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  1. Vorpal

    Which are the best maps/set pieces of maps?

    for modern, but not gameplay-modded gameplay (i.e. vanilla weapons/enemies), NEIS e1m9 by @NaturalTvventy springs to mind, as well as cchest4 map06 by @Capellan
  2. this project kinda warrants a website
  3. nah different guy, my first maps were not until ~96/97 although they have not survived the ebb and flow of the internet or my storage devices (chold.wad a crappy e2m2 cargo hold, and ambusha.wad a crappy deathmatch arena)
  4. great idea, but as a debbie downer I am obliged to point out that Mike Reed was about as famous as a doom mapper could get at that time and various maps of his were on everybody's "top 10 wad" sites, and people still make Let's Play vids of his maps etc., pretty much violates all your rules ;-p
  5. Vorpal

    Hit-scanner Abuse in Encounter Design

    I only recently started checking out streams/casual play (before, the only time I'd watch other people play doom was e.g. speedruns). An amazing amount of players favor tiptoe movements into encounters, and cheesing the chaingun's first shot for sniping everything possible from safety before committing to entering a space. We can therefore assume that a similar ratio of mappers play this way, too. Not saying that is the case with the mapset in question but just "there's flavors of ice cream for everyone" out there. Also all the mapping help threads advise people to "use monsters for their strengths!!!1" which means placing chaingunners and revenants in sniping asshole spots whenever one places chaingunners or revenants.
  6. Vorpal

    Limit-removing Doom II maps compilation #2

    I was just going to post in one of your threads and suggest you make a compilation, cuz you make maps faster than I can play them haha
  7. I have zero love for Blizzard, but the key phrase here is "according to court documents". Of course they are going to be hyperbolic in favor of their client, so your bullshit detector should be active, the reality is you'll never know why someone killed themselves. Blizzard absolutely should be boycotted, it sucks that this is the reason (a private matter between individuals, a tragedy which the legal discovery will probably damage the family further in myriad ways). Any company over 100 employees has or will soon deal with suicide and criminal issues like sexual harassment, I'm not going to investigate the legal background of every product I buy, and this matter between individuals doesn't factor in for me. Blizzard makes shit products, ergo they are a shit company - even their fans have hated the golden goose WoW since ~2008 even if (especially if?) they are still subscribers. Stop paying for garbage
  8. Oh I couldn't care less about harassment in a company, employees are free to leave or press charges if it's criminal (unauthorized access to a computer/network is criminal btw). I'm just having a bit of a laugh that this is the final straw for people, the garbage products they've put out the last 25 years was somehow not an issue (diablo was another studio, and starcraft well... I'm in camp Westwood). I'm not going to research Caterpillar before buying some boots, to make sure that everybody's using approved language and respecting boundaries.
  9. Indie gaming scene and modding scene is glorious imo, there's no reason to support the AAA industry
  10. I do put some value on the algebra, calculus, physics, quantum mechanics courses as they changed my thought patterns to be more organized. But even at a cheap state university I find the ~$30k that I burned through to have been a catastrophic setback and can't with a straight face recommend college as a starting point for anyone. Unless you are already on some sort of path (e.g. employed technician and want to pursue more specialist position, or passionately want to pursue career in medicine/finances/law), college is just leeching wealth from the working class since the vast majority just go right back to near minimum wage low skill jobs that have no need of higher education to acquire. Basically the myth that college is the path everyone should follow after highschool, was created by our baby boomer parents through the lense of dodging the Vietnam draft. Yes I'm salty about it
  11. I volunteered in my department's chemistry lab all through college, built a close relationship with my professor who was coordinating the research. Great experience, much more valuable than anything I got in the classroom. I got a foot in the door at a company with a government contract, because of this relationship. It was by far the worst job I've ever had (cubicle army looking at spreadsheets for 10 hours a day), and when I left it burned the relationship with my professor (a friend at that point), because it marred her reputation with them. Also I resented her for steering me into such a shit place after being her slave for 4 years. tl;dr BE CAREFUL CHILDREN
  12. I'd be happy to troubleshoot the problem for you, just ship that sc-88 to [address retracted]
  13. Vorpal

    What radio do you listen?

    Now that all music stations are owned by clear channel/iHeart with the same daily playlists from 2003, I listen exlusively to talk radio. I find NPR to be toxic though (opinion masquerading as journalism a la CNN). I mean, I absolutely want listen to opinion/commentary as well as journalism, but those are two absolutely immiscible things.
  14. From now on every time you post I'm going to harass you for Bitchin Baker's Bicentennial Texture Blowout compilation wad
  15. Vorpal

    Doom II Midi OST Remake

    The reverb in d_stalks is ridiculous in the best way, also you nailed it with the drums crisp, front and center in d_shawn Honestly I was expecting just Yet Another Resampling of the midi but I ended up leaving this on for a long editin' session