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  1. Scrumpee

    some sorta eternal poster (WIP)

    perfectly reasonable. the sword detail was my favourite part! gonna be honest that I haven't had the effort to work on this lately, the drawing is so bloody huge that it swamps me whenever I try work on it
  2. throwing this up before I go to sleep, I spent maybe 3 hours on it today and it should be 50% done by tomorrow :-) I wanted to make my own poster since I dont really have the money to buy an official one the armour is somewhat not accurate because holy shit. what is even going on with the doom eternal armour. I can just update the post when im done right? sorry, this is like my second post here in months and im a lil spooked.
  3. Scrumpee

    Scrumpee's art n stuff!

    howdy! Scrumps here. wanted to make a thread specific for my doom fan content! I'm brand new to the forums so uh, go easy on me but please mention if something I do is off and I'll clean my act up! so I'm not sure how an art thread would work, so some help would be appreciated. should I: - have this one post, and edit it each time I want to add art/content? - have this one thread, and make a comment of new pieces? - or, make a new thread for each content bundle? people who post lots of art aye, lemme know how you folk do it! My mediums are- Ink pens, markers, digital painting and wool/fabric! so I may be posting some plushies/knitted merch as well as comics and paintings! (I write too but im not sure what types of writing are appreciated here!) anyway, have a modern doomlad I did to practice how his armour works. certain details are a bit off (like the posing of the BFG), but I can't change lines since they're in ink.
  4. Scrumpee

    Do you ever take breaks from Doom?

    huh, with other games, I can clearly tell when burnout sets in, but thats usually with multiplayer shooters like team fortress two, or minecraft when I get way too sick of my castles. I find doom to be really comforting compared to other games, less of a job and more, "huh, had a bad day, go smack some demons around for a few hours" I also find the single player aspect of it to be refreshing and always nice to come back to, games with people trying to grab your attention and hold a convo are, a bit too much. so aside from sad periods where I have no effort to play, or periods when I get a new game? doom nights are the best nights! //oh and it helps that I have all the ports on my switch so I can just curl up in bed and play until the sun rises!//
  5. Scrumpee

    Do you get lost in maps?

    managed to get proper stuck on e2m2, and still, have never found my way out. Trying to redo every single game in order one map at a time but last time I played it, my dad must have had to guide me out of e2m2 because im goin round and round and round for hours, killed everything, still lost lol. I really do like the puzzle element to it though- if I want a more tactical and maze themed experience I play classic doom, if I wanna blast ass and get some anger out I play doom 2016 on arcade mode :^)