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  1. SCF

    A map people can remix.

    Here, I've finished the map for you. I hope you enjoy it! Corrupt.zip Requires complevel 9 Edit: I don't know why some outside enemies wake up randomly. It happens in dsda on complevel 9 but not on 21, or in GZDoom. Oh well, this already took more effort than I was expecting.
  2. SCF


    I missed this wad when it was originally posted, so I played through it and it was fun. The only maps I gave up on were 9 and 14, but the others were all very doable. Even if you have to restart a couple of times to get good rng, you only lose a couple of seconds so it's no big deal.
  3. So many different midis come to mind, and I can't pick a single favorite, but a few outstanding ones I don't think I've seen mentioned yet: Fight The Logic If You Can by Chris Laverdure, best known from Alien Vendetta's Misri Halek, but I first encountered it in map 4 of Counterattack where I feel it fits even better. Simple, but very moody track that stuck with me ever since I first heard it. Ghostgrinder by James Paddock, from Eviternity map 24. Just an awesome groovy track, for one of my favorite maps in the wad too. Desk Lamp by Stuart Rynn, from Sunlust map 4 and an Ancient Aliens map I can't remember. Love this melody. The Final Judgement by Tristan Clark, featured in Death in Excess map32. A 10 minute metal epic with many great parts, perfectly suited for an insane map. And it has an actually performed version too!
  4. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Another map with good atmosphere. I like the little details like the impaled heads popping up. Few comments: It looks like you only get 8 shells for the final two enemies. I had enough ammo saved up, but I imagine it's possible to get stuck and then you have to punch a baron to death. You can actually shoot and hit the barrels through the window at the end. Ultimately has the same effect as pressing the button, but it looks kinda weird. Although I saw the secret blue armor, I didn't manage to find it. It's a bit misleading that the secret wall is unmarked, but the regular wall next to it has blood splatters and decorations. Great map! Love the whole design and architecture, and the non-stop action. Very fun. The only gripe I had was with the three barons that teleport in after you grab one of the keys. They don't really do anything except waste your ammo so I just ignored them. Oh, and I missed the red key switch at first, probably because it blends in with all the red brick and is never directly in front of you unless you walk a specific path. Also, unless I'm missing something, the blue armor secret seems pretty obscure. The lift you can lower is the same texture as many other pillars, and it's only on one side and not the other.
  5. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Very unfortunate. I hope it can still be finished, even we don't end up with as many maps. Since my entry is already done it makes little difference to me, but I can imagine people who've just started feeling less motivated to work on it now. Either way, I'll still be around to play new submissions and give feedback.
  6. SCF

    IronEagle Competition 43: Ezekiel

    Category: 2 Died on: MAP02 Difficulty: UV Kills: 138/143 Time: Exited MAP01 at 4:22 DWIE-05-22_Ezekiel_SCF.zip My cat 1 run ended stupidly at the end of the first map so I gave it another shot, which only went marginally better. The first two maps are a bit of a slog, so I don't feel like trying to get a better finish.
  7. It was definitely a nasty surprise, especially since the wad had been pretty mild up to that point. It's avoidable, but you'd have to see it coming or react very quickly.
  8. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    I don't think the start is boring or too long (and I liked the jumpscare bit). The whole "hell version of the same areas" thing was executed well, and I also liked the little details like the cacodemon in the vat being alive now. The one issue I noticed is that both the teleporters only have one linedef on them, and since teleporter linedefs only work from the front side you can completely miss it if you enter the pad from another side, which happened to me once. Also, after a bit more testing I found you can actually get yourself stuck if you hit the edge of the teleporter linedef (like if you walk straight towards the teleporter, but strafe a bit to the side first so you're only half on it). You get teleported to the next room but you can't move. Sometimes I'd get unstuck eventually, and sometimes I'd drop off the pad entirely and then get softlocked. You can load multiple wads with "-file a.wad b.wad c.wad" in the command line argument
  9. Category 1, died on map 5 with 57/73 kills. DWIL-05-22_Rebirth_SCF.zip Words cannot express how cheated I feel.
  10. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Thanks for the feedback, both of you cats. @Large Cat I was hedging my bets regarding the difficulty because it can be very hard to judge for yourself as a map maker, when you already know exactly what's going to happen in every fight. I was a little worried about the rocket launcher placement too, because it's not immediately visible from above. But I did want to force the player to have to jump down to get it. I might see if there's a better place to put it. @CittyKat112 the two secrets are here By the way, I already found an issue myself that I'll be fixing in a future update. The archviles that teleport after you press the last switch aren't set up correctly, so they only wake up if you fire a shot during the final fight (same as the zombiemen). The whole point of those archviles is so you can't just rush for the exit, but if you don't fire a shot you can avoid them altogether so that'll need to get fixed.
  11. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Really promising start! I love the doomcute and overall atmosphere. I didn't find any real problems, just one super minor thing: the eye switch near the end has some blocks on the ground that allow you to walk right over the switch if you approach from that side, which can be mildly confusing/annoying when you're trying to press it.
  12. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Nice map! Would work pretty well as an opener. It's a map that's fairly easy but without being boring. It looks nice and you still have to pay attention even if you're never under serious threat. Here's a few minor things that jumped out at me when I played it: You can't return to the starting area once you go out into the streets (the door is one-way). As a result you can ge tlocked out of a secret and a few enemies. Not sure if that was intentional, but there doesn't seem to be much reason not to let you go back. In the blue key room, I'd recommend closing the doors and putting a switch to open them inside the monster closets, or something like that. Right now you can just get the key and leave, which makes the enemies pretty useless unless you're aiming for 100% kills. Speaking of which, getting 100% kills is impossible because of the revenants. That's your choice of course and not a huge deal, but you could add crushers to the whole area that start after you enter the teleporter. In the revenant room, only the front linedef of the teleporter pad is tagged. So if you enter it from the side it will not work. I'm not sure about the purpose of the area behind the blue key door east of the exit. There's a switch, but it just unleashes enemies and nothing else. Is it just meant to be optional?
  13. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Found enough time and motivation to finish my map already. Download v1 Title: Routine Maintenance Music: Outer Darkness by John Weekely Difficulty settings implemented, UMAPINFO included. I wasn't planning to make the map challenging, it just kinda happened. There's a few places where I'm not sure progression is clear enough, so any feedback would be appreciated. I'll try to give some of the other maps posted so far a spin sometime soon.
  14. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    I expect to finish my map before the end of May, but just in case, here's the obligatory Something to show some of my progress:
  15. SCF

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    I also just ran into a texture issue, with "STEPBRN2" glitching in GZDoom. This is how it looks in UDB, as well as in DSDA-Doom: And this is how it looks in GZDoom: I know DSDA is the target port, but I'm sure many people will be playing it in GZDoom as well. Edit: Slade also shows me the GZDoom version: