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  1. Went and played the other new submissions and recorded FDAs. Some entries didn't include a version number - I used whatever was in the current OP at time of posting, so demos may desync in other versions of the map. MAP01 by @Moustachio (v2) moust-embryo-MAP01_V2_scf_fda.zip I think this is a good opening map. Nothing crazy, but enough resistance to keep it interesting. The layout makes great use of being the largest map in the set without being overly long or crowded. I overlooked the lifts to the red and blue gates at first, so I did have to look around a bit, but it's not like they're difficult to find. The archvile is maybe a bit hard to spot from all the way behind a grate. Early on I was getting targeted and I had no idea where it was coming from. MAP09 by @DerBlanca (v4) embryo_derblanca_v4_scf_fda.zip It's interesting how this one is only 25% smaller than map 1 but already feels a lot more cramped (but not in a bad way). You can skip the button near the start that lowers the wall blocking the ledge since you can squeeze your way through (I thought it might be a secret). I didn't find two of the secrets, and without them ammo seems very tight. I almost couldn't get the last kill, and if that surprise archvile had revived the mancubus I would've probably been screwed. MAP19 by @MrBlaskovitz MAP19 Submission - Heaven Can Wait.zip I didn't read every post in the thread so I don't know if it was brought up before, but to me this is such a close replica of Going Down map2 that it's more of a copy than a homage. Changing up the layout a little bit would've gone a long way. MAP20 by @Mario2560 Hell can't wait_scf_fda.zip The map design is serviceable, but it's mostly shotgunning imps in corridors, which doesn't feel right for map 20. I'm not expecting every entry to be crushingly difficult, but the enemy and weapon variety is what you'd expect from very early on in a megawad. There's also not that much ammo, so I just ignored the baron at the end. In fact, the whole last fight seems rather optional, since you can just leave the room and exit. MAP21 by @Lina Embryo MAP21 - Gutmachine - Revision 2_scf_fda.zip This is a great map! Barely survived my first attempt against all odds, although I left two mancubi behind so it's not 100% kills. It's very compact and constantly keeps you under pressure from different sides. No idea where the secrets are (even though I saw one sector on the map), but I didn't spend much time looking for them. MAP27 by @Raith138 Realm of Sargentia_scf_fda.zip Simple but effective, which is a necessity when you get this small. Since maps are allowed to have scenery outside the play area, it would looker nice if it wasn't just a box. MAP28 by @BeachThunder Embryo MAP28 - Deliverance1point2_scf_fda.zip Really creative way to use the limited space. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get the red key, so the demo is unfinished. I tried twice because I thought maybe some contraption broke. If you're supposed to jump to it from the other platform like I was trying, it seems unnecessarily hard due to invisible walls. If that's not the intended way, it could probably be made clearer.
  2. SCF

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Maps completed: 11 Dead at: 29:03 Kills on MAP12: 21/75 NMLite_23-09_scythe2_SCF.zip This was a fun idea. I never really play on nightmare or ITYTD, so I had no idea know what to expect. It helped that I knew Scythe 2 well enough not to get lost (but not well enough to know all the important secrets, let alone being able to find them in the middle of all the chaos).
  3. @RjY: Not protesting my own death since what's done is done, but:
  4. Category: 1 Kills: 317/666 DWIL_23-09-contain_SCF.zip Uh... what?
  5. Category 1, UV Died on Map05 Entered at 12:15 Kills: 59/75 DWIE_23-09_enslave_SCF.zip
  6. Nice map, it feels a lot bigger than it actually is and makes great use of its space. I enjoyed it even though I died too many times trying to get an FDA. Here's the demo, final attempt starts about halfway through: Embryo_Map17_TWF_V2_scf_fda.zip
  7. Here is a demo if you're interested: embryo_map26_scf.zip It took two attempts to record, but obviously it wasn't my first time playing the map. In testing, I've also done the last fight from the opposite side of the room, in which case you have to instantly blast the arachnos when they spawn to create space (or block their teleport destination). I'd have no problems taking it down a notch if that makes it more fun, but I'll await Moustachio's feedback first. It's one of those fight designs where it was originally way too easy, then I reworked it and it was suddenly way too much, and then I kept removing enemies until it felt manageable (the previous version had one more arachnotron, one more pain elemental, and 3 more cacodemons...)
  8. MAP26: Empty Machine Music: SA-X Arrival theme from Metroid Fusion (according to the Sunder credits) Sky: N/A Tested with: DSDA-DOOM AT COMPLEVEL 9 BECAUSE I READ THE RULES Download Screenshot: Map is in slot 1 for easier testing. I can tweak the difficulty if it's too much. Lower difficulty settings are implemented as well. It's technically possible to leave the designated play area. During the first phase, there's an invisible barrier in the windows to prevent an archvile blast from launching you outside, and the barrier lowers after you hit the second switch so the cacos can fly through. So if you really want, you could leave the archvile alive, start the next phase, and then do a vile jump (into a 20 damage death pit). Hopefully that's fine, because I don't think there's another solution without MBF21.
  9. It doesn't sound like a bad idea, but 32 original tracks seems like a lot to ask for (in my limited experience participating in community projects, mappers are a lot easier to find than composers). And they'd have to fit each specific map as well. You can't just make a track and put it up for grabs since they're in order of length. My other concern is that some of the smallest maps may still take 5-10 minute to finish depending on the mapper's approach, and having a very short track on repeat the whole time could get annoying. I'm also wondering if it would even be noticeable enough to be worth the effort. How repetitive a song feels comes down more to the music than the duration*. I could easily see players not even noticing anything until the tracks become extremely short. * Coincidentally, the track I'm tentatively using for my entry is the one used in Sunder Map11, and because it's more of an ambient drone I never realized it was only 36 seconds long
  10. SCF

    Non-linear and large maps?

    A lot of Mechadon maps would fit the bill. I'd recommend Counterattack, especially map 4.
  11. SCF

    Best Final Fights/Areas and Why

    A few that come to mind: Sunder Map 32: The Harlot's Garden I've recently been replaying Sunder, and this is the one that left the biggest impression on me. It comes at the end of what is in my opinion both the best and best-looking Sunder map, and it lives up to it. It's a very tough fight, but with the right strategy it's doable, and I enjoyed it enough to actually figure out a way through a lot of trial and error. The pits can be a pain (especially when the caco corpses start piling up) so it may be frustrating before you memorize where they are, but they also add a lot to the fight: the paths across them give the player much more maneuverability than the ground monsters, which stops everything from just clumping up in one corner. Eviternity Map29: Elysium At the end of this beast of level, you're teleported back to a copy of map 1 for the final battle. The fight itself isn't one of my favorites, but the concept is great and really feels like the climax of the megawad, bringing everything full circle (even though there's another map after it...) Antaresian Reliquary Map06: The Kerberos Complex Do you like revenants? :)
  12. Category: 2 (played it years ago, didn't remember much) Dead on: Map03 Kills: 82/97 DWIL_23-08_mutiny_SCF.zip Out of all my Doomworld Ironman deaths to date, this was not the smartest. But I can't be too upset because I narrowly escaped death on map 2 several times.
  13. Category 1 Dead on map 22 Kills: 4/48 Time of death: 1:34:49 (Entered at 1:36:13) DWIE_23-07-08_abyss_SCF.zip An absolutely idiotic death, right at the end. I was thinking "It's almost over, I'll just rush in with the BFG", and then proceeded to miss my shot, get stuck, panic, and take every hit possible.
  14. SCF

    Gauging public interest in DIY 2

    I enjoyed mapping for DIY and seeing what other people came up with, so I'd be interested in a sequel. I definitely agree the monster sprites could use some work. The biggest issue I remember having is that it made some enemy types too difficult to tell apart in a chaotic fight. Besides than that I think it's fine to keep them monochromatic. It doesn't have to look great as long as it reads well.