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  1. Hey I really appreciate that! While I don't think I'll keep any of the custom graphics/sounds (as much as I love Doom 64) it's very helpful that you've included an example of HOW I might go about doing that. You rock!
  2. I was basically learning Ultimate Doom Builder and how to do literally everything while making this map, and made a ton of mistakes, especially with my early layouts. I'd say at least half the rooms in the final version are drastically altered from the original iterations in some way. The time also includes all the time I spent playtesting the map and trying to understand how my linedef actions worked or trying out the various fights with different variables like if I'd found powerups from the secrets or not. The time also includes composing the MIDI track, which is something else I am largely unfamiliar with. I took a lot of time with it because I didn't want to publish a half-baked beginner WAD and stake my early reputation on being "just another noob mapper". I dunno, all I can say is I started the map about 3 weeks ago and finally had a version I felt comfortable publishing 2 days ago. It wasn't meant as a brag, if anything it's an admission that I largely didn't know what I was doing and that my workflow was and still is very inefficient. Thanks for the suggestion. Am I correct in my assumption that Boom doesn't support MAPINFO patches? I'm honestly still trying to understand how a lot of this works, and I'm still wrapping my head around MAPINFO formatting and syntax, and of course what stuff is and isn't compatible with all the various source ports.
  3. This is absolutely valuable and I'm glad you shared it. I run a couple D&D campaigns for my friends and one thing you can never build into your games is a necessity for your expectations as a designer to be fulfilled by those experiencing your creations. The ONLY thing you can count on is that your players will buck your expectations in ways that you can't predict. In this case, I should have trusted my gut more that people might accidentally miss the shotgun early - if you found the chaingun first it's probably not a big deal, but otherwise I could see stubborn players trying to slog through that gray room fight, or other players just giving up and restarting the map or quitting, thinking I was trying to be cheeky by making them do the fight with just the pistol.
  4. Thanks everyone so much for the initial feedback! I'm glad to see people enjoying this map and it's definitely a nice boost of encouragement to keep at it. I really appreciate you recording your run, it's VERY informative watching another person dissect your level. Curious that the music didn't play for you, can you tell me what sourceport you were using? You were pretty close to figuring out how to get that RL in the gray room, I'll just say that interacting with the consoles was heading down the right trail ;) Thanks for that note and pointing out something that I was concerned about being a possibility. My original intention with the map was that you either go north and get the chaingun first, or you go east and get the shotty first. An earlier version of the map actually had an obstacle along the path to the gray wall room so that you had to go through the SG room first, but I found it clunky and a bit too forced. I'll chew on this feedback though for future revisions. I took a gamble on balancing the "coolness" of how you find the shotgun against the possible frustration of overlooking it, and I feel like it's possible it's not worth it. Something to consider. This is a good idea and something I'll incorporate into future versions. That's a good eye because I DEFINITELY took inspiration from Hellbound in some of my design choices. Do you think it could stand to be more difficult if the intent is that this IS "map01" in a larger WAD collection? The map is probably balanced more toward my own skill (so you can probably get a nice gauge of where I stand against other Doom veterans :P) combined with the thought that if it takes around 30 minutes, keeping a high difficulty pressure up might be a bit discouraging and cause people to give up. I watched your demo and you made very few mistakes, so I can definitely see where you're coming from with your thoughts on the difficulty. I tend to agree here and this is another area where I could probably signal it better. Probably a good example of where a noob mapper becomes infatuated with a "cool" idea at the expense of more obvious pathing :P Thanks for recording your demo, it was very informative to observe your experience of the map and will certainly help me build future maps.
  5. Would love you to give my map a try. Old-school DOOM 2 style. Boom compatible. No freelook, jumping, crouching needed. Playtime: ~25 minutes