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  1. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Post your Desktop Background

    I don't have it as my desktop background, rather my lock screen, but here's something i made. Feel free to use it for your own desktop. I made a 1920x1080 version, but also a 640x480 version if anyone has any use for it.
  2. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    The story behind your custom avatar

    exported some graphics in slade, put them together in paint.net, added text and drop shadows also paletted it to fit the size limit
  3. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Preference of OS

    you may wanna look into libreoffice, although it doesn't support ALL of the features of microsoft office it should support enough to work as a full replacement you can try it on windows first if you're interested but don't wanna switch to linux just yet https://www.libreoffice.org/
  4. yo dude if you want to join our discord:

    I know it isn't clearly active but we do it mostly on weekends as of we do know that the servers are still alive but the web is not working at the moment.

  5. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Not many people playing Deathmatch in Australia

    thanks for the advice but i don't use zdaemon cause they specifically made the source code unavailable
  6. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Not many people playing Deathmatch in Australia

    k thanks, will check that stuff out
  7. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Not many people playing Deathmatch in Australia

    i mean tbh my craving for deathmatch is usually satisfied by community tf2 servers, but doom's deathmatch experience just feels so fast and unique in comparison that it makes me upset i can't really play it :(
  8. it's always annoying for me trying to get into a simple zandronum/odamex deathmatch game in australia. usually no-one's playing, and if they are it's on a co-op or survival server with a bazillion mods. even if i try to connect to those games, it can take ages to download everything and oh look the person playing has already left. and then i see all these servers in america with no problems getting players, that i can't connect to because i have >200 ping... australia is like, an entire continent. how is not a single other person trying to play doom deathmatch tl;dr, i'm whinging about how i can't play deathmatch
  9. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Share a random fact about yourself

    In contrast, I hate salt and vinegar chips with boiling blood. The smell. T he go d ddamn sm ell l
  10. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    yeah go nuts lol
  11. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    Ah, many people don't know what DDoS attacks really do. They don't assume any control over a website's servers, they instead are a type of Denial of Service attack. They basically flood the servers with requests, either crashing the servers or making it extremely slow for everyone :/
  12. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    ah, so basically they're circlejerking gatekeepers? got it
  13. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    Sorry, I'm not all that educated in the forums of old. What is /vr/?
  14. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    Who would want to DDoS Doomworld of all places? Why?
  15. 🌸 V E W M 3 2 🌸

    Preference of OS

    I've wondered what operating system people on the Doomworld forums use and why, as well as their opinions on other operating systems. Personally, I think GNU/Linux is way better than any Windows version, for many reasons, but I've been too lazy to switch from Windows 10, plus idk how to compile things and many applications I use don't have native Linux ports or don't work well in Wine :/ But what do you guys use?