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  1. Spaicrab

    How do i get colored blood on prboom+?

    Hell yeah, thank you guys! Alright but um.... how do i use this?
  2. Spaicrab

    How do i get colored blood on prboom+?

    Oh wow thanks, you should tell more people about this!
  3. I know there are mods for gzdoom that do exactly this, but how can i get something that fixes the baron's and cacodemon's blood on prboom+?
  4. Some days ago I actually noticed a post on newgrounds of a 3D model of the Doom 64 Pain Elemental re-done with a Doom Eternal-ish style, here's the link
  5. Spaicrab

    Get It Off Your Chest

    I play too much videogames, probably addiction, and now i have full online school..... I have no idea what i'm supposed to do, i don't listen to lessons or do any homework most of the time even if i want to, i'm getting a lot of bad marks and yet i just keep playing without a worry in the world
  6. Spaicrab

    Any Slovenian Doomers out there?

    Nice to see another italian here
  7. Spaicrab

    Land Of Despair

    I may have done the enemy placement, but you did the map itself which is wayyy more time consuming and needs much more effort, you did the heavy lifting, good work!
  8. Spaicrab

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    Random reaction time: I speedrun Hotline Miami on twitch, and we have a joke in the speedrunning Discord that the game is just bad and broken, and i swear to god, the reaction time is just so bullshit, the enemies are not consistent at all, sometimes they instantly see you and shoot you but other times they take ages to notice you, sometimes they hear your gunshots but some other times they don't, thank god Hotline Miami 2 fixed it (together with countless other broken things), the editor campaigns would have been a pain if it was still in.
  9. Spaicrab

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    All the demons with bodies are extremely buff.
  10. Spaicrab

    How to move well

    Sometimes i duel with someone who has really good movement that i can't predict well, are there any patterns or tips for unpredictable movement or dodging?