do it should be fairly low maintenance ;) Here's a basic setup that is close to how I've configured mine. In the Scenes box, you can create individual "setups". For what you want to do, you probably just need one. Next, in the Sources box, you need at least one video "capture" and one "Audio Input Capture". The easiest way to video capture is to choose Display Capture, which will just make a video out of whatever is showing up on your chosen monitor. You can also tell it to only capture certain programs if you want, but this is probably easier. This is configured by right clicking Display Capture once you've added it, and selecting Properties. You can see for example, that when I have Doom minimized, it's showing everything on my first monitor (I have two). When I switch back to Doom, the OBS screen will be black for a few seconds before it "catches up". Next, you will tell the Audio Input Capture to use your recording device You can also configure Hotkeys to easily start and stop the recording without having to switch back and forth between your game and the OBS software. In the program Settings menu, the OUTPUT menu is where you can actually configure how the program will record video and where it will save the recordings to. I'm not an expert on this software, this is just how I set mine up.
  18. -------------------------------- DOWNLOAD: ELEVATED.zip (updated: v 1.01) -------------------------------- Greetings everyone! I'm here to release another finished map of mine, so come on over and get lifted! That is to say, come play my map ELEVATED RESPONSE. Originally intended as the REAL map 01 of my initial project (which also contained Malleable Intent and A Stygian Anguish), I'm releasing this as a standalone fun little adventure map because that project is dead! Play ELEVATED RESPONSE if you want to: Experience a beautiful GZDoom map that uses dynamic and sector lighting in a careful, reserved way, with a nice mix of indoor/outdoor, and artificial/natural environments. Blast a bunch of losers with the shotgun while exploring a non-linear area in search of some keys. Engage in combat that feels like it spans across the whole map. Feel like a badass because the difficulty isn't cranked. Play the first LVENdead map with fewer than 150 monsters! Do NOT play ELEVATED RESPONSE if you: Want to run it in PRBoom or some other source port that is not GZDoom. It won't work. Need a map that will make you prove your mettle. I guess don't want to, or whatever. Fun fact - I actually started this map back in September, got like 80% done with it, and then distracted and eventually bored of it. When I began Aspect of Daedalus, I didn't actually intent to return to this map. But then I did anyway! This one is designed as a Map 01, so the combat is relatively simple compared to some of my other submissions, but shouldn't be any less interesting. And listen, sorry about the whole "GZDoom only" thing. I experimented with dynamic and sector lighting while making this one, but otherwise it's entirely vanilla-style gameplay. If you're a purist, it's okay if you give it a try. I won't tell anyone, and it will only take about 20 minutes. PERTINENT INFO: FORMAT: GZDoom, UDMF SOURCE PORTS TESTED: GZDoom IWAD: DOOM2.WAD REPLACES: MAP01 GAMEPLAY: Vanilla Doom 2 - Run and gun, exploration, adventure. ESTIMATED PLAY TIME: 15-20 minutes ADVANCED MOVEMENT: Crouching and jumping is disabled, but freelook is not. DIFFICULTY: All difficulties are implemented. CREATION TIME: About a month-ish starting in September and then finishing up after restarting a few days ago. ASSETS INCLUDED: A few OTEX textures, "Torque" by Jimmy, from Plutonia 2. I'd love to hear what you think! UPDATES: 1.01 - Waterfalls have been unstuck from time and now animate properly. A softlock has been fixed with impassible lines.
  19. Oh duh, that's obvious. I really need to not make posts before I've even had my first sip of coffee in the morning...
  20. @Clippy Does your laptop have a built in mic? Maybe you can at least use that as a temporary measure for recording until you can get your permanent setup figured out.
  21. I don't know if this constitutes a tutorial per se (and please let me know if this is more suited for a better section), but I noted a lot of people in the WADS & Mods section recently asking about how to be more creative, and also got a lot of commentary about techniques in my most recent map, so I thought I'd share some thoughts about that. This is an impromptu discussion about my iterative process, some of the "seeds" that contributed toward my initial concepts, and also some of my considerations for how I blended modern + classic aesthetics and incorporated lighting for setting and mood. This map uses UDMF format, so I took advantage of some of the advanced features like global sector color and dynamic lighting. Maybe others can share some thoughts on their creative process here?
  22. You can look at a few things here. First thing would be, does the Mouse + Keyboard work better if you get closer to the laptop? How close do you have to get before it works well, if it ever does? And even some simpler things like, is the USB port you're plugging into on the same side as your old laptop? I think wireless peripherals can be especially prone to signal interference.
  23. @Craftnicks Welcome to the community, I'm honored my map was a worthy reason to get started! No sweat if leaving deep critique isn't your thing, even just knowing someone gave your map a try is good enough for most authors! @Soulless thanks for giving the map a try! The style was really tough to nail and took a lot of iterating. I spend so much time changing my mind, I should find a way to get paid for it lol. The blue key area is such a let down for me. If I didn't have fatigue on this map I'd say it could stand for a total overhaul, but at this point I'd rather just put the energy into a new project. Let me know what you think of Malleable Intent if you ever give it a try. I think it's a pretty decent map still, and you can get a glimpse of where some of my styling ideas gestate.
  24. LVENdead

    New members of Doom World, what brought you here?

    I needed something to do while I was in between jobs. During that free time, I made a map in Ultimate Doom Build and needed a place to post it, so I registered my account here to share it :)
  25. I was actually wondering the other day if this project was going to surface again! I'm eager to play these new maps, and play the old ones to see the changes. Just initially, I like the powered up chaingun (I will never NOT love it when the chaingun is given an upgrade) and the use of Starfox 64 music during the intermission screen is an endearing touch. Looking forward to digging into this soon!