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  1. Brand New Dark Ambient tracks!

    "Muhaandran's Oasis" put me in a ... strange place
  2. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    think I've seen these shots months back, and I second the "I want it now gimme" notion
  3. Post a picture of yourself!

    a rice noodle is no longer "rice", it's a noodle, and if anyone disagrees then we can meet behind the dwango5 plasmagun at 5:00.
  4. What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    After an essay about custom textures not being vanilla enough, goes and recommends crusades
  5. JD Herrera? ((O.o)) Haven't seen anything on his channel for years, figured he was sick of us
  6. Will Id Tech 5 ever be released under GNU?

    Because Director's Cut, followed by the Reboot, followed by 50 ports to tomorrow's mobile/VR platforms, followed by proprietary retro units like the the SNES Classic.
  7. Will Id Tech 5 ever be released under GNU?

    If they're an asset of zenimax, never.
  8. deth/zeth you probably won't get anywhere without a manual on hand, it's pretty horrid in terms of intuitiveness, but certainly a capable editor. That said, it'll make you love the quality of life improvements of the modern scene ;-)
  9. Doom gameplay is still fun. There's great tools out there for beautiful games/engines, but at the end of the day I want to make something that I want to play. Most fps shift the spectrum to slow movement and hitscan enemies, so the only way to play is "cover shooter" - and the official campaigns will be engaging enough but I certainly don't feel like there's this Great New World Of Unexplored Gameplay for mods to experiment on "cover shooter" scenarios. Also, without meticulous scripting of each AI actor's behavior, it's sortof amazing how bad modern FPS enemies behave.
  10. So what happened to Quake Champions?

    The game design is very good, but it has major problems with regards to the infrastructure that surrounds the game. Populations are segregated by region, which divides the player base, instead of just letting people play the way they've been playing for 20 years i.e. choose where to play based on ping. Servers are purely Bethesda, and are only active for one map session, after which everyone is booted out. In practice this means you spend 5-15min in a queue, 30-60 seconds loading map, 60 seconds in the map during pre-game "warmup", THEN you get to play for 10 minutes, and the process repeats. Solution is stupid easy: fuck matchmaking and let servers have a map rotation. Since it has not been implemented by now there is reason to believe they are against the concept for some reason. There's no way to play on an even playing field, currently you are forced to play the "your ultimate was on cooldown, but mine wasn't so I win" gameplay. I guess technically there is a game mode that disables it, but only your 3 friends can join you in it, the match won't be open to the public.
  11. So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    This is a good way of putting it. "Balance" will bring a bad/borderline map into the realm of quality fun (certainly won't make a map "bad"), but the experimental and surprising stuff is what makes memories and gets maps in favorites lists, for me at least.
  12. So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    Good gameplay to me is "do something unexpected" (but no not crusher/instadeath traps). Impeccably balanced gameplay is something different, because it has a homogenizing effect when 5000 maps play the same way and I can predict exactly what is going to happen.
  13. Osiris would crash unless on skill 5, aliens TC had various animation frames that wouldn't render at all. Most that altered dehacked would just bomb out to dos completely though until I got 1.666.
  14. I simply didn't until I had internet, I remember encountering various bugs in TCs because I was on an outdated version. When I did get internet, idsoftware was running a website and ftp with the patches, so it was painless to update.
  15. How is this quantitative if N is rooted in a subjective guess about one's feelings?