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Everything posted by Lethal_Chupacabra

  1. Lethal_Chupacabra

    Marines name?

    What should the Doom guy's name be? Larry? Bob? Steve? You decide.
  2. Lethal_Chupacabra


    C++ Rulz and my "code" was totally right.
  3. Lethal_Chupacabra


    No offense to ID or anything but how the hell (no pun intended) do portals from hell happen to be on both of Mars moons (Phobos and Deimos)? Is this implying that Mars is hell? It could be cuz they're both red. :P
  4. Lethal_Chupacabra

    favorite Doom song

    E1:M1 and E1:M8 are the best
  5. Lethal_Chupacabra

    what is your most favorite weapon in doom?

    The Shotgun gets the job done quickly and effectively.
  6. Lethal_Chupacabra


    #include<iostream.h> int main() { cout<<"Sorry, I'm in computer science class so everything I type"; cout<<" has to be in code"<<endl; return(0); }
  7. Lethal_Chupacabra


    #include<iostream.h> int main() { cout<<"Then the demons are really, really, really stupid."<<endl; return(0); }
  8. Lethal_Chupacabra

    Some helpful tips vs monsters in doom!

    Didn't see it cuz I didn't look that hard but the number 1 strategy when ur trying 2 kill hordes is to STRAFE.