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  1. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Dumb Movie Ideas

    This is kind of like the "Dumb WAD Ideas" thread. Share ideas for a movie that would make Ed Wood look like Martin Scorsese. Imagine that you have an unlimited budget and a magic machine that can read your thoughts and print them on film. What would you come up with to troll filmgoers at IMAX?
  2. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Sign of Torment (Boom compatible 32 map megawad){Completed}

    Your story contains several grammatical errors, I fixed them for you if you want to update it:
  3. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Dumb Movie Ideas

    I had this idea for a movie about the cartel, called "Seven Thousand Square Meters and an Anteater". It's about the cartel. The leader of the cartel is a Russian dude in Mexico played by Mel Gibson. He's a loner, and all he has is his pet ant eater. He has a seven thousand square meter ranch that he uses to cook meth. The main gimmick of the movie is how he uses his ant eater to decimate his opponents in the drug game. He straps cameras to it in order to spy on his rivals, he attaches guns to it that are remotely triggered and sends it into combat, etc. One day his ant eater gets stolen while out on a scouting mission. Its captors realize its potential and decide to chain it up to a wall like the nazis did with Jessie in Breaking Bad, except instead of having it cook meth they feed it meth in order to enhance its potential. At the end of the movie, they send out the amped-up meth-addicted ant eater to kill his previous owner. They give it armor, laser-guided missiles, etc. The ant-eater destroys his owner's ranch, but when the two lock eyes, he turns around and starts firing at his kidnappers. His owner puts him on top of an RC car and sends him out to kill everyone. Back in Black by ACDC starts playing as the duo takes revenge. It's all filmed with a 4k go-pro strapped to the ant eater's head.
  4. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What Do You Think of Odysee?

    I think it will largely go ignored, even though it seems pretty nice and accessible. Thanks for sharing this. I thought it was going to be about Mario Odyssey.
  5. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    You can't just add it as an exception?
  6. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doom Burnout?

    No, I don't experience DOOM burnout. I experience DOOM ignition that increases exponentially. If I play 1 WAD, I'll force myself to play 2 more, then 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. All in one day, too. Of course, with my skillset that only takes about 15 minutes. Nah, playing any game for too long will have you feeling bored. There are other games out there, no matter how much you like DOOM. Playing a WAD that you don't feel like playing is doing a disservice to yourself and the WAD.
  7. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    I perfer 2016 myself. However, you should support Edward's hard work and buy DOOM 64 (or Quake) instead.
  8. TheMagicMushroomMan

    I made a soundpack thingy

    Without any information, nobody is going to download this. I mean, are these similar to the original sounds? Is it comedic? Even the title of the thread provides no information.
  9. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What are some songs or artists who have been ruined in some way?

    Even if he wasn't a pedophile, his most popular song would still be ruined due to it being "that song from Joker and 10,000 sporting events". While sticking with the sports theme, Queen's "We Will Rock You" got old a long time ago.
  10. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doche mod

    Because they clicked the react button. Who cares? You seem to be focused on quantity over quality and custom weapons, this is a common newbie mistake. Nobody cares how many weapons or maps are in a wad if the maps and gameplay aren't any good. Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite wads? You don't seems to be taking this too seriously. Between the edited quotes, pointing out reactions, talking about 250 weapons, 220+ maps, jokewads talk, this is getting a bit childish.
  11. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    That's actually a myth, there are records of the phrase dating back to the early 1900's. Wikipedia has a whole page on it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_whole_nine_yards Most people either believe the WWII myth, or they think it has something to do with football lol.
  12. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    Nobody ever figured out where "the whole nine yards" comes from.
  13. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Strapping your phone to your face?

    What makes you say that?
  14. TheMagicMushroomMan

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    1- Everybody knows DOOM Eternal is a mainline entry because it is a $60 game by id. You're comparing a commercial game release to a community modding project. People aren't stupid. We're not talking about copyrighted works, we're not talking about Hollywood and legal distinctions. We're talking about a modding community. 2- Whether or not it matters is up for debate, that's why we're discussing it. 3- If it wasn't "promoted" as a direct sequel and was promoted as a tribute/spin-off instead, I would have different expectations, so I'm sure other people would as well. 4- Yes, if someone created "TNT 3", people would have different expectations than they would with something like Revilution, same with Plutonia Revisited, which are both, above all else, tributes, and can be recognized as such by their titles. Go create an "Alien Vendetta 2" thread and see what happens. Plenty of spin-offs have launched to success, and besides Plutonia 2, most of them weren't labeled as direct sequels. If you created a WAD inspired by AV and called it "Throwback to Alien Vendetta", you wouldn't see the same animosity as you would had you promoted it as a direct sequel, because people wouldn't think that you're trying to show off your huge balls. 4.5- Plutonia 2 is up for debate, I wouldn't have given it that title. If I was new to the community, I would have assumed that Plutonia 2 was by the developers of the original. 5- Changing the title will not change the quality of the WAD, but it could temper expectations and less people would complain about it. You seem hell bent on arguing over fine details, so what is your suggestion? In the end, it was stated on DB that Jonas (HR2) was in contact with the project leader (40oz). If Jonas gave permission, that's the end of the story. Whether or not people like the final product doesn't make a difference if it has the approval of the original author. Anyway, I'm not trying to insult you about any of this but we should stop and agree to disagree because people are going to be talking about our "dramatic" argument here and they're going to make posts to add to the "drama", even though we're having a simple conversation. If you have anything else to say, feel free to show your point of view, but I won't continue on about this because as @MattFright said, people need to discuss the maps themselves.
  15. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Golden Souls 1+2 Note Block issue

    I remember having such a hard time with this in the candy level in GS2 lol. If I approached it at the right angle while strafe-running, it would work, but it took me like twenty tries. Replaying the level each time because I played without quicksaving.
  16. TheMagicMushroomMan

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    Either you're being a bit pedantic, or you are misinterpreting what I said. My point is that a different title would signify that it is not a mainline sequel. See for example Monster Hunter Stories, Final Fantasy Chronicles, or any TV series or film that is a spin-off of a franchise. The term "spin-off" exists for a reason: to signify that it is not a mainline entry in a series.
  17. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Ridiculously impossible joke maps

    You could easily make a map like that in ten minutes. You already had an idea for "The ULTIMATE Slaughter Map" where you were going to put Okuplok to shame with a map that has "over 1 MILLION MONSTERS". What happened to that? So basically you want to find low-effort troll wads that are rightfully ignored and buried/sent to Post Hell so you can "edit them to make them beatable". Why? The fact that you say you want to see "reviews" and "release threads" for wads like that makes it seem more like you just want to laugh at other people's terrible work.
  18. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doche mod

    220+ maps in less than a year? The overall quality must be incredible. I'll play your demo and tell you why you might want to rethink your goals if you intend on making maps that are even remotely serviceable. If you're going for quantity over quality, Doomguy 2000 already has you beat by about 29,800 maps.
  19. TheMagicMushroomMan

    I didn't really like Doom 3

    We get it. You hate DOOM 3 so much that you just had to bump the 5000th thread about someone not liking DOOM 3 just when it was ready to die. At least you contributed via a legitimate hot take and an uproarious sense of humor. Things I like about DOOM 3: -Stuff that everyone else already talked about in every DOOM 3 thread Things I dislike about DOOM 3: -Stuff everyone else already talked about in every DOOM 3 thread -Threads about DOOM 3
  20. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    It's $3.99/month or $19.99/year. You're referring to their new service for N64/Genesis games, not their standard online access fee.
  21. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    You're absolutely correct, their online service is shit and isn't worth the measly monthly access fee. But it could be argued that the majority of Nintendo's games are more focused on local/couch multiplayer, as opposed to Battlefield and CoD where the main selling point is online multiplayer. Aside from that, at least Nintendo's games, even Smash Bros, have a worthwhile single player component, compared to recent Call of Duty and Battlefield games where it feels like an afterthought. So I'd say that the Big N at least delivers on their selling points, as to where other developers aren't at this point. I wouldn't knock Call of Duty for not having great splitscreen, as an example. It's just not what the majority of people are going to be buying it for.
  22. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    I'm aware, obviously there are no HK's in OG DOOM. I was just comparing their functionality/appearance. What I should have said is "their sprites are exactly the same" as compared to the Aracho/SMM. Ignoring which one came first, one of them is still simply a recolor of the other. It's hard to even think of them as separate enemies because of this. Personally I think the Baron works fine in DOOM due to its rarity as an enemy, but after introducing the Hell Knight (which works well as a standard mid-tier enemy), the Baron simply become a boring ammo check with nothing to make it stand out, which limits potential variety. The same goes for the spectre, which is another enemy that could have at least used a different sprite. The SMM and Arachno are completely different enemies, and at least some effort was made in making their sprites different.
  23. TheMagicMushroomMan

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    I have a suggestion for this, and it's just a thought so take it with a grain of salt. Maybe change the name from "Hell Revealed III" to something like "Hell Revealed: Chronicles". This way the title would clue people in that it is sort of a spin-off/tribute instead of a "true" sequel. I think people would be less inclined to argue about the title being clickbait. As an example, when someone sees "Plutonia 7", they automatically know that it is going to be a tribute/spin-off created by someone else as opposed to a true sequel. By changing the title of this project, it would clue people in as to what it is, and there would be less arguing. People also wouldn't expect the gameplay to be an exact replica of HR's style. It would signify that you are making a variant of HR as opposed to a direct sequel. But you still get to keep "Hell Revealed" in the title. I think it would be cooler to have a title like that, too. Just a thought, obviously I have nothing to do with this project and I don't want to be a backseat dictator. Either way, good luck to the mappers working on it. I really liked Joe's map.
  24. TheMagicMushroomMan


    A little context might go a long way?
  25. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Creative Uses Of The Automap

    There are very few automap art pieces that aren't phallic in nature, unfortunately. It is a cool idea though, especially that picture by Dragonfly.