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Status Updates posted by TheMagicMushroomMan

  1. Hey, for anyone waiting who is waiting on a reply from me via PM, I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on it, I always try to respond to everyone. But somehow I've ended up with like 20 conversations going at once, so it's gotten a bit chaotic. I also have a bad habit of reading a message, looking at random threads while I think up a reply, and then forgetting to reply.


    Have a good day and always remember that you can try NordVPN by using the referral link in the comments section. It's like a condom for your PC, but even better at containing sperm.

  2. Hey Yosh! I hope you've been doing well. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, everything has been pretty hectic both in real life and on Doomworld. I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgot about you and that I'll message you soon!

    1. thiccyosh


      No worries, I have been pretty busy too both in real life and in terms of Doom mapping, so feel free to take as much time as you need!


      I haven't forgotten about you aswell :)


      Take care!

  3. Thank you again, Lib. I really appreciate it and I won't forget.

    1. Liberation


      All good mate :-)

  4. Thank you so much for everything, Yosh. I promise I will send you a message soon. You have always been one of my favorite people here. I appreciate it so much.

  5. I just wanted to let you guys know that I love you all. Thank you for being there for me, for reaching out to me, and for being concerned. I will be back soon to reply to all of you individually, and to respond to personal messages. Please do not think I am ignoring any of you.


    This community is good for me and it was a mistake to leave. All it did was leave me feeling lonely. It would have been healthier to remain here with my friends instead of withdrawing and leaving everyone to worry about me. I am very sorry for doing that. I normally would not do something like that, but I have been recieving punch after punch from every direction. I already have severe issues with depression and what I've been through lately made me suicidal in a way that was beyond what I can tolerate. I am hoping that things get better.


    I am very lucky to have all of you, I consider you real friends, and you are more than usernames and avatars. You are real people who have made a real impact on my life and my overall happiness. I am proud to be a member of this community. I never guessed that joining a forum about an old video game would have a real, positive impact on my life. I hope I have brought laughter and joy in return. I would really like to get closer to all of you. If I have ever hurt your feelings, I am sorry, and if I have ever made you smile, I hope to do it again.


    I will see you guys soon.

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    2. indigotyrian


      I'm just glad you're here, Mushroom Man.

    3. PsychEyeball


      I didn't see a post from you in a while and I was starting to be worried about you. I'm happy to see you're not in as dark a place as you were in a few months back, but I just want to echo the word that the world is a better place with you around. 

    4. HorseJockey


      Glad your doing well Mushroom Man.

  6. Feels like I'm going to be deepthroating a shotgun soon. I'm really tired of my existence and the lack of help available in regards to mental health. I don't feel like going the distance.

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    2. taufan99


      Hey dude, ever since I saw you on that Cursed Doom Images thread first at the end of July 2020, I knew I would have quite some time laughing at your dry (?) humor shown on various posts.

      Now I know I can't do much to keep you there, but just know that I'm grateful to know you on this very forum. Please hang in there, cry and/or vent much if you will if it makes you better. I can understand how you're feeling rn, and everyone else here and I want to try helping you go through this hard time.

    3. mrthejoshmon


      I hate to see this, mental health is often neglected (especially in the USA) and it has been the cause of countless tragedies and losses.

      Life is a motherfucker sometimes, well, most of the time. Personally I have many reasons to live to be honest, most people (including yourself, your dog comes to mind) have at least one reason to keep going. Sometimes however it isn't enough, life seems like it isn't worth living, it feels like everything hates you and wants you dead but, personally speaking, that's a good enough reason to keep going.


      My viewpoint is that if the world wants you dead and gone then I've always personally seen it as a challenge, continued existence out of mere spite for the forces at be and the pure refusal to die has seen me through many a dark patch. I refuse to let the world win against me, weirdly enough this worldview was inspired by a fossil of 2 dinosaurs eternally fighting, if I am to die then I want it to be with my teeth around fate's neck.


      I do not know if this is of any help to you, I hope the best for you and I hate to see people like this, I truly hope you are able to find help or even a way to keep going.


      Bet of luck to you.

    4. Chopkinsca


      Mental health issues fucking suck. I can also relate to the lack of desire to exist. I hope you hang in there. I've always enjoyed reading your posts here.

  7. Can't wait for P-Force2011!

  8. Anyone want to buy one of my new shirts? It's supposed to say "World's Coolest Internet Celebrity", but they charge per letter so I was forced to compromise. Only $79.95 for early adopters.


    1. thiccyosh


      Oh boy, I can't wait for your void filling background noise podcast with people I don't know about topics you couldn't even pay me to care about.


      So when will you be going on your world tour that is only in the US? Will it have a merch stand with your bathwater and scorching bright teal colored plastic ashtrays for 60 80 bucks?

    2. vyruss


      I'll buy 6!!!!one

    3. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      im gonna buy the whole stock and then sell all of it on ebay for 195$ a piece

  9. Loving the new profile picture!

    1. Χyzzy


      Evolved into Dragonfire

    2. Dragonfly
  10. Hey buddy, I know you just got an SC55, I was wondering if you'd like a copy of my Mixcraft license. It's an audio workbench, you can look it up and tell me what you think. I think that I'm allowed to have it installed on three machines, and I only ever use it on one. Let me know what you think when you have the time!

    1. Doomkid


      That would be awesome, MMM. Just now saw this!

  11. Hey buddy, I just wanted to say that there's no reason to take things personally, nobody is trying to upset you. I'm up front when I give advice, but in all honesty I did not think that I was even being blunt this time, nor did I intend in any way to be cruel or act like I was making fun of you. I was simply giving some generic advice in the most straightforward way, without any sarcasm. I understand that even talking online can be a lot of pressure sometimes, so don't feel bad about that. But you'd be doing yourself a disservice by walking away over constructive criticism. I looked at your Youtube channel and you seem like a genuine guy, and that's pretty rare to find on Youtube. You have a good voice, too. So please just try to realize that me and the other fellow you were talking to weren't out to hurt your feelings. I'm familiar with most people that are here, if someone was trying to be a jerk I'd let you know, but that isn't the case here. Take care man.

    1. Nightmare2989


      It's fine man my brain is my worst enemy i know people were not mean or anything, but my brain does not think that, and it takes over, so no harm done just my stupid mental health taking over which i struggle to control so water under the bridge 

  12. I got a date! I'm about to get fucked in the ass at over 155mph by a hurricane named Ian, I'm already getting wet!

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    2. Stupid Bunny

      Stupid Bunny

      Wow I didn't know you own a hotel

    3. TheMagicMushroomMan


      I only work here as somewhat of a manager/slave, although my family used to own it. House got foreclosed eight years ago so I've been living in a hotel room ever since. $2200/month to listen to crackheads having an orgy all night in the room next door.

    4. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      If you want to clear out the crackheads, you gotta start spending your evenings carrying a vacuum cleaner around while wailing "MAAAAAARIIIOOOOO". I didn't see no crackheads in Luigi's Mansion 3, is all I'm saying...


      Nice to hear you're alive, though.



  13. I came up with a pretty good idea for a story-focused mapset today:


    A secret society of Evil German Bastards keep using demons to conquer the worldwide political network, including the internet. You must use your wits to telepathically posses the enemy's demons and turn the tides of battle by infiltrating the mind network that connects the dreams of the EGB troops and their demons to the outer mind realm comprised of the souls of the previously possessed soldiers and demons that previously broke through the defense network and started the global infiltration initiative that eventually became the world's largest global superpower by rendering the souls of the deceased soldiers and their demons useless against the growing onslaught of EGB troops and their own demons and finally end the war by making one final push through to the universal defense barrier and destroy the Doominazi organization and their leaders once and for all.



    Compatibility: Windows 10
    Map format: wad (might change to pk3 later)
    Number of maps: 1 automap per level
    Editor used: No

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    2. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      I can totally see this: you get to the end of a regular map, then waste a lone soldier or demon that is trapped in a stasis chamber (crusher). You spend the next map in their fleeting dream consciousness, an abstract wasteland of synaptic effluvia and collapsing, cascading memories as their vital organs shut down. But you have to flit through this impossible, unstable geometry in order to, idk, get the passcode for the next techbase.


      Totally on board, but we both know that hot ideas comprised of run-on sentences are for the front page, not status updates, you big silly goose.

    3. thiccyosh


      As a mapper who clearly has little to no experience with mapping or good map design, I support your theroretical idea. I will be contributing three whole 2 minute maps with more HOMs and hallways than map, filled with fake walls and zombiemen and a sikk SSG at the start of the map. Oh and fireblu to also make the player sick and give them organ failure. I also will be making MSPaint sprites of my totally OC sonic character (please do not steal), and textures so epic it'll be getting Cacowards and in no time.


      Please believe me I've only been mapping for two weeks and I feel I can make a whole megawad all by myself with stolen midis, I even came up with cool and nice map names such as shadow of darkn3ss. I am really edgy btw.


      Sent from KFC Deep Fryer

    4. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Those are some good ideas. In this essay, I will tell you why those are good ideas

      The first reason @Daytime Waitress's ideas are good is because shutting down vital organs is good. The second reason is because having effluvia in the map will make the map last longer for the people who are playing the map. Lastly, having the player get the passcode for the next techbase is a good idea because it means that the player will have to find the passcode to get into the techbase. To wrap it all up, I think your ideas for this project are very good.

      The first reason @thiccyosh ideas are good is because making the player sick and giving them organ failure is a good idea. That is because the player will have have to finish the map fast in order to win. Next, having Hierarchical Object Models in the maps will increase the success of the map. You can put the Hierarchical Object Models in the hallways. Finally, I think it is good that OC Sonic characters will be in the game. I also think MSPaint is a good brand of paint. To summarize, I think you will create good maps for this project.

      Sent from my 4th Grade Desk
      Sent from my Samsung Galaxy
      Sent from my iPhone 11

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  14. Looks like we'll be getting some rain today! In other words, The Sky May Pee.


    If you enjoyed this joke and would like to hear more, please support me in my future endeavors.

    1. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      Our boy Mushie ain't even on the WWE roster and he already been future endeavored.

  15. 🥳


    1. thiccyosh


      Haha! Thank you MagicMushroomMan! I really appreciate it!

  16. Jersey Fuckin' Devil

    1. MrFroz


      You know your games.

  17. Ace username and avatar brother 👍

    1. MancubusBalls


      Thanks,got inspiration for the name from one of decino's videos

  18. You beat the big badass and clean out the big badass and to win, aren't you? Where's you beat reward and ticket home? Once your fat badass the big badass and to win, aren't you're supposed to win, aren't you're supposed to win, aren't you beat the eldritch dimension you beat reward and to win, aren't you're supposed ticket home? Once your fat badass big badass beat and clean out the big fat badass and ticket home? Once you're supposed to win, aren't you? Aren't you're supposed to win, aren't you? Big fat badass, aren't you? Aren't you're supposed to win, aren't you?

    1. Thelokk


      Plot twist: you were the big fat badass all along.

    2. The BMFG
    3. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      Who has the most freestyle chops on Doomworld? I wanna hear them rap this over a sick beat.


      A "beat reward", if you will.

  19. Nice avatar, I always liked that album cover the best.

    1. Casketkrusher


      That's ineed a fine album cover, great band too!

  20. Thank you for everything you did for the community, and rest in peace knowing you will be remembered.

    1. Doomkid


      He was always a pleasure, this is awful news....

  21. Sick of a certain member who has a habit of starting political arguments in every other thread they post in, making posts to tell everyone about how they don't care about the topic at hand, double/triple posting, bumping threads months after no activity, telling others that their opinions don't count, being too lazy to use Google, and flooding every thread they post in with every brain fart worth of thoughts they can summon. Said user makes many posts so they are unavoidable, and is an active disruption to civil conversation. I hope someone will eventually discourage them from this kind of behavior.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. azerty


      @Naarok0fkor I think DW shouldn't be only for doom. Mostly for doom yes but it should also be a place where you can talk about things you like, a problem you are encountering or if your having a hard time with something (nor doom related). It should be just a place where you can be who you are and share that with everyone but ofcourse the main focus stays doom. I absolotly agree with the political argumants that should be stopped but I still think not doom related stuff should be discussed. That's my opinion anyway I just wanted to share that.

    3. baja blast rd.

      baja blast rd.


      I hope someone will eventually discourage them from this kind of behavior.


      I sure hope someone reports them so that someone eventually discourages them from that kind of behavior

    4. TheMagicMushroomMan


      @baja blast rd. The problem is that I don't like reporting people if they aren't explicitly breaking some rule - I usually save the report button for things like transphobic rants and all that not-so-good stuff (as well as the usual dumb threads that stick out like a sore thumb that everybody else probably already reported before me). But that can be difficult due to the fact that there aren't many explicit rules.


      If somebody is "not quite" breaking the rules, but they are doing it all the time, or showing poor/unwise conduct, I'm reluctant to report them just on the grounds that they are irritating in general. I could block them, but that doesn't work well, as the person I'm talking about has a habit of making sometimes dozens of posts on a single thread, meaning the conversation would be unintelligible if I chose to add them to the ignore list.


      I don't think DW should be just about DOOM, nor do I want people to refrain from having any kind of political discussion. It doesn't bother me. What bothers me is when people feel the need to tell everybody each individual thought they have about something in every other thread they post in, so the thread goes from everybody talking amongst themselves to one user talking to/at everybody else. The edit button exists for a reason. I also don't like when people double or triple post, unless they are making an update to their thread or something. I don't like people who think every conversation should revolve around them.


      If I see something get out of hand I'll report it though. I didn't mean for this post to come across as "MODS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MANIAC RIGHT NOW", so sorry if it reads that way.