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  1. :O 

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    2. SuperSpyroFan
    3. TheMagicMushroomMan


      I'm sorry Spyro, I still haven't tried your maps, I've had to get four teeth pulled this week, with one more to go Wednesday, I haven't been Dooming as much as I'd like to. After the dentist stops torturing me, I promise I'll get to your wad.


                  Your friend,

                            Crash Bandicoot

    4. SuperSpyroFan


      That's okay, don't worry. I've made a new level btw, in the style of classic Doom, so you don't need to jump, crouch or aim. I was going to do an outdoor secret area, sort of like the first level in Doom 1, but I just got lazy lol. But I tried my best to give it that classic feel.


      Your friend,

      Krash Banooka