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  1. DCG Retrowave

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Mephisto's Maosoleum - UV Max in 16:25 The first 100% kills demo of this map! meph1625.zip Video:
  2. DCG Retrowave

    dsda-doom source port [v0.18.0]

    The computer's main components aren't the issue. I have external devices that don't work properly or just work much better with 32-Bit Windows due to poor 64-Bit driver support. I have also added some PCI devices in the past for various projects and most of them had no drivers for 64-Bit (older sound cards, for example). This computer did come with 64-Bit Windows 10 preinstalled (as a refurbished PC. It originally ran Windows 7), but I switched since it only has 4GB of RAM and I could use a bunch of legacy stuff on here. I own 44 computers so it's not like this one needs to be 32-Bit, but I like it because I can do epic things like run Microsoft Bob natively on Windows 10 with a touchscreen CRT connected :D Whenever I get a more capable PC, I'll stick with 64-Bit. For now, it's not like this computer was really benefitting from it (performance was slightly worse too :O)
  3. DCG Retrowave

    dsda-doom source port [v0.18.0]

    Is there no x86 Windows build available? My modernish PC is running 32-Bit Windows 10 for the sake of better legacy hardware support.
  4. MAP19: UV Pacifist in 0:48 lv19p048.zip Video:
  5. Epic DOOMER music video thing with MAP15's new MIDI, "Score One for the Bolthouse," played on the Roland SC-88 with the SC-55 map :D
  6. I love DOOM so let's do it :D If we play through DOOM II, expect to see me luring the funny Pain Elemental to the broken secret on MAP15 :D
  7. DCG Retrowave

    Question About DeHackEd

    The executable is compatible with the DOOM II IWAD, yes. The problem is with DeHackEd patches, not the EXE's ability to run DOOM II. The Ultimate DOOM EXE's strings are not identical. By that, I mean they're not all in the same order. String 141 in DOOM 1.9 is "SLIME16," but string 141 in The Ultimate DOOM 1.9 is "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE FOUND THE SUPER SECRET LEVEL! YOU'D BETTER BLAZE THROUGH THIS ONE!" For this reason, most string modifications will not be compatible between the two and since DOOM 1.9 is the standard for DOOM II, this is what should be used for DeHackEd patches designed for DOOM II WADs. Edit: Well, that's really strange. I remember having issues with this before, but it somehow seems to be working now? Weird :O I guess you're right then :D (although for anything DOOM II, choosing DOOM 1.9 is the most accurate selection :D) Second Edit: I think the issue I had previously was telling DeHackEd to patch the EXE as if it were DOOM 1.9 or vice-versa. All I know is that DOOM87.DEH just worked fine with DOOMP.EXE :O
  8. I'm glad I was able to help! My DOS PC is also to thank for this discovery because if I didn't own older computers, I'd just stick with PrBoom+ for everything :D
  9. DCG Retrowave

    Question About DeHackEd

    The Ultimate DOOM 1.9 and DOOM/DOOM2 1.9 are different executables. DeHackEd patches intended for DOOM II should use DOOM 1.9, not Ultimate DOOM. The text strings in particular are different since some new strings were added for Thy Flesh Consumed.
  10. Important Information: The text screen MIDI is broken in Vanilla DOOM I was playing through DOOM II on my DOS PC last night to record a full playthrough demo for gameplay footage (for the SC-55 and SC-88 videos I'll be uploading). As soon as I beat The Crusher, I knew something was terribly wrong. The text screen's MIDI seems to be incompatible with DMX. One of the instruments is just random drum noises. I've noticed this with the classic ONESTOP.MID from Windows Me-Windows 10 as well, but I assume that one is broken due to how many instrument channels it uses. This MIDI only uses four channels and doesn't seem too complex, but it won't play correctly in vanilla. It's not my Sound Canvas's fault either. The GS Wavetable and a Roland SC-55 soundfont did the same thing when I tested it in DOSBox. I'm currently trying to figure out why it's broken (I've had to fix MIDIs in the past for vanilla so I do have experience with this :D). Anyway, I figured I should let you guys know since this is a pretty major issue that can hopefully be resolved quickly. Edit: I figured it out and I'm not at all surprised by the cause of this issue. Removing the copyright info fixes it. I had to remove some really long text from another MIDI I'm using in my own WAD because it actually crashes vanilla DOOM. Thankfully, this isn't as extreme of an issue, but I'm pretty sure the random drum sounds aren't a good thing either :D
  11. "Into Retrowave's City" was actually created for my own upcoming megawad and will be used on a map that's partially a remake/remix of TNT's Administration Center :D I did try to give it a somewhat original feel (the melody is different, although the song's structure is mostly the same), but I do understand your point as most songs in this MIDI Pack are quite different compared to the songs originally used on those maps. I was hoping to also contribute an original song to the project, but I didn't think I'd have enough time to make something really fitting. Maybe next time though :D
  12. DCG Retrowave

    Question About DeHackEd

    You can change which flat displays during the text screens. In WhackEd4, strings 141-146 are for DOOM II's text screens. Simply specify a different flat (as long as there is enough room for the name) and it'll now show up on that text screen. "Text" and two numbers refers to how many characters the original text had and how many characters the modified text has. As for par times, DeHackEd never supported these for whatever reason (the developer probably just didn't bother at the time). BEX supports modified par times, but BEX patches won't work with DOOM2.EXE. Some WADs like Alien Vendetta do include a modified EXE with new par times, but I haven't found any documentation online regarding what's required to make these adjustments with hex editing. Hopefully this information is helpful :)
  13. Speaking of updates, you forgot to change the name of my MIDI on the MIDI list :O Don't worry about it if it's too much trouble to change now, but I figured it was worth pointing out since the file name is the correct name, but not the name in the list.
  14. Yay! Expect the entire soundtrack to be recorded with the SC-55 map and uploaded to YouTube by the end of the week :D I'll upload an SC-88 version shortly after that.
  15. DCG Retrowave

    Doom 2 in Pain Only

    This WAD makes me so happy aaaaaaaaaa :D :D :D
  16. Vanilla DOOM only supports 10 DM spawns. The rest are ignored, although they can be still be useful since most source ports should take advantage of more.
  17. I'm not sure if there's a workaround, unfortunately. I love both instrument maps a lot, but there are a few instruments that sound a bit weak with the SC-88 map (mainly the clean electric guitar). I actually haven't tried making a MIDI that uses both maps yet, but it is something I plan on doing in the future :) Hopefully someone else knows more about why this is breaking the GS Wavetable. Usually it just skips over things it doesn't understand (which is a lot of things XD), so this is pretty strange.
  18. As soon as everything is finalized, I can record everything with both the SC-55 and SC-88 maps on my Roland SC-88 and upload the full OST to YouTube if that sounds cool with you epic DOOMERS :D
  19. IN_R_CIT.ZIP The MAP09 MIDI with the updated name, "Into Retrowave's City." Yeah, that's right. The Pit is my city now. You know why? Because on Ultra-Violence, the funnies can't spawn any Lost Souls so they're completely harmless and therefore are my friends and this is the sole reason why I have claimed ownership of Sandy's City :D :D :D
  20. I decided to rename "Into Retrowave City" to "Into Retrowave's City" because trying to make the name slightly different by not having the "'s" seemed silly :D. I was never fully satisfied with that original name so I'll be uploading the file again with the new name in the track info assuming that it's not too late to make this change.
  21. DCG Retrowave

    how were bridges made in vanilla?

    Scythe's bridges are a bit strange. They have linedefs that overlap other linedefs and if you use IDCLIP while standing on a raised bridge, you can actually fall through some tiny holes. This means that monsters wouldn't be able to move around if you placed one on these bridges (although they still wouldn't be able to get off the bridge regardless due to the necessary gap between the self-referencing sector and any other platforms). I came up with a different method (someone else may have used this method before me, but I taught myself this stuff so I'm not sure how most other mappers do these :D) a few months ago that works much better in my opinion. Here's how I construct them in my own maps. All you need is a one-unit gap between the surrounding sectors. Basically, create the thinnest sector possible to surround the self referencing sector. To get the bridge to function (move up and down), you'll need to take advantage of some linedef actions that can instantly raise or lower a platform. The names for these sound like they do the opposite of the function you'll be using them for, but they do work. The green lines at the side lower this bridge with action "94 - WR Floor Raise to 8 below Lowest Ceiling (Crushes)" and the green lines from the ground above raise it as the player tries to step onto the bridge with action "83 - WR Floor Lower to Highest Floor." You'll need to join the bridge sector to another sector in an inaccessible area and connect that sector to two other sectors with the necessary properties for these actions to work. This is the same sector as one of those bridges. The one on the left has the same properties that this sector currently has. When the bridge has been lowered to -96, it'll raise back up to 0 when action 83 is triggered. This sector has a ceiling height that is just 8 units above the water that surrounds the bridge. Action 94 will instantly lower the bridge to 8 units below the ceiling (same height as the water). Here's how the bridge looks in-game in PrBoom+ Once you've done this a few times, it becomes natural :D Here's an even more complex-looking bridge. Note: If you're trying to optimize a maps for vanilla's static limits, I wouldn't recommend this. This area of this map breaks vanilla's 256 drawseg limit so a major HOM will be seen here. I optimize my maps for the patched vanilla EXE, DOOM2P.EXE, so I can make things look more fancy and still enjoy them on my DOS PC in vanilla :D I hope you'll find this information fascinating and useful :D Technical stuff: I recommend using BSP-W32 on any maps with self-referencing sectors. I've noticed that ZenNode tends to have more trouble with self-referencing sectors than BSP-W32, so I always use BSP when implementing self-referencing sectors (not just for bridges) in my maps. ZenNode seems to have issues with flats bleeding from the top of the bridges, but not always. Before switching node builders, I found that sometimes the bridges would just randomly start working correctly once I redrew the lines several times :D. Also, line-of-sight often gets screwed up in ZenNode with these sectors unless you choose the "No Reject" option. BSP often works fine on these maps even with a proper reject lump.
  22. "DOOM 87: The Lost World" is an upcoming vanilla-compatible DOOM II megawad. The first few maps are fairly easy, but the difficulty increases significantly by the start of the Hell episode on MAP12. Currently, a 21-map beta release is available and features some epic vanilla DOOMING action! Get ready for an exciting new adventure as Doomguy locates a secret hellspawn base on Earth known as "The Lost World." Download the "DOOM 87: The Lost World" beta release today! D87BETA.ZIP (For more information regarding compatibility, please read the included "D87INFO.TXT" and "README.TXT." MAP21 and MAP26 will not function as intended in source ports that don't allow ghost monsters, although these maps can still be completed. I personally recommend PrBoom+ if you want to use a modern source port that'll run this WAD perfectly with DOOM II 1.9 compatibility.) Epic screenshots for epic DOOMERS :D MAP01: House of DOOM MAP02: Surf Demons MAP04: Evil Library MAP07: The Ball Game MAP08: Marketplace MAP11: Arch-Ville MAP12: The Heck Dimension (This is where things get really tough :D) MAP15: Hall of Memes MAP16: Demon Jail MAP17: Disaster Area (yes, this map has a TNT reference at the end :D) MAP18: Sadistic MAP19: Surrounded MAP21: Anguish MAP22: Eternal Suffering MAP23: Lost and Found MAP24: Losing Control (A Go 2 It-style remix of TNT: Evilution's MAP01: System Control) MAP25: Hellspawn Fortress MAP26: Heck on Earth (THIS SLAUGHTERMAP HAS 13 GHOST PAIN ELEMENTALS BECAUSE I'M EVIL :D :D :D) MAP27: The Guillotines MAP31: MIDI Music Festival MAP32: Software Update Thank you for reading this message and I hope you enjoy playing the beta release of "DOOM 87: The Lost World!" D87BETA.ZIP
  23. As long as I can still run it on DOS without a source port, I'm happy :D. I do enjoy using MBF as well, but I still love my vanilla, even if the EXE is modified. Then again, DOOM 87 has a DeHackEd patch so the EXE will be modified regardless :D
  24. Thanks for the feedback! Most of DOOM 87's maps focus on difficult encounters with fewer monsters by limiting the player's resources (no BFG for pistol starters on maps that have lower monster counts, for example :D). I completely agree with Hell Revealed's high monster counts being excessive. MAP11: Underground Base has like 100 Pinkies in a huge room, but they're trapped by a monster blocking linedef so they are completely harmless and only exist to waste your time. I got some of them killed by monsters on the ledge, but I had to punch most of them myself before I could enter that room. DOOM 87's high monster count maps will generally clean themselves out thanks to guaranteed monster infighting and plenty of resources. One of the maps in the beta was updated with a huge ambush at the end (I won't say which map because spoilers :D) containing over 300 monsters coming out of lowering walls in one big room when you try to grab the red key. This fight ends in less than 5 minutes thanks to infighting and the BFG. You just need to survive the insanity and quickly find the invulnerability before it's too late :D. MAP24 in the beta is quite challenging with only 204 monsters and the style is very similar to Plutonia's Go 2 It (both are remixes of another map, but converted into mini slaughtermaps). So yeah, I fully agree that high monster counts don't automatically equal high difficulty. I always try to get the most out of fewer monsters and feel very satisfied when a room with just a few mid-tier demons ends up being very challenging, at least for the pistol starters :D The main issue is detail. While the sprite limit can be a nuisance, the real problem is all the HOMs due to the seg limit and the high risk of the game crashing on some maps due to a visplane overflow. If I switch to focusing on DOOM2P.EXE compatibility, I'd mainly be doing it to preserve my maps in their intended forms. I'm fine with some compromises, but I'd hate to severely alter what I consider to be my art :O To me, DOOM2P.EXE is still vanilla since absolutely nothing is changed aside from the set values of the static limits. This is how I've been playing vanilla/limit-removing content since November and while I still love it when a beautiful map runs flawlessly with the limited EXE, I just don't want to ruin the flow of some maps by obstructing the player's view too much.
  25. Important Update regarding DOOM 87's vanilla compatibility DOOM 87: The Lost World is very close to completion. Some of the maps in the beta have once again been enhanced and five new maps have been mostly completed. However, as I continue to improve my mapping abilities, my designs have gone from pushing vanilla's static limits to completely exceeding them on several maps. DOOM 87 was originally going to be fairly reasonable for casual players (easier than Plutonia and similar in difficulty to DOOM II and TNT), but my current WIP builds make Plutonia look easy by comparison. Lots of maps contain over 100 monsters in a single area, meaning that the sprite limit is constantly exceeded and many monsters will be invisible. On some maps, this isn't too bad, but on others, it makes the slaughtermap fights very confusing to deal with in vanilla. New MAP25: Hellspawn Fortress MAP25 was scrapped in favor of a much better looking and absolutely brutal map. Its ending has 200 monsters in a small arena (the photo above). From the ledge the player will be standing on while dealing with the monsters on the platform across the water, most of them won't even be visible. I've already had to compromise on some designs for the sake of optimizing for vanilla, but it's starting to drive me crazy :( New MAP20: Self-Destruction (You have to rescue your voodoo doll before he goes boom :D) Some maps exceed the 256 seg limit and HOMs will be very noticeable. MAP20 has these self-referencing sector platforms which require another sector to surround them (I place the linedefs as close as possible so the physics of the self-referencing sector don't leak into other areas). The only way I could keep this layout in vanilla is to add a bunch of walls around everything in this outside area. The HOMs in this map are quite severe and I love this design too much to change it (I already tried to optimize it a bit, but it barely helped). New MAP16: Demon Jail Visplane overflows are now a problem on a few maps, even those that don't have very large areas. The updated MAP16 will easily crash when viewed from various positions. The savegame overflow affects multiple maps now, although this one bothers me the least since I never use the save feature anyway and this won't crash the game as long as the player is aware that they can't save on those maps (vanilla WADs like Scythe have maps like this as well). I started mapping for vanilla because I wanted to create content that I could experience on my DOS PC. However, DOS source ports do exist and I've been using DOOM2P.EXE (a patched vanilla DOOM executable with altered static limits) when playing these maps now. I'm strongly considering switching to limit-removing and optimizing everything for DOOM2P.EXE. You'll still be able to play in vanilla thanks to that patched executable, but Chocolate Doom will no longer work on some maps. The problem is that I feel kind of weird calling this limit-removing when several maps will still be fine in unpatched vanilla (MAP01 for example) and most of the maps that exceed limits aren't even going that far over. I do believe that my maps look good, especially compared to how they looked back in August when I first announced this megawad, but I fear that some players may judge these maps based on their "limit-removing" label. I'm not going to intentionally start pushing every design to DOOM2P's 1024 visplane limit because I still want these maps to run smoothly on an older DOS machine (well, if you've got a faster Pentium at least :D). So yeah, I'd love to hear some feedback on this possible decision. I want DOOM 87 to be the best first megawad I can possibly create and I'm personally happy with it as long as it can run in DOOM2P.EXE. Most players will likely be using a source port anyway (preferably one that's truly vanilla-compatible :D) and my personal recommendation would be PrBoom+. If you'd like to use a source port on DOS, I'd recommend MBF 2.03 (I can't recommend the new MBF 2.04 because it didn't run properly on my computer. It's probably a great choice if your setup can run it fine though :D). Thank you for reading this update! DCG Retrowave