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  1. magikal


    Worst: Industrial, massive, tough, exceptionally difficult puzzles, 1345 monsters. Best: CCMap29, massive, tough, reasonable puzzles, 1345 monsters. Hmm, there's a bit of a pattern there.
  2. magikal

    Congestion Controlled Again

    And me cos I've been offline a coupla days...me downloads.
  3. magikal

    More Masters of Doom

    Meep, 4th. Heh, they got it wrong, Petersen not son. Also in one of the chapters the author calls nukeage plasma, ha.
  4. magikal

    Leakage Is Bad

    Absolutely. It's a lot of hard work that will give a lot of people great pleasure. Respect.
  5. magikal

    Master Levels?!

    Some of the maps are also on PSX Final Doom, in slightly altered form of course.
  6. magikal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #128

    Ultimate Doomer said: "The second map is questionable, given that all you have to do is teleport then hit the exit switch right near to you (or face a battle you can't win)." It's a battle you can win, Sarge posted some demos at his page. Also there is enough ammo to max the third (my) map as Opulent proved in his lmp. It ain't easy in 100mins to make a reasonable map as almost invariably something goes wrong, I had comp problems whilst doing this one so it was nowhere near complete.:( But map1 (Espi) certainly proves it can be done, supurb for 100mins imo.
  7. magikal


    Just sent 2 lmps, one Doom2.exe first exit and a Legacy 1.40 with comments, thanks for the play.:)
  8. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Yes of course, it's obvious in retrospect. That's why Cadman got so many extra segs. I was so careful working around that limit as I had exactly the same issue with my last map, heh. Some may have to think of it as a map for the future (when they get a more powerful comp), but with a powerful enough comp it runs beautifully. I spent nearly 2 months playtesting it and making minor alterations (and it's still crap, heh). I'm gonna RMB it now and see if it helps.
  9. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    There's your problem, P3 700mhz, slow by today's standards. I have the same GF2, 512mb memory but a xp2000, not a hint of slowdown. I'll try running it through RMB later today.
  10. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    I used DeepBSP. It gives me 32762segs, 5 under the limit, no problem. Strange that you should get 33683?
  11. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Yes, do it! Map30's real small but nice. Cadman, you could run Zennode but I doubt it would make any difference, but there's only one way to find out. RMB maybe a better option.
  12. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    I would hope so, that looks a lot more interesting.:) Sorry about the slowdown, it plays on my XP2000/GeForce2/PrBoom/ 800x600 no problem and that's not a particularly fast machine nowadays, oh well. PrBoom seems the quickest port, try lower res, not so nice but it helps.
  13. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Agreed, that sky is awful. Yes, beautiful work Rex. I've had a quick run through but I'm certainly gonna enjoy recording it.:) UD, Map29 is called Citadel at the Edge of Eternity....not Citadel on... "Magikal new map 29 is also nothing short of amazing." Thanks Searcher.
  14. magikal


    far out and right on
  15. magikal

    Classic Doom Limits

    You could give MBF a go, in 'feel' it's probably a bit closer than PrBoom.
  16. magikal

    Congestion Control 2 Screens

    I really enjoyed the first Congestion Control, looking forward to this one.
  17. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    So that's just three maps to go, right? Torn, Use3D and....? So close you can almost feel it, ouch!
  18. magikal

    Broken Door

    Yep it works well. Just make a sector with both sides the same reference to itself and use a lower floor tag. Think of it in the same way as the invisible sectors rising/lower as per a 3D bridge.
  19. magikal

    mods,source ports and wads?when will it end!

    Unfortunately with most ports you're gonna need a little bit of DOS to get the most out of them. It's simple really, all you're doing is writing a line or two in your msdos prompt or command prompt if you've xp. Don't worry about winzip it'll always work, I don't know anybody who's actually bought it. However you've got Legacy working which is good. In order to make it work for Doom1, Plutonia and TNT use the 'game mode' page, there's 4 select IWad boxes, find the path to the relavent wad for each of them and you can select the one you choose on that page. If you've installed the Collector's Doom all 4 IWads will be in that folder. I would just copy/paste the 4 wads into the Legacy folder for simplicity and set the iwad path to them. As for wads I'd start with the classics and play Momento Mori 1&2, Requiem, Eternal, Alien Vendetta. Or go to DW home page/Classic Doom/Levels and look for some with 4/5 stars. Doom Underground is also a good place to look.
  20. magikal

    Massively important contemporary Doom issue

    The 'Earth' switches such as those in UAC bases are electronic in nature whereas the Hellspawn swiches work by diabolical mechanical means.
  21. magikal

    Broken Door

    You could place an invisible lowering sector in front of it and to the sides which lowers at the same time as it's revealed. A principle I've used a lot in CCmap29. Or you could make the actual linedef with the tag just a fraction of the switch face. You could also combine the two methods.
  22. magikal

    Doom Wad Station Revamped

    Doom2 reviews/switches.wad gives a Lycos page 4me, maybe there's a couple more, I'm not sure I'm on a different OS. Cya at the forums.
  23. magikal

    Doom Wad Station Revamped

    Nice but I keeps getting a stoopid Lycos page when I try to access the reviews.
  24. magikal

    DOOM Editing

    Yep Doom must be one of the best value games to own. For a few $/£ you can play 1000's of levels as well as make your own. Did you complete the shareware or the full game on UV?
  25. magikal

    Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Shift ya ass boy.:)