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  1. openxt

    Doom 32x: Evil Reincarnate - A 32x Doom mod

    Looks cool, I love the rifle sprite.
  2. openxt

    Textures not rendering - Doom Retro 4.5.1

    If you would like to check the wads themselves, I will gladly send you it for answering purposes.
  3. I'm working on a wad, but whenever I test it it ends up looking like But in UDB it looks like
  4. openxt

    Mixed DooM

    That transition from E1M7 into Dead Simple was hilarious and glorious at the same time.
  5. openxt

    How do i convert pngs to doom pallette in PDN?

    For converting a png to doom format, go into slade then open your file, import the graphic, right click the graphic, go into the graphics subsection, then convert to doom format. If you don't have a palette set up or selected, it will appear grayscale.
  6. openxt


  7. openxt

    Xt's 3d renders

  8. openxt

    Xt's 3d renders

    backrooms w.i.p
  9. The Scientists for not accounting the chance of a residence cascade.
  10. nashgore.png and relighting v2.81b.pk3
  11. What is your favorite Batman Suit Design? Mine is any suit using the blue and gray design ( For example: Adam West, Animated Series )
  12. openxt

    What is your favorite font?

    Comic Sans MS, It's the most readable font.
  13. Does anybody have/know how to extract the palette from the dos version of Prince of Persia? (VGA)
  14. openxt

    Member Appreciation Thread

    @The Kingslayer For being the first full out friend I made in this community
  15. openxt

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I emulate games you can't get anymore, at least without paying for a stupid subscription based service like Nintendo Online.