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  1. The originals were more about being against the grain of society, I think- it was violent, satanic, unacceptable by many's definitions. It was inspired by themes like metal music, and what is metal music? It's that exact shocking sentiment, just in a musical revolution kind of way. It's weird, it's strange, it's unconventional. Doom is all of those things, in a way. The new Doom games... well... I think they take less of a literal "Hell" approach, where demons are just inter-dimensional aliens from some bizarre lovecraftish plane that changes everything to be evil. It downplays the legendary nature of angels and demons in our religion as like a translation of Sentinel lore depicting true events, and that angels and demons are just aliens from strange otherworldly dimensions. In fact it pretty much raises the point that the Sentinels were foolish to worship the Makyrs instead of the Wraithcall, and that this somewhat "pagan" religion was actually more correct than worshiping Makyrs, which is like Christianity. So it's almost kinda anti-Christian, ironically.
  2. Hellektronic

    Opinions on Social Media.

    I'll sum up my distaste right away: people were just never the same after the 2016 US presidential election... everyone I thought was cool to talk and associate with became a raving political lunatic after, posting like 30 reposts from radical political groups on Facebook a day, either pro or anti Trump. So, what did I do? I stopped logging in, for like 3 years in a row now. I'm thinking about creating a totally new profile from scratch, because I don't feel like reading all that negative shit political people spew all day long to their band of agreeing cohorts. I'm not really like the super anti social media type, I think it has uses... but this hiveminded, easily deceived opinion crap coming from politics in recent years is the most literal sense of cancer available to something that's not actually cancerous. I'm really not as politically radical and edgy as people seem to expect me to be, they just expect me to nod my head and agree with them on everything, and I don't, then they get all offended. Apparently the hip new urban thing these days is to agree with everything if it sounds like a social justice speech, even if it is all just a deceptive crock of flowery crap to win votes. BUT, politics aside... I really don't feel very strongly about social media. I like to meet new and interesting people half a planet away and engage in tomfoolery. I use Xbox Live, which is pretty much social media too. But overall, the irony about social media is that you're better off if you heavily restrict yourself socially... otherwise it's basically just like social parasitism, being drained by people you wish you didn't accept their request, lol.
  3. Hellektronic

    How old are you ?

    28, was born in '92, grew up with Doom like it was my slightly younger brother. Of course it took me passing my teenage years to actually appreciate Doom (and 90's gaming) as much as I do now, but in the wisdom of old age I saw the error of my ways. Its the new games I can't stand, the classics are irreplaceable.
  4. Hellektronic

    Responding to GmanLives' Unity Doom video (Removed)

    Is this some kind of personal feud or what?
  5. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Wait, what? I think you got the wrong meaning out of that comment, it was a quote from Wayne's World, hah. Ever seen that movie? "It's suckin' my will to live, ohh the humanity!"... I was referring to the content of this thread, suckin' my will to live like the Suck-Cut, hah. Further demonstrating my point, I'm literally horrendous when it comes to portraying tone on the internet. What is a joke comes off as an insult. Leading people to get angry that I never meant to insult in the first place.
  6. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Hm... I think you guys took that a little too seriously if you think I was suggesting it was a conspiracy. But it's definitely promotional in a number of ways to re-release this port as the definitive version of classic Doom. The (almost) universal verdict from Xbox console gamers is that the Xbox One port was a pretty gnarly tragedy compared to the online multiplayer offered by the 360 Live Arcade port, even despite any downfalls. All the wads in the world just can't fill that gap for some people. A lot of people insist you should try to get the 360 BFG port instead, so you can play coop online, but you can't even buy it anymore, lol... it's almost like hunting a bootleg now, hah. Now me? I'm pretty dedicated to playing on a computer, and I'm set in my ways when it comes to sourceports. But from what I've seen its still lacking features, like the ability to change midi renderers for the music, or the ability to play non-local coop. I think it does have deathmatch (at least on Xbox One), but I could be wrong. And maybe the PC version does away with a number of these flaws? I "own" a copy of Final Doom on Steam, but I never downloaded it since this update... so eh, I'm mostly ranting about the downfalls of the console ports. I'm assuming though the bulk of this effort was that these ports unlock skins in Doom Eternal on consoles, and PC didn't have that, and now they do... or will. Which I guess is great if you really wanted a recolored classic doomguy skin and a fancy emblem, but eh. We're talking competing with tried and true sourceports that have been around for years and years, with unheard of features and compatibility, compatibility that this port lacks. And it always will. So in my opinion, it's kind of like a stale effort, wasted funds. But if people are thankful for it, I guess that's great? I'm not.
  7. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    You've got a point, you need at least one hardcore purist in your maniacally Bethesda-loving ranks. I mean Bethesda is alright, they supposedly try to let id be id and do their own thing, but I can't help but suspect that public image. They claim to do a lot of things to win public support. Any corporation or large business does, it's part of selling the product. So maybe it's just purely paranoia about corporations ruining everything. It's happened to a lot of things, and as everything in the world becomes more like a massive monopoly battle than a free market, we're kind of getting the short end of the stick as consumers. The filth of the gaming industry has infiltrated Doom, make no mistake... and I just don't trust it.
  8. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    I do need help, but my counselor is unavailable due to Coronavirus... so I have an excuse. Seriously though, tone down the criticisms. Just because we don't like the unity port doesn't by any means make us "ungrateful" or anything like that. Or stupid. Or ignorant. Or any other witty insult you guys can cook up. Let people bitch every once in a while, if that's what they want to do. If somebody wants to bitch about the marauder in Doom Eternal? I say more power to em, it's fine if you don't like them, and it's fine if you love them. I just don't think the two crowds should mix, it turns into a bloodbath. For example, my bitterness towards the unity port doesn't have to be explicable, or have a sturdy foundation. It's raw emotion. And if anybody got truly offended by my words, well then, you're in the wrong thread. I think even you can agree with that.
  9. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Nope, not even in jest. I really didn't come in here with the intent of being rude to anyone. But ya know, my thankfulness for the port existing isn't really such a big deal. Call me ungrateful, call me a worthless troglodyte who hates everything, but that's just how I feel. Is it really that big a deal that I don't like Bethesda reaching their slippery flippers even further into the legacy of Doom than they already have? It's just a strong opinion, not nearly worth this level of argument. I posted in this thread because I agree with Dr. Nick, I shouldn't have to apologize for it. I shouldn't even have to admit I'm somehow wrong, for posting a potentially offensive post in a thread about something potentially offensive in the first place. And nobody else should either, should they? No. That's being oppressive to everyone you disagree with, using superior manpower to badger them until they give up. If it's so against the rules, close the thread. No? Well then, I can complain to my heart's content, thank you. You can say I'm stupid and wrong in a thousand ways but it doesn't excuse or warrant it... you don't want to accept new people into your elitist little club? Well too bad, I'm not leaving anytime soon. And if it comes to standing up for the little guy in the face of a tidal wave of unwarranted criticism and getting banned? So be it. I'll take my lashes and do my time. But damn it, you can't just treat people like shit because you don't agree with them. What about Dr. Nick? Oh fuck him, he's just a noob, right? He's a loser, right? He's a whiny scumbag, right? That's how you guys act when you pile onto somebody. It's disgusting.
  10. Hellektronic

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Hm... I think it's implied that the soulless corpses of the damned slowly mutate into demons? It's kind of vague about it though.
  11. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    We can only hope, man. But hopefully I'll meet some cool people along the way.
  12. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Listen here, you wretch... if we want to make a post bitching about things, I think that's perfectly ok. You chase people off this forum just because you don't like them or what they say. You literally argued a guy into deleting his entire post over a stupid joke recently. I will never back down. Never.
  13. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    What grave? It's a trench, with punji sticks. You fall in if you want to, by trying to aggressively disagree with me. I'm stressed out NOW, yeah, lol. I was actually feeling pretty good earlier today, thanks guys. Can't even bitch about corporate entities abducting everything you love without a clan of freaks telling you you're not allowed to bitch. @Dr. Nick, we should become allies in this war.
  14. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Oh, and you're here to present a perfectly friendly discussion-point, eh Jazzmaster? You're such a wise-man, like Jesus. As for the thread though? Eh, devs aside, I think it's fine for a few people to bitch in public and go down in a blaze of glory if necessary. It's the people who disagree that have to ruin everything.
  15. Hellektronic

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Please, "It's suckin' my will to live... oh the humanity!" The poor admin is going to log on like: "What the fuck happened here?!"