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  1. Redoom

    Post your Doom textures!

    Not gonna lie all these textures kinda remind me of super contra for the arcade
  2. Well, there goes his icon and cover. Reelvonic is a mystery in this community now.

  3. imagine if I made a doom wad or pk3 thats a retelling of doom somewhat inspired by the lightyear movie, which hopefully comes out.

  4. I love bluestacks

  5. Only the most sane of people play Bob the Robber 5 at 00:17 on a unblocked games site

  6. Redoom

    Share Your Sprites!

    Reminds me of the Doom 3 "Pinky"
  7. Redoom

    Ever miss the analog world?

    I wasn't alive during the Analog world though I do have a Stylophone "analog pocket synth"
  8. Redoom

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    Sure, I'll take E2M7
  9. Honestly I like that gzdoom setting that makes it use the colormap
  10. Redoom

    How much of your day goes to Doom?

    5 hours.
  11. Redoom

    Share Your Sprites!

    My first rotoscoping attempt
  12. Redoom

    10 Changes that could improve Doom3 BFG Edition

    It's made to be a more modern way and easy-to-port version of Doom 3, not Doom 3 for 90ists though.
  13. Redoom

    Vote for your favorite planet!

    Pluto is such a cute planet, I love its little smile!
  14. Redoom

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    I'm taking E1M8, I feel like it's the least I can do after leaving the project.