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  1. lubba127

    a new megawad by Lubba - and maybe you!

    Oh hell yeah! You're awesome man thank you:D
  2. lubba127

    a new megawad by Lubba - and maybe you!

    all good! in that case, we're done with community submissions. there will be an update on the wad soon, so stay tuned!
  3. lubba127

    a new megawad by Lubba - and maybe you!

    ATTENTION! ALL REMAINING GUEST MAPS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED BY TOMORROW!! ...or at least presented in this thread. if someone is actively working on a map then let me know so I can give you an extension. for those who wanted to contribute, but have not worked on anything for the project, sorry but submissions are not being taken anymore. again, those who are actively working on a map can keep working on it, but just reply to this comment to let me know that you're working on something. I will be making a new thread soon with another demo to play, so make sure to stop by when it's up! I will link it here for those who don't directly see it. thank you and have a wonderful day :D
  4. his levels were creative all right, but not always very clever or well executed. tricks and traps is a pretty awesome level if you embrace the gimmick, and really that can be said for a handful of his maps. his levels aren't always the most beautiful, nor are they always well executed, but if all of his maps were shining examples of proper level design they'd probably be a lot less memorable!
  5. lubba127

    Random Image Thread

  6. lubba127

    post your sector art!

    I love caco
  7. lubba127

    post your sector art!

    DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a doomcute thread. Doomcute is more than welcome, but this thread is for the broader definition of doom map art. illustrious castles, cute demon desks, home replicas, dank, disturbing dungeons, and whatever else you feel obliged to post. I highly encourage original content to be posted, but if you really just want to show off another authors art then go ahead. without further ado, I will begin this thread with some doomcute and architecture by me. cool forklift #1 blood factory outdoor area cool forklift #2 3d boogaloo barons desk ONE MORE THING: not sure if how frowned upon this is in the doomworld community, but I'm going to be plugging a burning question I have about GZDooms kill counter that has yet to be solved, or at least descriptively solved. If you have no interest in this, feel free to ignore it and continue with this thread. looking forward to your posts! have a lovely day doomworld :D
  8. sorry for bumping after so long, but could you go into further detail on where and how I implement this? is it something in zscript, decorate, or something else? again, sorry for my unusually delayed reply. hope you see this, and I hope you have a great day :D
  9. lubba127

    Your doom head-canons?

    the Doomguy is Scottish, and his accent is very very thick.
  10. lubba127

    a new megawad by Lubba - and maybe you!

    banger tracks dude thank you! only complaint is that some tracks are a bit repetitive, but that shouldn't be an issue if I use em right. one more thing, did you compose these all yourself? if you did I want to know so I can give you the appropriate credit you deserve.
  11. lubba127

    Unto The Dirt demo

    no rest for the living meets rowdy rudy? that's one hell of an honor, especially considering the progress I've made on the wad since this demo! also, the lack of main progression rocket launchers is to keep the player from being too op on both pistol start and continued play, maybe it's just the way I play but having a readily available rocket launcher makes the levels too easy. overall very glad you enjoyed the wad :DD
  12. lubba127

    Unto The Dirt demo

    that's a good thing my friend, .I like to make the most valuable secrets cryptic.
  13. lubba127

    a new megawad by Lubba - and maybe you!

    Make it as weird as you want! Just make sure it's fun and not a total eye sore.
  14. lubba127

    a new megawad by Lubba - and maybe you!

    I mean, as long as the vanilla version is different from the advanced version, it should be ok. maybe change some things up but keep the original concept/gimmick/layout just so it can be classified as a "remix" (or "demix" in this case? I'll see myself out ;D). just don't completely copy a pre existing map and you should be fine. remixed levels are allowed!
  15. hey doomworld, I've already asked this question, and I got some answers, but due to my inactivity and dumbassery I'm still not understanding how to implement this feature through modding. if anyone could give me a suggestion as to what kind of lump file to use/a tutorial on implementation that'd be spectacular, and I feel stupid for not asking for this sooner. previous thread for more info (PLEASE READ IF INTERESTED):