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  1. progress: 05


    i had to restart the maps, they were really bad, thankfully. I finished map01, its way better then it was. i will update you after map02 and map03

  2. progress: 10

    so progress on the alpha for project: BFG is... eh? level 2 will be kinda like the level 1 level in doom 64.

    image.png.06231e36c75ac253b98800a986fa1d15.png (also, special music will be included in the 5 levels.)

  3. so i am working on a mod called "project: BFG" a mod that's kinda a joke mod but also a project i been working on. this mod will have at least 30 maps and in a while i will be doing a 5 map beta for people to play! by the way, the first map is finished, it's just that it's pretty bad, I will update it on the first-day patch when the beta is finished!




  4. babyherc

    replacing menu

    oh my god, i feel really stupid right now, thank you @UndeadRyker
  5. babyherc

    replacing menu

    ok. never mind then
  6. babyherc

    replacing menu

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BRlHVaEYieFjLFTO4i28FDSgPPeVjFuM/view?usp=sharing forgot about the wad
  7. babyherc

    replacing menu

    heres the logo and background
  8. babyherc

    replacing menu

    i have a idea, what if one of you guys open the wad i am using and try to put titlepic and the logo in there yourself?
  9. babyherc

    replacing menu

    did that, did not work
  10. babyherc

    replacing menu

    https://gyazo.com/735d93ff1ef45bdac59c5ed866171a3b this is what's happening when i put it into the game file
  11. babyherc

    replacing menu

    heres the original picture.
  12. babyherc

    replacing menu

    oh ok, but every time i try to use a background or a thing, it does not show up.
  13. babyherc

    replacing menu

    i know how to replace textures, its just how do i modify the menu replacements, do i modify it as a monster monster (GL-friendly) projectiles hud/weapon hud/weapon (doom) hud/weapon (heretic) hud/weapon (hexan)