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  1. Are these changes live in the link in the OP? It seems you've changed a lot by now so I don't want to beta test an old version
  2. Yes but the "how" varies from one router model to the next and will likely need consultation with the dreaded user manual. Usually it'll have something to do with "Levels" or "Power" or "Transmission". Orientation of the device also affects the shape of your signal coverage.
  3. I haven't like... done measurements and used a microscope but, I feel that on a CRT the darkness is more intense yes but the bright colors are more intense as well, i.e. contrast in general is amplified.
  4. I enjoy a lot of Heretic's level design much, much more than Doom's (not Doom2 though). The problems arise from the lack of monster variety as already mentioned. Everything is either a Demon variant that just walks towards you for a melee swipe, or an Imp variant that shoots a slow projectile at you. The liches I guess are unique but having movement impaired (tornado thingies) is inherently unfun in a game built around player speed. The weapons are also rather boring mechanically. The Tome effects are cool but not when you only get to access them for a few seconds at a time. And then Hexen nailed it with fun weapons, but screwed the pooch by locking them behind "classes".
  5. Haha wow yep, my nephews were just playing with this a few weeks ago. I would have gotten it ~87-89 and lost all the attachments by 1990. The barrel attachment I remember broke clean in half, probably trying to sprint through a doorway portal that was too narrow. There's no identifying marks other than "CHINA" stamped in to the plastic, the sticker reads "Stealth Force TM" but the trademark isn't attributed to anyone. My camera is too crappy but also on the sticker is an eagle under which is "Night Raiders" and again "Stealth Force". edit: haha it still has the space on the barrel for the speaker, even though it uses the wheel clicking mechanism. http://doom2.net/bsp/plasma/ - some more crappy photos
  6. I didn't know the plasma was based on that. I have one I think, but it's got a gray/blue camo, not matte black like yours.
  7. Maes you're way off the rails of the OP discussion, no one cares about the difference between donation/commission. FWIW the plumbing example was a good comparison. Do you think poor/lower-middle class people pay licensed technicians? 90% of it is done by word of mouth "handyman" type folks (comparable to a freelance artist in this discussion), or if you are lucky a retired old-timer who had a license in the 80's.
  8. Yeah I tagged this thread as I definitely want to get my hands dirty in it, but might not get a chance until the weekend
  9. @Tolwyn has teased us about an upcoming project, which reminded me of an old Klem album I had obtained when mp3.com functioned like a modern day bandcamp/soundcloud by allowing independent artists to publish their music (physically, in this case). I harassed David who harassed Mark to allow the sharing of this piece of Doom history. The album is Silicon Sanctuary, one of several that Mark sold on the mp3.com storefront (sadly I don't have them). It doesn't seem to exist at all on the interwebs (and by that I mean I quit looking after page 2 of a google search), there are songs from Memento Mori mainly I think, a handful of the songs ARE on youtube but youtube's re-encoding was very unfriendly, and then there's some other very cool compositions not heard anywhere else AFAIK. Tolwyn, did you also have physical commercial media made? I could have sworn you did, or had some kind of Tol-Klem Smash Hits compilation out there? I would like to have as pristine a copy available, but I ran in to some problems that maybe Actually Smart people could help with. I tried to create a bitstream copy, but the resulting image was recognized as corrupted by all mounting methods / software that I threw at it. This was true of 3 different images by 3 different software (dd, brasero, ftk - the "broken" one by ftk is in the torrent). So as a compromise I decided to do a FLAC conversion but the final track was troublesome in all ripping software EXCEPT Windows Media Player (lol?) which can only do mp3. So track 16 is provided as mp3 only for now. Track 16 indeed has an issue where most CD stereos / PC media software will try to play the track for 7m 27sec resulting in several minutes of silence after it ends, as it's really 4m 55sec. I suspect this is not physical damage to the disc, but some stupid shit mp3.com did when creating it. Or maybe it's too sophisticated for the software I'm using, as it's an "Orange Book" disc like Hexen, with both data (including mp3.com's own mp3 conversion in a subfolder) AND the actual CD audio tracks. Or just some metadata on track 16 is corrupted, causing these issues? Would love some assistance in preserving this! disc photo - the jewelcase/art is long lost torrent I'll seed this for a couple weeks. Report issues here as I've never hosted a torrent before. Don't download the 600MB .iso file unless you want to troubleshoot an apparently broken image.
  10. I got tired of spending $25 on crappy haircuts, so I made an attempt at what was a Teenage Bieber mop (if he was homeless and living by the railroad). How's my driving?
  11. Yep you need to hit up d2twid, it pretty much addresses this exact sentiment.
  12. They get to dampen the public's awareness that mods can generate revenue, but in a way that does not destroy a popular project that people at id are fond of.
  13. A "right" is a nebulous entity. Philosophically speaking, it only has meaning if it is recognized by free people and legal entities. There's also some haziness because most of us mod for Doom as it was published by GT Interactive, not Bethesda. While BD iirc was like 90% copyrighted material and probably has a legal argument against it, I'm weirded out by the action taken by Bethesda here. They don't care if Mark IV makes money off it (out of respect? since they pulled much inspiration out of BD for doom4), but they DO care about the PERCEIVED IMAGE of modders making money off mods, by having him change some language on a donation site. This does worry me, especially because Mark IV apparently agreed to the censorship and therefore awarding them this potential "right". Further, the sentiment on Bethesda's end from this censorship request is "modders making money = bad". A lot of modding in this community is 100% original work, with tools made by other original coders. It's not like we are making knock-off products (the word "mod" unfortunately feeds into this perception)... it's more like, Peter Jackson trying to shut someone down because they made an original fantasy movie but used the cameras from The Lord of the Rings to film it.