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  1. hey wait a second i know you i even have you as a buddy on zdaemon

    you were the guy that made that wad with all the pain elementals right?

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    2. omx32x


      the version i have been playing is from that day you made a dm server to test it (i was the guy that send you a message telling you that nobody could enter in it)

      i never guessed you had a doomworld account i had always wanted to get in touch with you to get a new version or an update but i never saw you playing after that day

    3. DCG Retrowave

      DCG Retrowave

      My primary multiplayer source port is Odamex due to it being the most vanilla-compatible.  I do plan on playing on ZDaemon more again soon though.  If you'd like to check out a more up-to-date (and way more impressive) version, I'll be happy to send you a private test WAD in a day or so to check out :D


      (Warning: I'm a difficulty freak so the maps keep getting way harder as I want to really challenge myself and others.  Patience and an open mind to bizarre insanity is required to survive :O :D)

    4. omx32x


      i would be happy to help you test it

      i also have to check out odamex...