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  1. Hellektronic

    Obscure shooters thread

    But... that'd be like if an Aerosmith cover band became avatars of the elements and saved the multiverse just because Todd Mcfarlane made it so. It's pretty ridiculous, lol. Not that it seems like a bad game, and I'm sure it's mostly tongue-in-cheek, but it's still pretty funny. I'd play it just to try it though.
  2. Hellektronic

    Obscure shooters thread

    Because the theme is pretty laughable for a FPS game, playing as a KISS cover band that became like magicians sent to save the universe. Pretty sure there are better people for such a job, lol.
  3. Hellektronic

    Random Image Thread

  4. Hellektronic

    Obscure shooters thread

    Dark Arena for Gameboy Advance Back Track for PC and GBA INCISION for PC Hellbound for PC Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death for PC Last Rites for PC The infamous Kiss: Psycho Circus: Nightmare Child for PC That's about as obscure as I care to get, Pie in the Sky and Amiga fps games aren't worth the trouble.
  5. Hellektronic

    Random Image Thread

  6. Hellektronic

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    Sandy Petersen is the real final boss of Doom... you're not supposed to like him. He makes silly trap maps and hordes of monsters in closets. He's Mental from Serious Sam. He's everything annoying about boomer shooters, lol.
  7. Hellektronic

    Question to mods.

    I adminned for a few Doom clubs on Xbox Live. It's boring, thankless, and you start to really hate certain people. Lots of deleting/closing. I'm devoted to keeping a friendly environment, but when it came to console gamers? Children? Nu Doomers? Not my kind of people. Lots of really stupid questions and videos about their skillz.
  8. Nah, gameplay is. Fun, addictive gameplay. Good mechanics. Stuff like that is integral. Games that focus too hard on challenge are crap.
  9. Hellektronic

    Cool wads for kids and teenagers?

    Doom is... the everyman's game. And everychild. I recommend classic episodes, such as... Back to Basics, Doom the Way id Did, Classic Episode, Slaughter Until Death, The Evil Unleashed, SIGIL, Fava Beans, etc. Doom 2 might be a little too hard and... well, annoying. But that's always an option too. Final Doom is kind of the same thing, lots of monsters, challenge-oriented maps. Stick to lower difficulties.
  10. Hellektronic

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    I didn't realize Romero had the time to still do WADs these days, I thought SIGIL was just a one-time special occasion... interesting. Thanks for the news flash, I don't regularly follow Romero on social media.
  11. Hellektronic

    Doom running on candy

    Some people are sick, twisted maniacs.
  12. I never use exploits, in any game, I'm more about immersion and challenge. But some people feed off of those kind of elements, they like to hunt exploits and exploit them. Speedrunners tend to be those kind of people, rocket jumps, running through walls, whatever works to cut time out of their run. Me, I consider that cheating, but I guess it really doesn't matter if people enjoy it. Like I said, some people love to hunt exploits. And if your speedrun rules allow for exploits, more power to those people, but I'm not one of those people. If somebody builds a map designed to be exploited, well... then I guess I die. *shrugs* And delete the wad for being stupidly designed for a niche group of doom players.
  13. Hellektronic

    Random Image Thread

  14. Hellektronic

    Random Image Thread

  15. I meant it mostly in regards to things he did with traps. Ya know, lava pits with no elevator or teleports out, that's (arguably) just poor taste. Granted a few pits in Doom 1 had no escape, but those were generally easier to avoid. Well he's one person, who wasn't involved with id Software. Unless you count Final Doom, I guess.