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  1. Hellektronic

    Notes from Doom Eternal Panel

    Yeahhh, but in a lot of ways I think the goal was to explain Earth religions as based on Sentinel religion. Makyrs are angels, demons are demons, and it didn't really account for the potential of the makyrs turning against man- the Sentinels saw makyrs as like... gods. They helped them, gave them ridiculous technologies and abilities far beyond their comprehension, and so for all intents and purposes, they are angels, and the father is like God. The gist being, all angels are now fallen- what was once good is now completely corrupted, and God has forsaken them to extinction, in a sense. Does that mean Hayden is good? Nobody knows. But he does display some really evil traits, maybe a lesser evil to Hell, but he's still no saint. He manipulates people, and is always three steps ahead in his own favor. So in a way, you could argue that IF Hayden did become like the devil, he'd probably be a lesser evil than the current hierarchy of Hell. And maybe that would bring balance to the universe, you know. *shrugs* I'm just looking at it from the perspective we've been shown so far. Essentially what I've seen is that there is no true "good", even the angels themselves became corrupted and dependent on Hell, so the only answer is what Hayden has planned. And presumably, even if Hayden was a man before he entered his current robotic form, his consciousness seems to have fused with Samur Makyr (the seraphim). Is Samur Makyr evil? I'm thinking yes, a bit. He has selfish intents. And to run the UAC, Hayden was probably evil as well. So you've basically got two evil people combined into one shaping the future of the universe, anything is possible, lol.
  2. I'm not really sure their "language" translates, I think it's more just for show... and might not mean anything at all. I don't think the writing in 2016 was ever translated either. In a lot of ways we really don't even know what the demonic rune symbols mean. I mean you could argue they mean something related to what they were called in 2016, like the rune of savagery being the pentagram, but... do they? Nobody really knows, lol.
  3. Eh, let's be honest here though, prequel, sequel, the story isn't really important, lol. It's a very oldschool Doom-style game, any story is mostly just an excuse to fight more things. It's... purely second to the gameplay, more or less. So ya know, SS2 wasn't my favorite, but its still very fun. SS3 wasn't my favorite, but its still very fun. And as long as it maintains that fun element and lots of cool weapons, it really can't go wrong. I mean I can see how the realistic weapons of SS3 would put people off, but I think it was an intentional step to portray the era, being before a lot of the weapons were developed. When soldiers other than Sam fought the aliens, ya know, traditional military stuff. But then by Serious Sam 1, it's like ONLY Sam fights the aliens, he's the Doomguy and everybody else gets their asses kicked, lol. So it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest a lot of the weapons in the first and second encounters were futuristic and designed with him in mind to fight Mental. *shrugs* If you think about it that way, it's not so absurd. And from the way this new one looks, it's going to be more traditional Serious Sam, like a direct prequel to 1. It might not be as good as 1, which it probably wont be, but it'll be fun, and you can always expect that out of a Serious Sam game. I don't think it'll disappoint.
  4. Bahhh... Serious Sam 2 was silly for sure, but the guns, the gameplay, it was textbook. And I liked the inclusion of reloading and small touches of realism in 3, because it felt more... modern. It felt grittier and darker too. If the next game doesn't follow that theme? I wont boycott it, lol, people are just way too sensitive to change. They can change the style all they want, I trust them by now to make an awesome regardless of the specifics. Painkiller on the other hand, lol... I hear the new ones are hairy, like the quality went south and third party companies got involved. BUT, the first Painkiller was awesome, absolutely perfect. And if that's the only good one to ever exist, that's just fine with me. I have no problem playing older games, obviously, lol.
  5. Serious question- other than challenge wads like slaughter maps, are there any good mods that make the base games harder? I've only ever been able to find things like Hard Doom, Brutal Doom, and like the Universal AI mod. I've been meaning to try out Custom Doom... I have it, but I haven't tried it out. Just curious if anybody has some insight on mods like that.
  6. Some people just do actually really suck at video games believe it or not... I know a few, lol. Overall I can't say for sure exactly what the difficulties do for each individual enemy, but I get the notion that they're faster, do more damage, and attack more often... kinda like the opposite of the original games where it just adds more enemies to the levels, lol. Hell for all I know it might even affect projectile accuracy and stuff, but I've never really tested it out myself. I always aim high, like ultraviolence or nightmare, so the differences are kinda obscure, just a consistent theme: don't get hit or it hurts a lot more, lol. Oh, and you get less of a boost for glory kills, making it inherently harder to recover during battles. You really have to run around rabidly and scrape the bottom of the barrel sometimes on nightmare, or else you're just going to keep getting pushed down further and further until you die from like a single fireball hit. People who used to grind 2016 on Ultra-Nightmare always said imps were like the worst enemy, because they're probably what's going to finish you off with a total bullshit fireball to the back or something when you're trying to recover.
  7. Hellektronic

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    For now, DLC 1 is obviously going to be a direct sequel to the events of Eternal. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how they'd do prequel content considering a lot of the gameplay is based off of things you get in Eternal like dash and ice bombs, but hey, they've always got something silly up their sleeves.
  8. Hellektronic

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Obviously, a lot happened between 2016 and Eternal... but I think the idea of jumping into it all chaotically was an attempt to mimic how 2016 starts. Pretty sure they said DLC will further explain it later on, but for now we just have to extrapolate.
  9. Wait... what was so wrong with SS3? I thought it was awesome stylistically. In fact, I think all the games were good... I just want more, not any specific interpretation of more. More, give it to me. He did, I was just emulating how he laughed.
  10. I'll put it like this: Eternal is harder because the demons have unfair advantages the original games didn't give them... I mean like Doom 2 there were bullshit traps traps traps, but Eternal does it differently. First, during an arena battle, demons always know where the player is, always. They're either charging or flanking your current position no matter how out-of-sight you are, so you have to move like a rabid marsupial to avoid getting surrounded. Second, demon projectiles home perfectly in the directly you're moving, hitting you mid-run, mid-air, etc. They lead the shot robotically perfect, making traditional strafing and running away very difficult. But then you get a few advantages to offset their cheat-like advantages, like being able to recover health and ammo from enemies or extra lives. It's a pretty minor bonus on nightmare, but its still something. All in all though, nightmare and ultra-nightmare in Eternal are really bad unless you have extra lives, maxed out stats and every secret. Even then it's pretty damn hard. More than likely you'll die several times by accident, because any minor mistake is like horrendous amounts of damage and/or instant death. So in other words, it's really hard. Ultra-nightmare is probably the hardest difficulty yet, it's harder than 2016's ever was. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't like these unfair elements and miss the original's balance. But the game itself is still very fun and dynamic, so it's more fun on lower difficulties where that outrageously unfair fireball hit from across a chasm isn't like game-changing. I just have to convince myself of that and stop playing ultra-nightmare all the time, lol.
  11. Hellektronic

    Do you ever take breaks from Doom?

    I'm burnt out with Doom Eternal right now... I've played the campaign way too much and battlemode doesn't appeal to me. As for oldschool Doom? Yes, I do. Occasionally I just want to play something... different. I can't say I PREFER like... a military shooter or something over Doom, but I just enjoy a bit of variety.
  12. Hellektronic

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm not watching that. I registered to review good wads and possibly be inspired to play new ones. I dunno, I'm not thrilled to be like the lowest rank on the totem pole either like some noob who just popped outta nowhere, so I post in the forum against my better judgment, mostly in hopes of gaining rank. *shrugs* I hate a lot of internet things, not limited to furries and anime fans, so don't take it personally. But if you turn out to be somewhat decent human underneath the putrid internet-influenced exterior, I'll give you a chance.
  13. Hellektronic

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Yeahhh... but the whole multiverse idea might as well be the same as Doom 3, lol. Seems like it's just a very extravagant take on the same idea in a lot of ways, mostly just meant to be a nod to the original games, which are nothing like the new games. You know, kind of like a superficial sequel. One could even argue Doom 3 did take place in the multiverse, just with a different hero involved. *shrugs* When I think "multiverse", I think of like... Marvel comics, and you want to talk about a convoluted mish-mash of radically different concepts just for the sake of variety and continuity? Lol. Of course I'm sitting here like a rabid wolverine waiting for the new Eternal DLC to hit, but that's beside the point, lol. In the end, I think it's more of a game based on a game than a sequel. Obviously though that's just my opinion and how I manage to sleep at night, lol.
  14. Hellektronic

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I dunno, I'm kind of a hardcore oldschool purist, and I may not think the new games are better... but I still appreciate them. They're fun games, and they mimic the old ones in certain ways. I don't even really consider them to be the same universe, like Doom 3... it's more of a Quake-inspired shooter version of Doom. But that's ok. Different people were involved, the industry has changed heavily, and a new fanbase will inevitably rise to meet the challenge. I'll always be a die-hard oldschool id fan, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a different take on a timeless series. *shrugs*
  15. Hellektronic

    What is the most obscure piece of Doom merchandise?

    I've read there were only 10,000 sold, but I really can't say for sure. All I know is that it's cool and I want it.