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  1. Epic DOOM 87 music video! :D The final update for the demo release is now available! Demo Release 3 contains the same eleven maps, but most of these have been enhanced in various ways. Also, "Hey, not too rough" and "Hurt me plenty" are now partially implemented! I even added a MAPINFO to ensure that players have the correct compatibility settings enabled with ZDoom-based source ports and it'll skip the placeholder maps, allowing for a proper single-segment run! Make sure you read the included README.TXT before playing if you wish to know more about compatibility and things like that :D The new demo release can be downloaded from the original post on this thread as well as from the attachment below. d87demo3.zip
  2. DCG Retrowave

    [DISCORD] DOSBox Deathmatch Club!

    This is epic! I'm about to use fraggle's Dali 0.3 to play on real DOS! Thank you so much for organizing this :)
  3. The Beholder from DOOM RPG is about to join forces with the "Special" Pain Elementals to be kinda not nice to Mr. Doomguy 😲😲😲 More "Harmless Pain Elementals?" content is coming soon! Also, the Rahovart from DOOM RPG will be joining the funnies too :D
  4. I mainly play DOOM on my DOS PC, but only for Vanilla/some limit-removing megawads. This works great since I'm mostly interested in vanilla DOOM anyway, but there are some more advanced maps that interest me. However, while I have no problem running DOOM maps in GZDoom (my main source port for advanced WADs) on Windows 10, I'd really love to play most of them on DOS. My custom DOS gaming PC has a really nice setup at my main desk (my modern PC gets the smaller, cheaper one :D) and it's connected to my favorite PS/2 keyboard, 17 inch CRT monitor, and Roland Sound Canvas SC-88. I could connect all of these to my modern PC (I've used a touchscreen CRT with it before :D), but something about playing on my favorite computer makes me feel happy and I'm more motivated to actually play an entire WAD rather than just a few maps. Before I continue, I should probably list the specs of my DOS PC. It has a Pentium II 350 MHz, 128MB of PC100 RAM, a 3.2GB WD Caviar HDD, ATI 3D RAGE PCI 2MB, and ESS Audiodrive 1868F. This machine is more than capable of running Windows 98, but I already have a Pentium III Dell Dimension XPS T700r for that OS. For 90's DOS gaming, this machine can run nearly all of my games flawlessly and more demanding titles like Quake and Tomb Raider still run very well at lower resolutions (400x300 for Quake and 320x200 for Tomb Raider). Basically, this is one of the most capable DOS computers for running older source ports so I doubt that my hardware is holding them back, at least not significantly. Last night, I decided to try running a few BOOM WADs on my DOS PC. I burned Boom 2.02 and MBF 2.03 to a rewritable CD as well as three Boom WADs (Lunatic, Sunlust, and Swim with the Whales). I tried SWTW first and it loaded up just fine in Boom. The first map ran well, although the light blue key was still a yellow key. Everything seemed fine otherwise. The framerate was pretty solid for the most part which was nice. Unfortunately, the game crashed as soon as MAP02 started. The message displayed at the DOS prompt was "Segmentation Violation." According to the documentation included with Boom, this error is related to CWSDPMI.EXE and I would likely have better results running Boom in Windows 95/98/Me. "Due to the more sensitive nature of DPMI protected mode, BOOM is highly sensitive to accessing arrays past limit and other illegal memory usages. The usual result will be exit from BOOM with the message "Segment Violation". CWSDPMI under DOS is more sensitive than Win'95s DPMI, so some wads that won't play under DOS may still play under Win'95 in a DOS Window." The same issue occurred when I tried running SWTW in MBF. At least the light blue key displayed properly and 640x400 looks fantastic on my CRT (320x200 does too, but this was a nice enhancement :D). I tried different versions of CWSDPMI.EXE, but it still crashed. However, I read on another thread that using a different node builder could fix this. I personally use ZenNode with Doom Builder 2 for my vanilla maps and it works very well. Should I try opening SWTW's maps in Doom Builder and build the nodes with ZenNode? If it works, hopefully it will work for other Boom WADs as well. Thank you for reading this post :)
  5. I just spent over two hours playing this mod and I've come to the conclusion that it might be a little too difficult, even as a joke WAD since this can be completed in theory. Maybe I just need to play better and stop getting wrecked by the "special" Pain Elementals, but I'm considering an update that will add some more health. I'm thinking about adding two more megaspheres outside which should be enough since I was pretty close with my last attempt. We shall see, though. I was playing in DOSBox to record gameplay and now I'm going back to my DOS PC to play it for real this time :D. If I can pull it off, I'll probably leave it in its current state since this joke WAD just needs to be beatable, regardless of the difficulty because joke WAD :D Update: I completely missed two megaspheres on the ledge outside. I forgot that I put them there XD. Once I discovered that, I managed to beat it with 48% health left, so it is actually beatable, although it's still crazy hard :D I beat it on my DOS PC and the game is now making fun of me for taking so long :O
  6. Getting 100% kills was previously impossible in vanilla and some source ports like Crispy Doom due to the changes I made to explosive barrels. The explosion is delayed and this seems to prevent a Pain Elemental in an inaccessible area from being pushed through a teleporter when the barrel is crushed. I made the changes to the barrels after most of my tests with vanilla/Crispy Doom and I just assumed that this wouldn't affect 100% kills because I knew the barrels were still functioning (I tested the barrels outside to verify this, not the barrel that gets crushed inside the mall). I should've tested this crusher again in vanilla, but I completely overlooked it because I assumed it would still work. I apologize for this mistake because I still have my own standards for a joke WAD :D For this update, I've moved the Pain Elemental behind the switch and when you press it, the wall will lower to reveal him. The updated WAD can be downloaded from either link in the original post or from the links below. Thanks for reading this message :) http://dcgretrowave.com/doom87/harmless.zip harmless.zip
  7. Good point. I guess I consider it vanilla because the DeHackEd changes are truly vanilla. It's just the high number of Pain Elementals in the map, but other vanilla maps like Scythe's MAP26 break the sprite limit as well. Limit-removing to me is something that would crash vanilla with a visplane overflow or constantly suffer from HOM due to the maxseg limit. I can still change the compatibility description, but I see it as technically vanilla since other vanilla mapsets break the sprite limit as well. Let me know what you think of this :) Fun fact, TNT's MAP27 is NOT vanilla and my game crashed during my first playthrough because of this :O
  8. The switch in the arcade frees him from the invisible wall around the toilet. That's why I didn't get the key when I was in there the first time. The invisible wall for that Pain Elemental is a little more obvious in the original map from DOOM 87, since he's one of the only Pain Elementals in that map :D This video showcases the trapped Pain Elemental. I hope this info helps! Let me know how the happy DOOM adventure goes :D
  9. "One day, you decide to go shopping before your afternoon shift at the UAC Earth facility. As you enter the local shopping mall, dozens of funny Pain Elementals float over to you. They are very happy to meet you and wish to be your best friends! While you appreciate their friendliness, you would also like for them to kindly float out of the way so you can finish shopping and arrive for work on time." Your goal is to locate all three key cards as quickly as possible and escape the mall before you're completely surrounded by Pain Elementals. You have no weapons aside from your fist, but punching the Pain Elementals isn't a good idea. They'll take forever to kill and they will spawn more Pain Elementals when hit, so harming them will only make things harder. Once you grab the red key from the candy store, you can flip the switch in the starting area to lower a wall, granting you access to a staircase and elevator. Both of these will take you to the exit switch, but make sure you lure the Pain Elementals away from there first! Also, there may or may not be a second part for this mission that involves five "special" Pain Elementals :D :D :D (PROTIP: To reveal the exit, kill the five "special" Pain Elementals :D) This is a vanilla-compatible mod for DOOM II: Hell on Earth that features one map and 666 Pain Elementals. I recommend using DOOM2P.EXE (Doom II Plus) if you want to use vanilla on DOS because saving your game will most likely crash vanilla (it did every time I tried) and many sprites won't be visible due to vanilla's 128 sprite limit. Most source ports that are limit-removing and support DeHackEd patches will work perfectly as well, including Crispy Doom and GZDoom. The map is from my main DOOM project, DOOM 87: The Lost World. This is just a silly mod I wanted to make because I'm weird and DeHackEd lets me do very stupid things :D. Hopefully this goofy WAD brings a smile to your face like it has for me :) Download "Harmless Pain Elementals?" today! :D http://dcgretrowave.com/doom87/harmless.zip harmless.zip
  10. I demand that every Subway must change their name to Waysub immediately :D
  11. The mall in the current demo is pretty cool But now it's even cooler :D A sign has been added for the candy store that the Arch-Viles have taken over :D Tables and benches are now at the food court! The bookstore is promoting a very nice book :D This enhanced version will be released in the next demo update very soon!
  12. I'm glad you approve! Now that I've made these changes, I can't understand why I didn't think to do that sooner! Of course, it's still a custom Dead Simple, but there's a little more gameplay now thanks to this outside area. It's also got more personality (Hell Knight and Baron wearing baseball caps :D). Overall, I think this is much more enjoyable now :D
  13. An updated version of the demo will be released within the next few days. I've been making several improvements, starting with some enhancements for MAP07: The Ball Game. Thank you @Egg Boy for suggesting that the outside area could be improved because I have done that now :D Current version Next update The Mancubi were moved to the wall. The outfielders are now three more barons, so their team no longer needs three Mancubi! The Mancubi are just there to harass the players :D. Also, the Hell Knights are their own team with one of them currently batting and the others are waiting to run for home plate :D Some Pinkies now come to say hi before you exit The secret Arch-Vile now teleports over here when he sees you More enhancements like this are coming soon for most of the other maps! Also, that TV screen displaying the baseball game took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to make :O
  14. DCG Retrowave

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I see you really do like snow themes :D That looks really nice!
  15. Oh nooooo :O Now that it works in vanilla on DOS, I am obligated to run this on my DOS PC :( :( :( :D :(