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  1. Vorpal

    vorpal's 2019 wad picks from the community

    added a couple more at the end of the list, hopefully the new dudes get notification pings (especially those last two who need a nudge to release their goodies!) and ofc cacowards are out so there's no shortage for 2019 stuff to play
  2. After making vanilla maps, then high(ish) detail limit removing maps, I appreciate the lower detail vanilla maps (others') and vanilla map making process (mine) wayyyyyyyyy more. It takes balls to make a square skybox like in doom2 map12, as opposed to a skillsaw mountain vista that encompasses the whole map, and be happy with it. Yep yep yep. At least I choose to interpret this as "contrast" (some might interpret it as "make a pink and blue retrowave map"). When you have a big architectural shape that you want to pop out of another, don't worry about "materials" like oh it's a gray cement structure so the whole thing has to be gray, make it pop with a texture of a completely different color; most players wont care if it's a tech or brick or cement or whatever, but the color helps create contrast which helps impress shape/layout in their brain. Especially in low vanilla resolutions
  3. Vorpal

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    I hate when mappers put a shitload of effort into a map and then self deprecate with the title, txt, or overall presentation/publication of it. I guess to make it seem like it didn't take much effort, or they are embarrassed for having spent too much effort on it, I dunno. It's not super common but it's common enough and I wish those folks had more pride in their talents even if it means we have to deal with a King ReOL from time to time.
  4. sci-fi movie = door sound horror movie = cube sound I know I've also heard the heretic player death sound in some movies
  5. Vorpal

    vorpal's 2019 wad picks from the community

    Oops, I think I only discovered it in 2019, and it got mixed up in my disorganized bookmarks. Gonna leave it in the list though as it feels wrong to make a nod to someone, and then take the nod back for technical reasons ;-P
  6. I've been too busy this year to be creative myself, so instead I tried to focus on what you guys have been up to. I'm sharing my list of favorites as a sort of anti-cacowards - I tried to keep it mostly "underdogs" as the big projects have tons of visibility already. Granted, I expect at least some of what I've listed to get cacowarded, but yeh it's not a scientific list just my no-reasons-given-and-in-no-order picks as a nod to the work going on by you demented bastards. AND YOU WERE BUSY. Tons and tons of "my first wads" to filter through this year (while I avoid them, it's a sign of excellent health), and tons of totally unknown (to me) faces... I dunno it could be just because I'm paying more attention now but I feel like it was an extremely busy year for wads. There's still some time left in the year, so I may add to the list, and let me know if there's any errors. Thank you all for your work in 2019! boom stick in the mud @NaturalTvventy d2/zdoom the realm of z-magic @Urthar d2/zdoom hurt @elend d2/gzdoom verdant citadel @exl d2/gzdoom deimos: the damned moon @RustyGold d1/zdoom cathedral @F0U d2/??limit removing?? sinergy @Crunchynut44 d1/vanilla Darkmoon @DMPhobos & @Z0k d2/gzdoom stifled man casino @NaturalTvventy d2/limit removing spectrum @Capellan d1/limit removing sunder (2019 - 5 new maps) @Insane_Gazebo d2/limit removing paradise v2 @Tango d2/gzdoom lost civilization @Jaska d2/boom compatible shotgun symphony @Steve D d1/boom compatible miasma @tourniquet d2/zdoom [oops this is 2016 but hey I said this list was not scientific] toxin refinery remake @Guardsoul d1/gzdoom remnant @Aurelius d2/limit removing shadow zone @Kuleshoff d2/gzdoom bury my heart knee deep @Ryath d2/vanilla czechbox @damned + various d2/boom compatible doom ii: 25 years on earth @Phobus d2/limit removing bloodicide @RonnieJamesDiner d2/gzdoom supercharge @Tango all/gzdoom night time terror @Juza d2/vanilla(?) short maps for short people 2 @Roofi, @datacore, vergogneful d2/limit removing toxic containment @NaturalTvventy d2/zdoom infraworld @StormCatcher.77 d2/boom compatible death in excess @NoReason d2/boom compatible hexen: cyrgoth's revenge @Seidolon hexen/gzdoom wolfendoom: arctic wolf redux @rf` (orig by laz rojas) d2(?)/gzdoom homegrown hellspawn @Egg Boy d2/boom compatible oculus malus by @The_SloVinator d1/limit removing Tartarus by @RonnieJamesDiner d2/gzdoom [unreleased but right around the corner, hopefully before the month is out!] doom: perdition by @Scorpius d1/vanilla hell on earth shareware by @Gifty d2/?
  7. Vorpal

    Remember the old arcades?

    As a kid gamer in the 90's, I didn't really like arcades. I'm guessing there was some parent company behind most of them, or they all used the same distributor, as all arcades had the same basic 10-15 cabinets and then the obligatory skeeball and broken pinball. Galaga, Cruisn' Whatever, Virtua Fighter, Something Wolf (scrolling gun game thing), and that impossible fighter jet game with the sit-in cockpit which was also always broken. At the local movie theater, there was a Raiden DX cab though... I played the fuck out of that thing.
  8. Subterranea had original gameplay and a killer soundtrack too, the guy (Jesper Kyd) composes for a lot of AAA games now
  9. Vorpal

    Tivauri (six maps, WIP)

    Hope to put this one through the grinder on Sunday, thanks for sharing!
  10. Vorpal

    Any wads like AV?

    plutonia 2 has a fair share of maps where I agonized "I wish we had that in AV", namely the maps by gusta and pallai, although it has a fair share of maps that are slogs or just plain bad (but then again, so does AV depending on your taste). or if you're a fan of AV not for the slaughter, but for the atmosphere/adventure style, I'd recommend brotherhood of ruin and its 1 map sequel And the already mentioned scythes and speed of doom do share a similar place in my heart to AV, but are certainly their own things.
  11. Into Bobby's Civil Suit
  12. doombutalsoquakeworld.com might as well absorb our slipgate rocket jumping shambler slaying brothers at some point
  13. Vorpal

    Toxic Containment ready for testing

    About time sir! Been torturing us with screenshots for a while now
  14. It gets very complicated very quickly. Firstly there's the problem of who controls the income and the payroll any why would you trust them, followed immediately by the problem of who deserves what piece of the pie... do we reward volume of product, quality, man-hours...? The only sane way for content creators to get coin is to go in to a project with some kind of agreement before-hand of services they'd provide and for what - i.e. what Jimmy is doing here (well kinda, he's done mad amounts of stuff pro-bono)
  15. Vorpal

    How do you make your index of wads site

    Most browsers will interpret a non-index.html directory as a navigable directory almost as if you're navigating your harddrive in windows. So at the most basic level you don't need any html knowledge, only some webspace and the knowledge of how to ftp to it.