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  1. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    Favourite TF2 class

    Engi since I'm too stupid to fight people in the frontlines
  2. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    Why are there demons in the Caribbean?

    Exactly,they fight all the time and die easily to some two barreled piece of metal,they deserve a break
  3. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    What Pet Do You Have?

  4. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Doom,but when you press any key,Doomguy lays down,and cry of fear. What? You thought you would run and gun demons? Nah son,this is what realistically this is what would happen
  5. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    How important are graphics in your opinion?

    Graphics ins't the main attraction,but they are important,they gotta be readable,visible and give the game it's own personality
  6. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    Sad news on new unreleased content

  7. OxalaiaQuilombensis


  8. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    What made you fall in love with Doom?

    I first discovered Doom by Doom 2016,a vid of Glory Kills,so I gave the Classics a shot It's a very gud game,the simple gameplay which allows freedom of playstyle,the music is very gud,and the monsters are kinda varied(At least in Doom 2,I'm gonna be either butchered for saying or by some miracle some people will agree this but Doom 1 roster is boring IMO,it gets boring after fighting millions of Imp clones)and of course the infinite amount of campaigns the fans made Also some maps really tell a story without saying anything,and lets your imagination fly to give the maps a mental setting
  9. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    A thing about Doom64 shotgun not that many people knew.

    Makes sense considering the animation that doesn't show you pumping it
  10. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    What Monster(Or Thing) In Doom Gives You Bad Vibes?

    Also their scream is scary as heck Doom 64 atmosphere made me abandon the game for a while because I legit got scared by it,the OST make it looks like there is a powerful demon stalking you and is really autophobic,after all you are alone fighting reality-corrupting,flesh eating otherwordly abominations,also the dark areas make me realise how fatal Doom demons realistically Doom demons would be irl,so yeah,in question of vibe,Doom 64 is the most realistic Doom game
  11. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Team Fortress 2,Quake 1,Quake 2 demo,Quake Champions and Ultrakill(also the demo)
  12. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    Is map knowledge a skill?

    Not exactly a skill,but it helps,after you know the layout of the map,it gets easy to breeze through
  13. OxalaiaQuilombensis


    Welcome bro,you just entered one of the most addicting communities ever,since there's an infinite amount of custom campaigns for an really old game,so it's hard to become bored with Doom,hope you will have a good time here! :)
  14. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    what is the best doom wad according to you

    I recently played D4V,it's amazing how the monsters have such complex mechanics,but still is Vanilla
  15. OxalaiaQuilombensis

    What demon annoys you the most?

    Revenants,especially when you let them live enough to put millions of guided rockets to track you