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  1. Weird Sandwich

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Hell yeah, what a nice surprise!
  2. Weird Sandwich

    PUSS XXXIII: DIE ROWDY [ December Speedmapping ]

    Map Name: Executive Disfunction Author: WeirdSandwich Music: "Savager" by Jimmy Build Time: 4 hours Co-op Starts: Yes Difficulty Settings: Yes Comments: More executive offices! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/fgdqtz7ctb9k2erkp5wbi/exec.wad?rlkey=dx8fp9jo88tdwgp6hn5pif26q&dl=0 Screenshots:
  3. Weird Sandwich

    Do you obsessively playtest your own maps?

    I'll test to make sure everything works in the intended sourceports and for ammo/health/monster balancing, but I don't do nearly enough bug or exploit testing. Perhaps a bad habit picked up from mostly doing speedmaps.
  4. Weird Sandwich

    Best status bar

    I like Tangerine Nightmare's, because orange and black is a good colour scheme and just look how nice those numbers are.
  5. Weird Sandwich

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    Hey, thanks for playing my map everyone. Comments on Air Filtration Plant here:
  6. Weird Sandwich


  7. Weird Sandwich

    The DWmegawad Club plays: PUSS IX: Mapping at Warpspeed

    Well my map for PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness uses a track, since it was fitting with the wads theme of secret-hunting in temples. It's not released however, and I think the current download has an old version of my map, but keep an eye out for finished version when it releases. Also with that last comment, I think we have similar tastes in games :P
  8. Weird Sandwich

    The DWmegawad Club plays: PUSS IX: Mapping at Warpspeed

    I hope it's still okay posting this well into May, but I'm bad at writing so this took me a while. First up, thanks for playing through the wad and posting thoughtful comments and feedback everyone! It's truly appreciated and I enjoyed reading everyone's words, even when the reactions were more negative. Feedback like this is important to continue developing mapping skills, and is something that can be hard to find as the ability to formulate feelings of a map into constructive feedback is a skill unto itself. Also need to give a massive thanks to skillsaw, Ancient Aliens is a masterpiece and MAWS obviously wouldn't have been possible without it. I played it in preparation for this project and it was the most fun I had gaming that year, and not just in Doom. A big part of that credit also goes to stewboy and his incredible midi soundtrack, just awesome stuff. Map 18: Close Encounters of the Weird Kind Map 24: Cryptozoophobia Map 29 Contribution Comments on other maps: Random thoughts on project as a whole:
  9. Weird Sandwich


    As someone who's spent way too much time steeped in internet horror, I have to agree with this. So many of the areas are direct adaptations of popular liminal spaces (among other things) that my usual reaction was a more subdued "Oh, neat", rather than the "Wow!" that many other players experienced. This was fine for the most part but the point at which it started to bother me was: Still, the technical aspects are done extremely well, and it deserves it's inevitable Cacoward. Though most of the areas felt like they were lacking in originality, their implementation was great and they were connected in novel ways that made them fit together in a cohesive whole. There were some aspects that did feel more original and meaningful (messing with certain Doom mechanics, the bathroom sequence, etc) that I greatly enjoyed, I just wish a bit more of the wad was like that.
  10. Weird Sandwich

    Pineapple Under the Sea Ultra-Mega Fan Thread

    It's because 12 Days has the highest PEPSI* rating, isn't it? *Pain Elementals Per Square Inch
  11. Weird Sandwich

    DEFY THE OMPHALOS - /idgames release

    This is a really cool mapset! Knew from the title screen it would be my kind of thing. It doesn't overstay its welcome either, so everyone should check it out.
  12. Weird Sandwich

    For mappers: How do you keeep in mapping shape?

    I think taking a break from mapping for a while and coming back later is more likely to make you better, not worse. At least compared to trying to brute force your way through a mappers block. It's important to take breaks to refresh your energy, but also it's good to play other wads or games because they can give you new ideas for your own projects. If I go for months only mapping and playtesting my own levels, I start to lose track of what makes a map fun for others, or otherwise fall into a comfortable routine where I don't improve. Going for a week or two only playing other wads really helps bring the motivation back up.
  13. Weird Sandwich

    so like which order do u think keys should happen eh

    And yet, neither Hellevator or Skulltiverse used yellow keys for the exits ;) As for me, I don't have any set order for the keys. Generally I choose my key colours based on two factors: 1. What colour matches the theme or visuals of the area it will be associated with, e.g. a blue key might open up an area with lots of water or a techbase, a red key might be found in an area with lots of lava, a yellow key may be guarded by archviles, etc. 2. What colour makes the key easiest to see against it's surroundings, to make it better for the player. Yes this sometimes contradicts rule 1, but hey that's why mapping is an art, not a science.