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  1. donevan427

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    first time trying this ironman thing out, inadvertently cheated by playing on hmp, otherwise its cat 1. still think its an entertaining replay. testdemo1.rar
  2. donevan427

    Decimator - Four level Doom WAD

    pretty nice looking mapset. not sure if you plan on making more but the last level doesn't feel like a finale, it just ends. The second level exit can be hit from down in the pit.
  3. Just played the paradise mapset, not in the mood for slaughter maps so I didn't have much fun playing the main maps. there well designed and all just wasn't feeling the number of enemies. The bonus maps I had a blast playing though. I really think this weapon set shines with a lower monster count.
  4. How much damage does a barrel do? I checked the wiki but it just says its effective.
  5. donevan427

    When to Pistol Start?

    AH ok i was reading your previous post like "no wads are designed for continuous". instead of are there any ONLY for continuous. What would be the reason to design for continuous only? The only things I can think of would be bad like getting to a late map without enough ammo, when its assumes you have plenty. or missing a gun and only getting unusable ammo for it in later maps. I think ill try that cold as hell map to see what kind of gameplay it can offer.
  6. donevan427

    When to Pistol Start?

    I thought the pistol start rule was for map makers to make sure their map is possible/enjoyable from a pistol start. Both styles of playing a map are fine. Just do whatever you feel would be more fun for the wad your currently playing. I would say a good example is valiant, you can beat all the maps from a pistol start but it also designed for continuous play. The new episodes force a pistol start to reset players power, and all the levels end with 2 medkits right at the exit that wouldn't help if you just pistol started the next map. They seem to be put there so you can't end a level with less than 51 hp.
  7. donevan427

    How to make maps difficult but fair.

    Just played your test map, the main problem im seeing is there is only 1 threat at a time. 1 shotgun guy, then a few former humans, then an imp. what would make the start of this map more difficult, and more importantly more interesting would be to start the player in a room with the shotgun guy, former humans, and imp all in the same room (probably with their back turned to the player). This way the player could choose to prioritize the shotgun guy first to get rid of the biggest threat and get a better weapon. If you want an easy way to make a map more difficult, you can also go plutonia style and replace your enemies with chaingunners, revenants, and archviles. I would focus on making interesting fights over just difficult ones. having a fun map is more important than a difficult one. Specific to your test map, the demons can't climb the steps.
  8. donevan427

    Mousewheel bound as the fire key

    I tried to bind the fire key as mousewheel in GZdoom and it did nothing for some reason. Is there a reason for or can you not use the mousewheel for the fire key?
  9. donevan427

    Mousewheel bound as the fire key

    It wouldn't be useful with vanilla weapons, but with mods it can be useful. More importantly im curious as to why it doesn't work in gzdoom, other sourceports let me bind mousewheel to fire and work ingame. gzdoom lets me bind mousewheel to fire but does nothing ingame.
  10. donevan427

    Mousewheel bound as the fire key

    just tried this out and it is very close to what im trying to achieve, but the rate of fire is slower than spam clicking the mouse. I'm using a mod that has a gun that lets you fire as fast as you can click the mouse. I think the problem is the "wait;" part taking too long. after some more testing you can fire very fast if you time the scroll, this might be because the gun does have a maximum fire rate. holding the fire button will only get 1 shot. scrolling fast on the mousewheel only shoots once, but timing the scroll slightly slower can get very fast shots. again though if you scroll too fast you only get the one shot.
  11. donevan427

    Mousewheel bound as the fire key

    I tried using prboom + and i can use mousewheel to fire with that sourceport. Each notch of mousewheel counts as one input. You can use this roll down (or up) on the mousewheel to get a bunch of inputs very quickly. Its useful for firing a semiautomatic weapon very quickly, or getting alot of jump inputs in a short period of time (useful for bunny hopping).
  12. donevan427

    Mousewheel bound as the fire key

    I tried "bind mwheelup +attack" that does the same as if i went into options and set mwheelup as the fire key. It says its bound to mwheel but scrolling the wheel does nothing in-game. It works to cycle through weapons with each notch of the mousewheel with "next/previous weapon".
  13. donevan427

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    The PSX Chaingun is the best video game flashlight. Oh and I guess I should answer the thread question. The SSG feels too classic to not go with, and it rewards getting close to enemies. The revenant changes up things with the homing projectile, which really spices up the combat.
  14. Just messed around a few doom2 levels with ultrarandom mode, didn't notice many changes to the enemy spawns. maybe that becuase it was the starting levels and it can't change low tier enemies? Anyways seems like most of the weapons are a bit buffed up but a little less accurate. the shotgun has vertical spread, and the bullet weapons don't have first shot perfect accuracy. the main reason i use the chaingun in vanilla is tap fire it for accurate shots, unless i'm going for close range stunlock. The other bullet weapons all pale in comparison to the new clearly best bullet weapon, the pistol! I went from barely ever using the standard pistol to using it around 75% of playtime going through the first four or so levels in doom2. the perfect accuracy, reliable damage (2 shots for zombies, 3 for imps, 4 for chaingunners), fires as fast as you can click, and fast reload all make it amazing for clearing out low tier enemies. It feels really rewarding to use too since if you don't clear the enemies fast its all on you, and not random damage or weapon spread. I tried binding the shoot key to the mousewheel but it didn't work for some reason. If i could get that working it would be even more effective vs monster with bigger health pools. Anyone know why the mousewheel as the shoot key doesn't work? The spread rocket launcher seems really powerful and gives pain state. The plasma shots sprite being smaller is a huge QOL buff, makes it alot easier to see and react to things when firing. The Autoshotgun weapon was really fun to use, reminds me of the shotgun from Ion Maiden (or whatever the name got changed to). Really nice mod glad I tried it out. How do you use this mod while playing custom wads?
  15. donevan427

    Devils Pass, my 5 map first try at mapping!

    Just checked out suitepee's stream, nice job playing you made the mapset look easy. map1 I focused on making an outdoor area with shadows. map3 was designed for pistol start and for you to have very little ammo, but playing it that way means you have punch out alot of the demons in the maze area, or avoid them until you get to the berserk pack. It's not the normal way to play doom and I'm not sure how to push the player into playing that way without it being frustrating. I was going to have map2 end with a death exit but i didn't know how to make one at the time( probably made the mapset better honestly). The library area (with the bookcase platforming) in map2 doesn't have a way to get up top, since you can go there before the going through the switch maze. map4 was focused on different combat challenges, and map5 was my take on a big wide open slaughter-like map without going to crazy with monster counts. Glad you liked the mapset, I had alot of fun making them and learned alot. If you or anyone else is curious what I have been up to after this mapset, I made a couple maps in @ViolentBeetle speedmapping event Hellevator. Check out the thread below, the megawad should be released soon! Also my maps have custom music (sorry d_runnin fans)!
  16. This is a 5 map project i have been working on for a couple months now. tested the maps in gzdoom and crispy doom. would love to get some critiques and feedback! Designed for no jumping/crouching, mouse-look optional (I use mouse-look normally but tested in crispy doom no mouse-look 100% secrets) Another thing I just thought of is there is a secret in map02 were if you mess it up you can never get the secret(without restarting the level). not sure if that is a taboo in map making, I know some people like to go for 100% kills and secrets. devils_pass.zip v screenshots v Walk-through for the map02 library puzzle (And how to get the BFG secret)(click only if you want the solution, I recommend trying the puzzle before looking at the solution) Story loosely stitching the maps together (aka doom fanfic of questionable quality)
  17. donevan427

    Devils Pass, my 5 map first try at mapping!

    what a nice thanksgiving surprise to have my thread get bumped :) thanks to everyone that tried it out!
  18. donevan427

    best place to get midis

    Simple question: where do you think the best place to find midis for doom wads is?
  19. I made a map with few conveyor belts, In GZdoom the map works as intended but in PRBoom they work differently. After trouble shooting for along time and making many slight changes that would make one thing work and another thing break, I'm pretty much just guessing with trial and error at this point. Is there a standard way to make conveyor belts work in all source ports( or atleast prboom and gzdoom)? Anyone experienced in PRBoom willing to tell me why the errors are happening, so I can not only fix these specific ones but also avoid them in the future. Any links to helpful videos on the topic would be appreciated too. Here's the map in question. I would like it to function in PRBoom the same way it does in GZdoom. factor_mapv3.zip known bugs: revenants and cell charge get stuck coming out of this opening in PRBoom Monsters get stuck in this corner (waking them up gets them unstuck) barrels get clogged up here Not a big deal but in PRBoom the rockets and items slide off the step then get pushed back on the step in an endless cycle
  20. donevan427

    Conveyor belts in GZdoom, PRBoom and others

    NP i thought i put it at the top not sure how it ended up in between the screenshots.
  21. donevan427

    Conveyor belts in GZdoom, PRBoom and others

    I also found work arounds for the problems, The first one i couldn't figure out after hours so i just removed the burning barrels (they kept sticking to the revenants and jamming up the track). The second one I simplified into one turn instead of two and added small buffers one the side to keep things in the middle of the track. The third I sped up track when it goes into the tunnel (the enemies would walk into the barrels stopping them at the teleport destination Which would then clog the teleport line, making it faster scooted them out of the way before the next thing would teleport). The last one was more of a quirk and i didn't bother changing it. I am still wondering if there is a tried and true method to using moving floors, my fixing where more like bandaid fixes that only work this time. If i was to make something similar I would just have to go and try a bunch of things until something happened to work again.
  22. donevan427

    Conveyor belts in GZdoom, PRBoom and others

    Thanks for letting me know about the link, it was in there just in between the screenshots. I moved to where it should be, after the main paragraph.
  23. donevan427

    Dynamic RNG Mod and RNG Removal Mod

    Is there a visible representation of what state your currently in? If there is this sounds a bit like a devil may cry style meter, that rewards you with extra damage instead of extra currency. Sounds like a pretty fun idea. Does taking a hit lower the 'intensity'? I have no idea how to make a mod like this but what I think would be cool is if you could speed the monsters up, instead or on top of the rng changes, that would make fights get really crazy.
  24. donevan427

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Metathesiophobia, the fear of change. Could a nice edgy name for it.
  25. donevan427

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    @murdoch Oh great, now someones going to draw a dick on our map!