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  1. Finally got around to fixing up some issues in my map. Sinister Sludge - v2 changelog: - Fixed HoM in one room by slightly changing geometry - Fixed textures for one door - Added co-op starts - Implemented difficulty settings Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2m9hx31yf8mlan/SINSLUDGE_v2.wad?dl=0
  2. Version 2 of my map is also ready: Map: Caco Tombs Notes: - Fixed some monster teleporters - Added difficulty settings - Added custom sky SKYHX3C from the texture pack - Some other texturing was fixed Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pflxbu1t9c6mtoa/CACOS_v2.wad?dl=0
  3. Map Name: Caco Tombs Author: WeirdSandwich Theme: Red, tan and black Hell temple Music: Compulsion by Jimmy Difficulty Settings: Not implemented yet Ports Tested: GZDoom, DSDA Doom Description: Get through the Caco's catacombs. Basically a single arena fight. Notes: Will need some more playtesting, but submitting now to get in under the deadline (just!) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnsiquf7qk3bz81/CACOS.wad?dl=0 Screenshots:
  4. Same as above, I've started but never made much progress. I'll try and get it finished today.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pdy5ati9ieiaw4u/SINSLUDGE.wad?dl=0 Title: Sinister Sludge Author: WeirdSandwich Theme: Nukage filled techbase MIDI: Slime Dweller by Jimmy Difficulty settings: Not yet Multiplayer: Not yet Deathmatch: Not yet Average playtime: 15 - 20 minutes Build time: Around 25 hours? Over the last 10 days Tested with: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, GZDoom Known bugs: One room has some major HOM's in Chocolate Doom, that I haven't been able to fix yet. Notes: Wanted to contribute a map to this, since I enjoyed the Rowdy Rudy series so much! The first time I've attempted to map to the vanilla limits, I still don't think I fully understand the visplane limit. It was a fun challenge but I don't think I'll be doing this too often. At some point I sort of lost sight of emulating the classic doom gameplay style, so it's a bit half and half. Story: Jamal Jones learns of yet another sludge-producing, environment-destroying waste disposal plant that's been overrun by demons. Why are there so many of these around, and why are demons always drawn to them like moths to a flame? Nevermind, all that matters is that Jamal Jones is here to shut it down. Screenshots:
  6. Weird Sandwich

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Whoever updates the map next, feel free to change the 2 mentioned Barons on pillars into Hell Knights. And yeah I agree with Pistoolkip and others, things are kind of getting out of hand. The constant additions and revisions go against the spirit of this type of community project, part of the fun is seeing the different experience levels and styles contrasting against one another. This doesn't need to be a cacoward-worthy magnum opus, that's not what I signed up for.
  7. Weird Sandwich

    I choose the impossible. I choose: Hurt me plenty.

    Agree with this. As mentioned by others, very few people here would explicitly claim that UV is the default intended experience, but there are a few implicit factors that lead most people to this mindset. One of the major factors is the common process of making maps. When watching mapping streams, it appears that most people build around the UV difficulty first before implementing other difficulties, which contributes to the feeling that it's the "default" mode. There are of course very good reasons to do it this way: - As mentioned, the editors start with things being UV checked leading to the subtractive mindset - Mappers generally want to make sure they can beat their map at each difficulty, to ensure that it's not impossible at higher difficulties. Building and playtesting at UV first ensures you can beat all of them, without having to waste time on additional playtesting runs. Personally I wouldn't feel comfortable making a map that I can't beat UV, so if it's a map that's meant to be hard in the first place UV becomes the "default" difficulty for me. - Balancing at lower difficulties can be trickier than UV. A mapper can finely tune UV to include just enough health and ammo to scrape through the map, since it's expected to be less forgiving. For lower ones though, it's a lot more subjective in how many excess resources you should be giving the player. There are some rules of thumb to follow, but playtesting by less experience players is really required to balance it properly. I think making maps while focusing on HMP first would help alleviate this mindset. Other factors to consider (that have been mentioned earlier) are the names of the difficulty settings themselves, the feeling of "missing out" by having less things in the map in lower settings, and most youtubers and twitch streamers playing exclusively in UV. It's actually quite funny how often streamers and youtubers will complain about how hard a map is, without even considering lowering the difficulty from UV. The same ideas also apply to pistol starts being considered "default" - The nature of the mapping process means its easier to playtest and balance individual maps from pistol starts, without needing to put much thought into continuous play. And this goes double for community projects with multiple different mappers and unplanned progression. Of course it is possible to balance for both, and there are some general guidelines to achieve this, but it takes more careful planning and playtesting across multiple maps to really do it well.
  8. There is no Doom monster equivalent to Bowser, since there is none that acts as the main antagonist across several entries. What Doom does have though, is a Ridley equivalent. The role of the Cyberdemon matches that of Ridley pretty closely: - Most iconic enemy of the series - Never the main antagonist but always present as a secondary boss, and often the most difficult enemy. - Is shown on the cover of a game fighting the protagonist - Too big - Works for a giant brain in the first game
  9. Weird Sandwich

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    I've made some updates to my square to address the playtesting feedback: - Each difficulty now only has one mancubus. On ITYTD difficulty the mancubus is out in the open on the rock ledge so that most of the square can be skipped, on HMP and UV the mancubus is in the enclosure. An extra goodie has been added to the enclosure on ITYTD for players who still choose to complete it all. - The chaingunner + revenant ambush has been greatly toned down on all difficulties. - Other various difficulty balancing. - Appearance of gate to grave site has been changed to match the switch, which will hopefully make it easier to connect the two. - Other visual changes which should make the top path to the second switch easier to see. https://www.dropbox.com/s/04lttbqjz1rz085/AngryQuilt3v38.wad?dl=0
  10. Weird Sandwich

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Since it looks like the maps free now, I'll take it and fix the pop-up monsters in my square. I'll also implement the difficulty settings on my square which I completely forgot to do earlier. Edit: Okay done the fixes, the latest version is attached. I also added a few extra stimpacks and changed the height of some of the rock sectors to allow player to actually pick up the items as ViolentBeetle mentioned. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bmxamal21d9qbrj/AngryQuilt3v23.5.wad?dl=0
  11. Weird Sandwich

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Awesome, thanks for clearing up the issue with the monster traps! It shows my inexperience with vanilla mapping, I've been spoiled with the generalized actions of Boom. Will implement the other suggestions as well, later on when the map is free.
  12. Weird Sandwich

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    All done with my square, download link for latest version is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zbe19fjr8yff1w/AngryQuilt3v17.wad?dl=0 Would definitely appreciate some playtesting. Everything seems to work except that some monsters are slow to wake up and attack the player after leaving their "elevator". Is this because the pits are too deep? Screenshot:
  13. Weird Sandwich

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Just posting a small update so you know I'm still working on my square, progress has been slow due to Christmas obligations. It's in a very early stage at the moment but I'm happy with the idea so far. It's going to be a small rocky valley to connect to square 16, with some platforming involved. It'll be finished in the next few days before new year.
  14. Hey @CBM sorry I didn't submit my map on time. I misunderstood the OP and thought we had until July 2022 to make submissions.
  15. Weird Sandwich

    PUSS XIV: 12 MORE Days of Doommas! [December Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Doom Alone Author: WeirdSandwich Music: MIDI rendition of Somewhere In My Memory and Setting The Trap from Home Alone OST Sky: Default from texture pack Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Only a minor change in final battle Build Time: 8 hours, plus about an hour of bugfixing/playtesting Voodoo Scripts: 1: Opening fight 2: Light sequence 3: Method of accessing secret 4: Final battle. Doomcute: Uhhh the whole map Comments: Does this house look familiar to you? Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dk2k51mq8hdhii/Alone.wad?dl=0 Screenshot: