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  1. If someone's game keeps stuttering or slowing down, the other players will feel it as well since the game needs to stay synced (obviously, if the game kept running smoothly on another player's end while one player is experiencing slowdown, that would cause a desync). My Windows 10 PC screwed up recently during a local cooperative session with my Windows 7 laptop and DOS PC (Win10 and Win7 were running DOSBox and connected to my IPXBOX server which was physically connected to my DOS PC). The Windows 10 machine was lagging hard and this caused the game to keep freezing for all players. Once we tested the Windows 7 and DOS machines without the Windows 10 PC, the game ran smoothly and I switched the player using my Windows 10 setup to one of my XP machines which worked well. So yeah, the lag does effect everyone :O
  2. Doom (Super Strict), but it also enables trilinear filtering :O

  3. The SC-88 Pro's SC-55 map is noticeably different, but the SC-88 includes the exact same samples as its predecessor (a few drum samples for the power kit did get tweaked, but it's incredibly subtle and I honestly prefer them :D)
  4. DCG Retrowave

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Mephisto's Maosoleum - UV Max in 16:25 The first 100% kills demo of this map! meph1625.zip Video:
  5. DCG Retrowave

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    The computer's main components aren't the issue. I have external devices that don't work properly or just work much better with 32-Bit Windows due to poor 64-Bit driver support. I have also added some PCI devices in the past for various projects and most of them had no drivers for 64-Bit (older sound cards, for example). This computer did come with 64-Bit Windows 10 preinstalled (as a refurbished PC. It originally ran Windows 7), but I switched since it only has 4GB of RAM and I could use a bunch of legacy stuff on here. I own 44 computers so it's not like this one needs to be 32-Bit, but I like it because I can do epic things like run Microsoft Bob natively on Windows 10 with a touchscreen CRT connected :D Whenever I get a more capable PC, I'll stick with 64-Bit. For now, it's not like this computer was really benefitting from it (performance was slightly worse too :O)
  6. DCG Retrowave

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    Is there no x86 Windows build available? My modernish PC is running 32-Bit Windows 10 for the sake of better legacy hardware support.
  7. MAP19: UV Pacifist in 0:48 lv19p048.zip Video:
  8. Epic DOOMER music video thing with MAP15's new MIDI, "Score One for the Bolthouse," played on the Roland SC-88 with the SC-55 map :D
  9. I love DOOM so let's do it :D If we play through DOOM II, expect to see me luring the funny Pain Elemental to the broken secret on MAP15 :D
  10. DCG Retrowave

    Question About DeHackEd

    The executable is compatible with the DOOM II IWAD, yes. The problem is with DeHackEd patches, not the EXE's ability to run DOOM II. The Ultimate DOOM EXE's strings are not identical. By that, I mean they're not all in the same order. String 141 in DOOM 1.9 is "SLIME16," but string 141 in The Ultimate DOOM 1.9 is "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE FOUND THE SUPER SECRET LEVEL! YOU'D BETTER BLAZE THROUGH THIS ONE!" For this reason, most string modifications will not be compatible between the two and since DOOM 1.9 is the standard for DOOM II, this is what should be used for DeHackEd patches designed for DOOM II WADs. Edit: Well, that's really strange. I remember having issues with this before, but it somehow seems to be working now? Weird :O I guess you're right then :D (although for anything DOOM II, choosing DOOM 1.9 is the most accurate selection :D) Second Edit: I think the issue I had previously was telling DeHackEd to patch the EXE as if it were DOOM 1.9 or vice-versa. All I know is that DOOM87.DEH just worked fine with DOOMP.EXE :O
  11. I'm glad I was able to help! My DOS PC is also to thank for this discovery because if I didn't own older computers, I'd just stick with PrBoom+ for everything :D
  12. DCG Retrowave

    Question About DeHackEd

    The Ultimate DOOM 1.9 and DOOM/DOOM2 1.9 are different executables. DeHackEd patches intended for DOOM II should use DOOM 1.9, not Ultimate DOOM. The text strings in particular are different since some new strings were added for Thy Flesh Consumed.
  13. Important Information: The text screen MIDI is broken in Vanilla DOOM I was playing through DOOM II on my DOS PC last night to record a full playthrough demo for gameplay footage (for the SC-55 and SC-88 videos I'll be uploading). As soon as I beat The Crusher, I knew something was terribly wrong. The text screen's MIDI seems to be incompatible with DMX. One of the instruments is just random drum noises. I've noticed this with the classic ONESTOP.MID from Windows Me-Windows 10 as well, but I assume that one is broken due to how many instrument channels it uses. This MIDI only uses four channels and doesn't seem too complex, but it won't play correctly in vanilla. It's not my Sound Canvas's fault either. The GS Wavetable and a Roland SC-55 soundfont did the same thing when I tested it in DOSBox. I'm currently trying to figure out why it's broken (I've had to fix MIDIs in the past for vanilla so I do have experience with this :D). Anyway, I figured I should let you guys know since this is a pretty major issue that can hopefully be resolved quickly. Edit: I figured it out and I'm not at all surprised by the cause of this issue. Removing the copyright info fixes it. I had to remove some really long text from another MIDI I'm using in my own WAD because it actually crashes vanilla DOOM. Thankfully, this isn't as extreme of an issue, but I'm pretty sure the random drum sounds aren't a good thing either :D