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  1. Possible feature request, or maybe this is already in db2/dbx and I'm just outing myself as a failure, but it would be nice to be able to move geometry and Things together. Currently when you select geometry, and change to Things mode and select + move the Things, the geometry does not participate in the move function.
  2. Vorpal

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    In terms of what he meant to Doom, from my perspective everyone in the early days was just making square wolfenstein stuff, and for the busiest first ~2 years of Doom's history Dr. Sleep's were the only maps with a high quality/polish to them. I think his work set a bar for other modders that yes, commercial quality maps were achievable and got the snowball rolling towards serious works (rather than afternoon curiosities).
  3. It would be nice if extraordinary runs had a minimum of anti-cheat theater, has been my main point. The "welp go home, only streamers allowed for all runs" is I'm guessing something talked about on irc/discord and then bleeding over into this thread. Or just an easy way to hyperbolize my point to make it a laughable consideration
  4. Actually it was pretty tame and constructive for a while ;-o
  5. Vorpal

    Dark lord's blessing (VANILLA)

    This has moved to the top of my "want to try out" list, posting as a reminder to myself to get on top of it
  6. Frustrated fan, is the language I'd choose. But the martyr thing isn't so bad, because I know I'm not the only person with doubts, even if all of my posts are ignored there still have been some valuable posts (which pick apart some of my points in ways that I can get on-board with, btw) that are now google-able for other people doubting this run. Are my reasons baseless? Well yeah they're gut feelings and I'm not apologizing for that, and I'm not apologizing for not doing this private (unhelpful if the general public wants to investigate), I'm apologizing for drawing the conclusion. The time between my inflammatory conclusion-drawing OP, and rdwpa pointing out calmly to reason the why of it, was 40 minutes or so... it wasn't like some huge war that had to be fought to get me to back down, jesus.
  7. Vorpal

    Bladerunner/Cyberpunk ideas

    The hl2 mod "Neotokyo" might be a good source of ideas, and was a hobby project not a studio funded piece of media. They did the "excessive visual noise in the city" thing pretty well, but not the gameplay alas
  8. Its release happened to coincide with a time where I was paying attention to runs, and it was a special run that I've been waiting for for a long time. I also assumed (haha) that older stupendous demos had gone through some kind of referee crucible. For a bit of psychology on what's wrong with my brain, I used to be into speedrunning in the dinosaur era where the .lmp format had rock solid credibility. Then the source code release kinda scared everyone, there were some Witch Trials suspecting custom .exe's and so on, then TASDoom came along and let everyone realize and play with the power at hand, at which point I lost interest in speedrunning. Fast forward through the years of more ports more capabilities and then you even have frame by frame editing at the hexadecimal level or w/e without any HID in the equation. I don't scorn those developments, one of my favorite demos is a tas, so I wouldn't dismiss myself as an angry old vanilla codger. But yeah tl;dr the .lmp format has no correlation to proof, and I wanted very deeply to care about a particular run. The only thing I can do as Swing Batta Heckler Fan Guy is shame the practice of accepting amazing .lmp, and nothing else, as benevolent by default. I'm also not a nice or polite person and don't plan on changing that any time soon. Note that I didn't consciously think about all this stuff before going derp, lol. This is just some self reflection and soul baring about how we got here
  9. I've obliged the takedown ultimatum, it'll take some time to revert the whole thing back to a boring screenshot page and it's almost bedtime. It's a foreign concept to me though, like if someone trashes my map then I'll go demand its removal from the archives? Really though I'm obliging Olivera, who gave me the permission initially to build/organize these runs based on his collection. And I've cocked it up with negative vibes after only a month (no he hasnt said anything to me about this and isn't involved in the trainwreck afaik). I mean my gut emotional reaction wants to use it as a weapon in this argument so don't view this as me trying to earn some honor points, but even I have a moral or two deep down in my lizard brain with regards to trust that was given to me. What will my tombstone read? I vote for "webcam, bitches!"
  10. Unverified is truth though. Anyway I don't really see the page having much of a future, especially if takedown demands are a thing. For now I'll just leave it as a scarlet letter because I'm in a capricious mood after baring my honest opinions
  11. No you didn't insult me, by "our" I mean collectively in this discussion, myself and others have been slinging shit at eachother. Yeah this is my "default position". A private tribunal with no standards creeps me out and changes my view of doom speedrunning in general from "grand competition" to "mild curiosity".
  12. There were like 5 minor bullet points earlier that gave me pause, and combined together triggered a kneejerk reaction. The demo at this point is hardly the point of discussion, so much as the norms and procedures of the doom speedrun community, which y'all are impressing upon me inbetween our exchanges of venom
  13. I didn't create the title, and I'm wrong to use the word "probably" which I tried to walk back, but I won't edit posts to change their tone because then anybody coming in late will have trouble following. I'm not wrong in having a suspicion though... the arrow that my suspicion points in can be wrong, but the act of having it is fine and I reject the idea that only experts can have opinions. However insulting as I was though, some thin skins in here, like I don't attack a person if they shit on a map I liked or spent 500 hours working on or walk into the sunset over it. A good flamewar is the oldest legacy of doomworld, lol I think kraflab cut through the bullshit though and gave me what I was looking for, that runs are presumed legit in this community because webcams are too big of an ask for speedrunners, which I think is odd and unique among speedrunning/hiscore communities. I can consider it case closed there, or rather, case nobody cares. [edit for clarity: that nobody cares about verification]
  14. If someone doesn't understand our ways REEEE DESTROY THEM!!! I've outlined my frustrations and positions a couple times hoping they'd get picked apart (2 posts so far have) and the rest has been ad hominem / mockery, so maybe if I change strategy and ask why ARENT you guys concerned about proof? (thus far, runner past-history is the metric currently carrying street cred) or what is proof? or is proof relevant? Is the default position to assume all runs are legit? Is there a private circle that analyzes runs as legit/not? I'm not trying to be snarky or make implications with these questions, I'm dead serious and curious