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  1. Oh hell yeah that brings me back. There was something special about his work, even though the maps were quite middling even for the time. One thing that separated them was the super strong "placehood", while still abstract and doomy, as a kid they were realistic enough where I thought these must have been actual blueprints haha. There was also a strong description/story iirc, can't remember if it was told on his site or in the txt but yeah, that was unusual and my adolescent brain absorbed it. Don't think I saw him "release" anything though, by the time I found his stuff he was pretty much done with doom. One more bonus factoid about Reed's maps is that they were copy/pasted by myriad modders back in the day. I think I've seen his hotel hell "pirated" in more trashy wads than I have any other.
  2. For whatever reason, no commercial or trailer has ever sold me on a game. I had a fascination with print media though, magazines with full spreads of ultra colorful Secret of Mana maps and strategy guides and artwork not seen anywhere else, I got dangerously addicted to RPGs when I was 10-12 because of this.
  3. mm1's release was before my time on the net, but after finding it I was blown away and wanted more, found some news about mm2. I remember having a collection of 10-15 wad review sites that doubled as "news" (almost identical to what we call blogs today, except with flashing yellow text and midi embedded into html), and I'd check all of them 2-3 times a week just waiting for mm2 because I didn't know what a newsgroup was. The hype was fun, and the mapset was and is still great, but I think I still prefer mm1 to almost all other pwads ever made. Eternal doom I don't really remember hype or news about, I had never heard of it one day, and then there it was the next day. It was unique among megawads, which usually had months of "buzz" and teasers before a release.
  4. I didn't think Doom on 486's was particularly fluid, the early pentiums however exploded onto the market and I dont remember any performance issues. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P5_(microarchitecture)#P54C
  5. I always took "Gotcha!" to refer to the way the previous map, The Citadel, is this sprawling complex all purposed around the locking of the most elaborate and hellish exit room in both games afaik. Surely it's a gate to hell, right? But no, one more earth map, gotcha
  6. Well I "finished" the other maps but I cheated liberally. The gameplay was so bad that I couldn't enjoy the atmosphere after a certain point, I think I stopped caring after the health-famine-and-vile-with-no-cover on map03. My gameplay complaints are so numerous that I just have to chalk it up to having a completely opposite viewpoint on "fun" and leave it at that. I still think the cacoward is hella deserved though, there is something special here and a serious amount of work and very well executed special effects. Never figured out what the door issue was, some of them I had to hump 5-6 times to open.
  7. "Drone" is a specific genre of music that seems to be what you've described, although a lot of youtube videos use the name in err and are simply electronic ambient which is quite different. To me it refers to music without melody, with cyclic component (not beat, think more like... sin wave cycles), white noise or walls of noise, and while it seems in the background of your mind while you are listening to it, it is shocking to your ears and general perception when it ceases. one example: o sup another while technically this has melody, it stirs the same juices in my brain. it's soul shattering with proper cabinet speakers:
  8. Continue to have the doomguy just "umph" on most doors the first try, maybe it's just a gzdoom thing? It's a port I almost never use so perhaps I misconfigured it. Another criticism is that the lion's share of pickups are shoved up against the wall instead of inside the combat playing area, and the various 2 or 4 unit wide wall details get the player stuck during combat. It has the effect of items feeling less part of the gameplay and instead just ornamentation for the scene. Anyway my whining is not meant to discourage, if I didn't like the work I would simply not say anything and move to another wad.
  9. Criticism shut down! I can respect that though, I'm the same way with my own maps where things that people dislike are elemental to how I like to play. Still, at some place on my brainstem is a nagging thing that does prevent me from mapping purely for myself and forces me to concede some points for a public presentation. The difficulty settings seem to be good though, I'm having a much better time on Medium, much appreciated for implementing! If Umbra is just as mouselook dependent though it'll be fisticuffs behind the school at 5:00. I kid I kid, mad respect for one of the most bleeding "goth" atmospheres I've had in Doom (something I very much desire and look for, and almost no one has ever delivered). But no really I will fight you if you make me mouselook in Umbra. The first instance of it happening happens at 4:18 in my map01 vid. Noticed it a lot on my first attempt (not recorded) on UV too in the first two maps. edit: another at 8:59
  10. For once I had a day to Doom, and I sat down with this wad. Mind blowing visuals and atmosphere, original music. And I have a soft spot for single author non-megawads. I'm amazed this is even Doom. Gameplay suffers greatly however - the new enemies are hard, and aren't introduced but instead thrown right at the player in numbers and via "so close behind you that your ass hairs burnt off" teleport scares. The expectation of mouselook is almost unforgivable for me, the way some enemies' has them float to the ceiling and rain death upon you, and various too-long-for-autoaim sniper spots or 3D-floor perches that autoaim fails hard at... I'm curious and saddened about the mention of a mouselook-only map in the textfile. Also almost every door I need to "use" multiple times for it to open, not sure what is up with that (perhaps multiple linedefs with triggers too close to the door?). Lastly, a lot of the layout is box > hallway > box (extremely pretty hallways and boxes though) - it's definitely a phase I think every mapper goes through, and while it doesn't hurt gameplay, a project like this could be insane with some more flowing layouts / nonlinear progression. I'm being critical because I see huuuuuge potential from Yuki, and despite my complaints I intend to binge through this whole wad tonight. Though I'm only 2 maps in so far I'm very glad this was a Cacoward winner. Flavors of Quake and Doom64 hit me right in the dick and I'm super excited to see how Umbra turns out.
  11. In this thread, some guy realizes that the "strings" sample on one synthesizer sounds like the "strings" sample on another synthesizer.
  12. I was joking. The back-and-forth revert article battles when correcting/adding something in wiki culture is the purest agony, I've had sourced and accurate info deleted from doomwiki just because it was anonymous.
  13. At this point I don't know if I believe the word "talent" has any meaning. I think it all comes down to exposure (to the tools, sounds, books etc. of whatever field we are talking about), interest/having fun, and practice. That cute girl in math class who knew all the answers and shrugged it off like nothing was actually being drilled by her family since she was 4.
  14. If we showed them Vela Pax BEFORE they completed doom, then they would want to meet its bar for complexity and then doom would never get released ;-P I think I would bring them Brotherhood of Ruin or the egypt levels in Scythe2, I would have loved for a Carmack/Cloud set of 90's cartoony pixellated monlithic stone / temple textures.
  15. I am a big supporter of this - the automap is a very helpful tool, integral to the way I play doom. But if it is cluttered with detail linedefs, then it becomes a hindrance to the basic function of navigation/orientation. The way I generally treat it is to hide nearly all linedefs related to "detail" especially if they are not in a place the player can reach. Then mark all linedefs involved in the boundary of the playable area of the map as red (secret). After that it's a sort of trial and error of loading up the map a bunch of times and hiding/making-red the remaining lines that I feel are confusing. I don't know where the idea started, but the first time I saw it used and began adopting it was crudream.wad. Since the care to the automap is in every map, I can safely blame project manager @Afterglow for imparting his brand of OCD on me.