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  1. donevan427

    Best co-op wads

    I'm planning on playing some custom doom wads in multiplayer. That got me thinking, What are some good wads to play? I know of some I like but of course that means i already played the wad. So what are your favorite wads to play in co-op? Can be a single player wad that's also good in co-op or one built for co-op.
  2. donevan427

    Give me some maps to playtest!

    Thanks for trying out my map and leaving giving me feedback. always interesting seeing new players play your map differently then you expect. When testing the map myself I found the hedge maze area tougher than the blue and silver area you had more trouble with. I also can make the line dev that raises the lift further out so it happens without having to get so close, that was something that never even occured to me when testing since I know how the lift works but of course people playing the map first time won't know that. About opening the opening the gate on the castle part, I did make it so you can open it from the outside for coop play. I could either put a switch up by the teleport to open the gate up from inside, or put a teleport to the start of the map from the end, so you can collect kills/secrets that you might of missed.
  3. donevan427

    Give me some maps to playtest!

    I made a custom map for the holidays would be cool if you could try it out. I suggest saving between each of the arenas. The map is on map04.
  4. donevan427

    crispy doom visual bug

    released the map and made thread. built in udb, no untextured sectors. looked into slime trails don't think that's it. The part shown is early in the map so you can check it out in a few mins playing or just open up and editor. not really too bothered by the bug mostly just curious. thanks for the replies.
  5. donevan427

    12_days late christmas map

    I'm late on the holiday map, but here it is. map with the gimmick of 12 days of christmas. On the first day doomguy got one berserk pack, find out what else he got in this map. The map is longer than i usually make my maps and starts tame but ramps up quite a bit. The map is map04, doom 2 iwad, tested in gzdoom and crispy doom, no crouch / jump, freelook is fine but not needed. The music is "Tomb of the Unknown King" by AD_79. here's some screenies 12_days.rar
  6. donevan427

    crispy doom visual bug

    It's an unreleased wad im working on.
  7. 1,307,674,368,000 ways to go and i still just went clockwise. fun map!
  8. donevan427

    crispy doom visual bug

    Anyone know why this visual bug is happening? I have some pics showing the bug. The first one shows it in crispy doom from the south and it looks fine. The second one shows it from the north and the flat on small wall floor appears as if its non textured. The third one shows it from the north and from a high vantage point, which makes it much more apparent. The fourth is using GZDoom and it looks fine from all angles.
  9. donevan427

    How to change the name of my level in doom builder?

    @SMG_Man thanks for the info. This video from chubzdoomer goes over editing MAPINFO in slade and was really informative.
  10. donevan427

    Eviternity midis

    thanks for replies, I was planning on crediting the midi in the thread and in a read me file with the map. As for asking dragonfly, that seems like overkill and how would I go about that? Is he around on this site? Do i just dm him? What about stewboy the author of map15's midi? I get not stealing other peoples work is important but I'm not trying to claim I made the midi. What is the usual way people go about using custom midi's in maps?
  11. donevan427

    Eviternity midis

    Anyone got the Eviternity midis? particularly map15. I'd like to use it in a map i'm making.
  12. donevan427

    How to change the name of my level in doom builder?

    I have a similar question. I made a few maps in ultimate doom builder, using the doom2 format. I'd like to put them all together in a wad. change the map name when you look at the map, and change the music. I have slade, is there a tutorial I can check out to learn all this stuff?
  13. donevan427

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    first time trying this ironman thing out, inadvertently cheated by playing on hmp, otherwise its cat 1. still think its an entertaining replay. testdemo1.rar
  14. donevan427

    Decimator - Four level Doom WAD

    pretty nice looking mapset. not sure if you plan on making more but the last level doesn't feel like a finale, it just ends. The second level exit can be hit from down in the pit.
  15. Just played the paradise mapset, not in the mood for slaughter maps so I didn't have much fun playing the main maps. there well designed and all just wasn't feeling the number of enemies. The bonus maps I had a blast playing though. I really think this weapon set shines with a lower monster count.