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About Me

Hi. I just started up here at the time of this description, so this may change

through time. 


I was never a fan of modern FPS games that kids these days just can't get enough of.

Over time, the "Calls of Duty" and "Halos" just got so mind-numbing for me, I wanted something 

different. Something fast. Something...more visceral.


I was introduced to the DOOM series vaguely from a number of sources.


  1. Seeing a YouTube video of what looked to be a HUD mod for DOOM 2.
  2. Seeing the 2005 DOOM movie on DVD(a.k.a. ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY)
  3. The Angry Video Game Nerd(James Rolfe)


It was the third source that finally peaked my interest when he mentioned in one of his videos that DOOM was also ported to the Super Nintendo, which I had an emulator on my laptop for at the time. So, I looked for the ROM online, tried it out myself and....


While UNDERSTANDABLY sluggish, awkward, and choppy...I had a great time. 

Yes, the SNES version was probably the WORST way to be introduced to DOOM, but in my defense I didn't know about source ports at the time. 


I couldn't stop thinking about the game since. I downloaded a source port(ZDoom 2.8.1 F.T.W.)some time after and played the games through their entirety, and I just couldn't stop, I was having so much fun.


...and don't get me started on Brutal DOOM...


Anyway, it should be obvious by now that I'm indeed a fan. I do regret not being...well...ALIVE when this game came out. Yeah, I was about negative 4 years old when this game was making it's rounds.


I have to really thank DOOM for getting me back into FPS as a whole. Hell, it introduced to the rest of id Software's games. Thought Quake 1 was alright, Quake 3 Arena is the king-shit, and do I REALLY need to say anything about DOOM(2016)? 


Yes, this series is older than me for sure, but that doesn't stop me from loving it to Hell and back(pun intended). I look forward to being amongst fellow DOOM players here. :)