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  1. Vorpal

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Not sure if you or anyone puts these on yt, but I'm becoming a fan and want to preserve such insanity. If you want me to take it down let me know (like if you want to direct views to your own channel if you got one)
  2. Vorpal

    YouTube Monetization Rules are Stupid

    Youtube is amazing miracle level tech, what sucks is copyright law
  3. Vorpal

    YouTube Monetization Rules are Stupid

    More importantly, animated/video (flash, html5, javascript) advertisements are the vector by which the vast majority of malware gets on a machine, mainly due to the lackadaisical security vetting on the part of the companies serving the ads. You should care about this, and stop worrying about some random youtube celebrity getting their tenth-of-a-cent
  4. Vorpal

    The Quake Awards

    Can it be Shubblies? that's how my brain parsed it on the first read and it's objectively funnier
  5. Vorpal

    YouTube Monetization Rules are Stupid

    a good portion of youtube's most popular channels are gaming centric, and with twitch as a competitor and essentially gaming-only and incredibly popular, I don't think youtube can afford to actually enforce that last bullet point. More likely is that amv thing that @Glaice pointed out is the major holdup
  6. Vorpal

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    People who use the linear/bilinear/trilinear texture filters in gzdoom and then upload footage to youtube. I hope they trip and fall in map21 and get stuck there forever
  7. If someone gets stuck due to jumping around everywhere, that's their problem as it is not a feature of Doom. Do however keep in mind archvile blasts players in the z axis so you do have to worry about the concept if you are using those enemies.
  8. I have nothing to add to this thread other than thanks for the nice work. I'm really glad to see db2 improvements again without the bloat and ruined workflow of gzdb
  9. Vorpal

    The philosophy of level design

    Even the most clever use of symbolism barely registers on my care-o-meter. It's a flourish to be added to a larger whole, but if the whole relies completely on people going "Ah HAH! I see the metaphor, the gun is my cock!" then it's garbo fit only to be sent into the ocean.
  10. Vorpal

    FPS Playback Demo Site

    There's too much here to go through in a lifetime, but, awesome. Cheers to preservation efforts o/
  11. Vorpal

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    Instead of playing on low at 4k, try high at 1080p? Fuck sake
  12. Vorpal

    GZDoombuilder slow down on big maps

    Dude it's not healthy what you do to me. When I first saw screenies of mordeth2 I was barely a teenager, and now I'm starting my gray-hair phase. I'm going to require some proof of life, or else I swear to god I will write a bad /idgames/ review on its release in 2035.
  13. I replay half-life/hl2 like once every 8 years; while amazing, it's mentally draining to fire up the engine, configure controls, watch the intro scripted events, play through the introductory tutorial-esque maps, and finally get going to the action. With doom, I -warp map28 and have the engine running in a few milliseconds, ass deep in the action and not feel like I've missed any story elements.
  14. A floppy disk is fairly difficult to damage physically (i.e. bad sectors) but incredibly easy to corrupt (i.e. perfectly readable, but nonsense, data). Checksums will verify the latter, but I don't know if anyone has a known-good checksum on whackass doom installer files.