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  1. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    @Halfblind If it's okay, I'm going to reply to you via PM in the morning. I was obviously too harsh with my original post, I really believe everything you just said. I'm very sorry you have to go through that, and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain your situation to me.
  2. TheMagicMushroomMan

    best doom Weapons pack

    https://smooth-weapons-for-doom-mod.en.softonic.com/windows/alternatives "GTA V Hulk Mod" is supposedly a good one, never tried it myself^^^ I was trying to find the mod Biodegradable used to use, but I finally remembered. It was DEAD MARINE. I did use that one, it was very nice. Can't remember if it was the Redux version or not, though.
  3. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Xbox 360 marketplace shutting down on July 2024

    Damn, as someone who hasn't used an Xbox since they still had Microsoft Points, this is all news to me. I really miss the old days of digital shopping though, even if it sucked in many ways. The Wii even tricked me into thinking that spending ten dollars for a flash-quality game I could play for free on my PC was a charming experience. I remember playing Defend Your Castle thinking it was cool as shit. Looking back, it was all novelty. The Xbox and PS3 had much better things, but the interface could be so fucking s l o w.
  4. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    The idea of using the toys from Doom Eternal could have made for a charming game, but the fact that the game was just a reskinned Archero complete with microtransactions and energy meters really made it the total opposite of charming. What I don't want Doom to be is some other unrelated game wearing a Doom-related skin asking for my credit card number just to play.
  5. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    I think pretty much anything is fine, with even DOOM RPG fitting in great with the rest of the series. I think it takes something like Mighty Doom for me to say "this isn't Doom anymore".
  6. TheMagicMushroomMan

    My take on doom games

    No offense but I can't stand when people do this online. Nobody appreciates being called a liar because they didn't like a video game that you liked. I like Doom 3 but I'm not going to accuse people who don't like it of never having played it. It's quite easy to see why some people believe that it doesn't fit the franchise. I apologize in advance if you're not being serious, but the whole "I bet you've never even played it" thing is a 2008 Gamefaqs-tier deflection strategy. Lately I've been seeing it used by Zelda fans against people who don't like BoTW/TotK, and it kills any desire I had to even sign up for any part of that community. Actually that whole community is a bit ass, but it's certainly a factor.
  7. Here's what you do: think of a user here that really grinds your gears. Now, change your username to match theirs as close as you can. Copy their profile picture and forum rank, assume their identity and see how long you can get away with making fart jokes in every thread. You'll be banned forever, you'll have forever tainted the image and reputation of your enemy, and you'll have provided entertainment for scoundrels with no morals. Careful not to lose your soul in the process.
  8. TheMagicMushroomMan

    My take on doom games

    I actually think Doom 3 is a pretty good game and a decent enough representation of Doom. Its setting and overall atmosphere are both good enough, but where it stumbles IMO is in its overall feel - not because it's too slow, but because it just isn't satisfying to play under certain circumstances. Even a simple mod to change weapon feedback improves what it actually feels like to play the game. The combat overall is fine in terms of how it's designed, but it feels limp which robs it of impact and suspense. To use the Resident Evil comparison OP brought up - in the original games, combat is slow, awkward, and requires little precision - but when you finally land a headshot that makes a zombie's head explode, it feels awesome. You're just waiting for it, hoping for it, every time you point your gun at them. Doom 3 really lacks moments like this, and it kind of hurts the game. You feel powerless and weak in a way that probably wasn't intended.
  9. In "50 Shades of Grey", the author also unfortunately refers to the anus as a chocoloate starfish. I guess it does make me a bit Limp, but I never really understood fancy and tasteful erotica like that.
  10. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    I don't believe Oni purposely sat down and tried to set a trap, but this is the second time in the past two weeks I've seen pretty much the same comment. As the saying goes "if you don't care, you don't need to comment". It's not hard to see why a comment that adds nothing at all to the conversation other than "America is stolen land" could be taken as bait, and I don't mean that as some gung-ho 'merica idiot. I replied to them voicing my opinion as respectfully as possible because for as long as they've been on here they've been a perfectly kind member. A comment like that typically ends up with replies that include personal insults and snide remarks. You've been here long enough that you know what I'm talking about, there has to be a limit on politics on this website or everything gets locked. I think that everyone on the planet has the right to not care about (or even hate) a country's government regardless of whether they live there or not, but if someone asked for the best places to live in China, replies like "who cares don't you guys remember Tiananman Square" add nothing of value. I don't care what you personally think it tells about me, I don't judge people based on solitary simple interactions on the internet.
  11. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Jimmy Buffett, the Margaritaville’ singer, Passes Away at 76

    Well, Jimmy Buffett could afford them and he was American. Actually, the last time I heard Jimmy Buffett was about ten years ago while I was on vacation. Although it depends on your definition of "vacation".
  12. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    Oh it's okay, a lot of people do seem to honestly think that insane things like that are just routine sightings here in Florida compared to anywhere else in the country. My post wasn't meant as an attack on you, sorry if it came across that way. @OniriA You're a cool member, but you don't need to keep posting "America was stolen and I don't care about America" every time America is mentioned. You already did this on 9/11. This is a thread about day to day life here, not the history of the country or even politics. Flamebait isn't cool. I'd like to think that people are allowed to discuss what they like and don't like about their place of living regardless of what part of the world they live in.
  13. "I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I Have a Three Picture Deal at Disney" "The Man with the Smallest Penis in Existance and the Electron Microscope Technician who Loved Him"
  14. TheMagicMushroomMan

    My take on doom games

    Was DOOM 3 actually meant to explain the plot of the original DOOM? I don't follow the plot in anything other than 2016, and I played DOOM 3 long ago, so I have no idea. But the combat DOOM 3 is pretty different than any Resident Evil game I've played. And I've played every mainline RE 0-VIII including every remake and Code Veronica. One of my favorite series, and the combat plays a huge role in that. Did you know that DOOM 3 is a good game, but not a good DOOM game? Well, now you know. In all honesty, I quite like most Halo games and I perfer most of them to 2016/Eternal by a wide margin.
  15. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    I think POTS can be pretty severe for some people who actually have it, but the problem is that I've yet to meet anyone who has been diagnosed with it by anyone other than someone on reddit. For some reason, everybody seems to think they have POTS now. Your heart rate increasing when you stand up is very common - mine can go from 75 to 160 in less than 30 seconds, so I thought I had it at one point too. So, I went to a cardiologist who told me that there's nothing wrong with me, and if it's not bothering me then there's nothing to worry about. I have a high heart rate in general due to the fact that I'm skinny. For some people, they refuse to believe that there is nothing wrong. You see posts like that on reddit all the time: "I've been to 32 doctors and they all say I don't have condition X but I KNOW I have condition X because I read it online!". The POTS thing is often the equivalent of "I keep my books organized so I'm diagnosing myself with OCD". It doesn't help that if you post online that you weren't diagnosed with something, there will always be twenty people saying "get a seventh opinion it DEFINITELY sounds like you have condition X!". Then they get a seventh and eighth opinion, the same as the first six, and finally they go to a quack AKA "naturopath homeopathic alternative medicine guru" who confirms what they feared all along: "you have POTS and poor bloodflow and you need black pepper extract every month to fix it or you'll have a stroke and get dementia!". Then they get on reddit and tell everyone not to trust their doctors because they're all wrong.
  16. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    What people fail to realize until they get here is how diverse Florida is - I live in a small town where everything closes at 9:00PM. There are no buildings allowed over five stories tall. If I travel 30 minutes north, I get to Jacksonville, which has always been a sprawling shithole. Neither of these places are anything like Orlando, which is nothing like Miami. Central FL is unremarkable, West Palm (where I was born) and Boca Raton are retirement communities for the most part. Northern Florida is just Georgia. Depending on which specific city you live in, Florida can either be "California but better" or "Alabama but worse". Every state has cities with different cultures, but in Florida the difference is severe. This also applies to things like schools - our higher education is great, but many cities here constantly deal with understaffed high schools, schools shutting down, schools falling apart, etc. The fact that we rank #1 in education doesn't mean that much when you look at these problems. Then you have other personal or political issues, such as our sexual education, which consisted of a phoney drama student screaming and crying "don't kiss anyone or you'll get AIDS" to a bunch of 16-17 year olds. For the most part, Florida is nowhere near as bad as outsiders seem to believe - this image is once again largely shaped by our own media punching down its own population. Certain parts of FL, mainly Jacksonville and a slew of underdeveloped cities, are pretty bad, and the cost of living here is only acceptable if you're willing to live in the middle of nowhere or in a crackhouse. These aren't the places people are wanting to move to, but they are also the places where many of us have to live.
  17. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Probably because it's less than half the length of Dishonored 1/2. It feels very much like a standalone expansion, not a full game in the franchise.
  18. "The Legend of Zelda" fails as a franchise title - go ask a non-gamer who the main character is. "Irritating Stick" Any weeaboo thing with a title like "Sengoku Samara X Higochi: SUPER Let's Unite DX We Are One Let's Come Together!" "Yeah! You Want "Those Games," Right? So Here You Go! Now, Let's See You Clear Them!" A lot of Square Enix titles: "Live a Live" "Voice of Cards" "Triangle Strategy" "Bravely Default" "Various Daylife"
  19. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What other retro fps game would you want to see remastered or remade?

    How is Wolfenstein 3D comparable to RTCW in the same way that Black Mesa is comparable to Half Life?
  20. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna91364 (just a random article, plenty of others on other websites) It also has to do with the fact that we rank very high in terms of drug use, which fuels these stories, our education system, obvious differences in class and wealth, our trailer parks that are everywhere in every city, the fact that we rank very high in terms of homelessness, the fact that "Florida Man" is a meme that generates revenue, etc. "Open records" are cool except when they're not - did a cop plant drugs on you? Congratulations, you're now all over the local news and TV, and anyone can find out just by searching your first and last name, three hours after you were arrested. Did you get cleared of those charges later on? Who cares! Want to find out the political affiliation of your neighbor? That's public information too, kept there forever on a state website anyone can access just by knowing your name and birthday! On the other hand, the Florida government that you're praising can just use executive action to hide whatever it would like to. If you want my trying-to-be-sympathetic-and-realistic view, "Florida Man" is a way for the media to generate revenue by making fun of people who are already poor, addicted to drugs, homeless, and mentally ill - often all of the above. Sure, it's funny sometimes, but there's nothing fun about it, and the fact that our media does this (as allowed by our apparently one-sided public record laws set by our government) is cynical and serves nobody save for the media who profits off of such stories. They aren't helping you "steer clear of these people" by showing what they did wrong, they aren't "making the community safe", they aren't "on your side" like they all claim to be - they're just making fun of the lowest common denominator for attention and clicks, knowing that everybody loves to make fun of the people on rock bottom. I pass Florida Men on the street every day, they need rehab and therapy, not fifteen minutes of fame on TV that other people are getting paid for.
  21. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    It's because your thread contained no substance other than "Just asking because my brain is random like that", which can make it appear to be insincere and/or flamebait. I'm all for people being able to discuss whatever they'd like to, as long as they're willing to actually take part in the discussion they're creating. When you make a topic that is guaranteed to create controversy, you need better reasoning than just "lol random thought" or people are naturally going to assume that you might be trolling, even if you meant it as a sincere question. Asking a question like that isn't going to be an accurate gauge of anything either way, on any website.
  22. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    John Carmack is a talented guy but also kind of a narcissist. Doom was the greatest video game of all time until Doom 2 was released. Doom is temporary and Doomworld will eventually be hit with C&D orders, but Bethesda is... ETERNAL and Skyrim will never stop being re-released.
  23. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Xbox 360 marketplace shutting down on July 2024

    Dumbass decision, but not unexpected. It's truly the end of an era in an era where eras are truly ending every twelve seconds.
  24. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What Is The Best, and most lightweight Doom Loader?

    Just try them and see which one you like best. Boring answer, I'm aware, but you could have tried the vast majority of them by the time you get ten replies here. And keep a few copies of your GzDoom folder in case you run into any other problems experimenting, this way you won't have to reinstall if something goes wrong. I use ZDL, no problems but I usually drag+drop, as I don't often play with any mods so it's typically unnecessary for me to use a launcher.
  25. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Worst State in the United States

    Definitely Florida. I've lived in several cities here, and visited pretty much every major city in the state. We have it all: crystal meth laced with fentanyl at no extra charge, coke cut with popcorn from the ceiling, and crack cookies the size of a basketball. They sell paint thinners and socks right next to one another, and compressed air only comes in packs of ten. The people here are incredibly cultured - just look at the music they listen to. Florida is the only state where you get to hear Godsmack and Taylor Swift everywhere you go! Bathe in the sweet melody as you take in the wonderful views that only the Sunshine State can provide - we have a hill in the middle of the state that is nearly fifty feet tall! Hey, I can see your trailer park from here! Florida is the place for thrill seekers - wrestle with wildlife, battle with drunks, and place bets on which meth lab will explode next. We make sure to provide the finest accommodations to our tourists - for only $149 + state and federal tax per night, you can spend a night at a wonderful hotel in a city such as Jacksonville. Check under the bed for a free complimentary used condom (subject to availability, used tampons may be provided instead)! EDIT: I apologize, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I thought the thread was asking for the best state. "Good morning sir! I see here on the chart that you're having trouble sleeping... here's this special concoction of worthless herbs that you could have purchased yourself on the internet for $30. That'll be $300. Also, please remember to book an appointment so we can do your monthly colon cleansing session." Also, how the hell is H. Pylori misdiagnosed as a mental illness? It's a common infection that is tested for on every basic bacterial panel. It's very simple to tell if you have it. You don't even have to go to the hospital or the doctor, just pay for the test at any center that will do it. If your doctor doesn't want to test you for POTS (which everybody these days seems to believe they're afflicted with even though it's present in about 0.1-0.2 percent of the population) then you're seeing the wrong doctor. I've heard many people say "my doctor won't test me for POTS" and they're not even seeing a cardiologist. If you're relying on "alternative medicine" idiots to take care of your health problems, you get what you pay for. Well, not really, since the industry is a scam. If you really think you have something as serious as MCAS, I'd recommend seeing an actual doctor unless you like the idea of anaphylaxis. I'm not sure why you're getting recurrant H. Pylori infections - that is typically caused by exposure to contaminated food or water, or exposure to things like feces. H. Pylori can cause long-term problems in some cases, but if you're actually repeatedly testing positive for it, then you are exposing yourself to it through some aspect of your daily life.