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  1. thomasnuke

    Crispydoom 5.8 and demo to video recording

    omfg.. this is definitely the solution i needed. ty so much, Lazy91geek for pointing this out, and big shoutout to Dimon12321 for hosting the files and sharing his expertise. I tried to run some test demos through this process, and my results were as followed: Demos recorded in CNDoom DID work and DID record onto mkv. Demos recorded in CrispyDoom DID work and DID record onto mkv. Demos recorded in PRBoom DID work and DID record onto mkv. Demos recorded in GZDoom DID NOT work and DID NOT record onto mkv. So this solution didnt work for my test demos, fresh off the demo record strait to PRBoom+ playback and record. demo to video playback demo record demo to mkv gameplay record recording -viddump work works wont work how to record demos for youtube how to -viddump with cndoom how to -viddump with crispydoom how to -viddump with prboom Thanks again for the help guys! I was really spinning my wheels on this one.
  2. thomasnuke

    Crispydoom 5.8 and demo to video recording

    Omg I've been just hitting a wall everything I try so far. If I can get it to work I'll post what worked and link other threads for quick searchword lookup
  3. thomasnuke

    Crispydoom 5.8 and demo to video recording

    Alright so after double checking after work, I seem to have misremembered that glboom and prboom can playback my demos, glboom is def my preferred visual.. -viddump didnt work on the first try, but I remember reading those posts about how to get that to work, so I'll have to give that a try ina bit.. Definitely gonna try to get obs to work the way I want it to... that ffmpeg stuff is like a brick to the brain for me. I realize its a step by step but.. still. Brick. Thx for your help though, Shepardus!
  4. Hey guys, appreciate your time in helping me figure this out.. Here's my problem. I've got my demos I've recorded on crispydoom, and I want to record them onto (ideally) mp4 format. When I record with OBS i get a blank screen for the first few seconds, then the obs.. catches up with crispy? so I'll end up with a black screen for the first few seconds and then my demo. I've done some searching on the forms, but i cant find anything (specifically) about crispy and videos. I saw a few solutions that could work but... when i try to play my demos on CNDoom, GZDoom, or PRBoom then it gives me the error incompatible demo or demo not recorded with GZDoom or the like. Hoping someone has ran into this before, I chose Crispy because I like the feel of it and I like the look of it. I read somewhere that ZeroMaster plays on CNDoom but records videos using GZDoom, so I'm hoping its something ive just overlooked. I'd ask ZM directly but I am not worthy... anyway thx for your time.
  5. thomasnuke

    DSDA on YouTube

    Amazing. Thank you for your dedication. This is awesome.
  6. thomasnuke

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Doom 2, UV-Speed, Map 01 ChrispyDoom 5.8 6.11 and 6.66 psyched, my first submission. dt01uvs611.zip