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  1. This is getting a lot of flame, but the question is this though..... When is it coming out?
  2. xScavengerWolfx

    Stickney Installation - A Full Vanilla Doom 1 Megawad

    Hey snax i just wanted to let you know that i'm sorry i've been slacking on making a video on E3 of your doom 1 wad. Things came up that i need to deal with at the moment, but once i get them dealt with i'll do the video. I also might be doing a re recording of the first two eps. as well since you last updated them. Can't wait for E4 to come out.
  3. xScavengerWolfx

    Any tips for creating a slow/horror map?

    What format are you using to make it horror? I know UDMF (ultimate doom map format) you can do some really crazy lighting and do some color changes. As far as making the player feeling hopeless? Like Dannyman said little to no monsters at all, if you want monsters i say use the shadow pinky's aka the specters. There great for dark/shadow areas to really get the player to go "oh shit".
  4. xScavengerWolfx

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Roll up, roll up!

    Mmmmmmm this looks like a lot of fun. Haven't done a community project map in a while. I think i'll toss my hat in this ring. Yes i have read the rules and i think i can whip something out before jan. 1st of 2023. This will give me a chance to flex on my mapping career. Besides i've been looking for an excuse to show off my mapping skills anyways. Another words what i'm saying is...count me in if there still room for mappers.
  5. xScavengerWolfx

    -Don't Go Below- a Doom II map

    So this looks great and all but what map slot is it in?
  6. xScavengerWolfx

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    How else do they keep the fires going in hell lol.
  7. xScavengerWolfx

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Yet another great ep of dean of doom. After watching this it got me thinking about my community maps i did for Theme GAWAD #1 by Ofisil. My first map was for map 30 but it got rejected because it didn't fall under what they wanted (please note at that time i was still new to mapping and getting a barring of mapping) but after when someone gave map slot 03 up due to personal reasons i asked for another shot at it and i'm glade he let me give it another shot. My first Map03 was bad, i can say that only because i had to work off of someone else map they started and just gave me after i asked to see it so i could do my own base off of there map. But after it was finished i got to do map 31 since someone else had to drop out due to personal reasons, i started working on a Wolfenstein style map (that i later changed into more of a corrupted cavern], once it was getting close to the first dead line someone said that my map03 was bad, no they didn't bash me or flip me a bunch of shit for it. It was more of "This map is confusing and it looked like it was done by a newbie and it has so many issues with it". So i went back into it and tried to fix the issues....but i did the old fashion "Fuck it! I'm remaking it from the ground up!" Fun fact about my community map03 i did....It took me a week to do all the map layout and summited it right at the second deadline. After that and getting map31 done, people like it and thank god he bumped the deadline again (and for the last time) because i needed to flush the maps out more and get them better for finalizing. Ever since then i've been mapping and getting better at it each day and learning something new about the editor. TL;DC (Stands for Too Long; Don't Care): The moral of my story is this: If your a new mapper or you want to get into mapping remember this....it's ok to take the criticism and it's ok to hear the feed back on your maps, because it will help you get better at mapping and one day if you ever do get involved in a community project as a new mapper take a early map slot not a later one, trust me i learn that the hard way. I give this comment a grade B+ reading C- lol. Please don't send me to summer school, i wouldn't last long.
  8. Custom Monster eh? Well i did have an idea for a custom monster but i think it's already been done but i'll say it anyways: My custom monster i would make would be called: The dark baron of Chton. Monster type: Baron of hell reskinned with coal skin with crimson hands. Health type: 3000 (They got to be beefy since they are walking walls of meat) Damage type: Range damage - 9-68, Melee damage - 12-92 (Again they got to be beefy and hit like a train coming from hell) Awaken sound: Don't know Death sound: Don't know What would it do?: The dark baron of chton would be like a mini boss fight. When awaken they step out of a shadow portal and scream at the player before launching a dark red fireball at the player. They move fast but not Arch-Vile fast, when you get to close to them they melee you with both of there hands at the same time and if your really unlucky they can legit tear you in half. Once killed they turn into a pile of charcoal ash with some red pulsing through the ash, when walking over the pile you have a slim chance of either getting health out of it or reviving them as spirits. Now the spirits won't attack the player, but they will how ever screw with the player(s) mind and make them see things that are not there. Think of them as loki the norse god of tricks and demise. That's my idea but like i said before this might of already been done before but i wanted to toss my idea out there just for fun.
  9. xScavengerWolfx


    I just finished saying that lol
  10. xScavengerWolfx


    Hmmmmmm there's something missing in this post. I can't place my claw on it...... Oh yeah where's the screen shots of said map?
  11. xScavengerWolfx

    WEED DOOM (Version 3.20) Now out!

    Hate to be that "One guy" but i tired it and didn't care for the crude humor of it. It might be that i'm older and i don't find crudely drawn wangs and outdated memes funny anymore. But again that's just me, and no i ain't starting a stupid flame war over why this person's mod isn't fun. All i'm saying is that i tried it and didn't care for it 10 out of 10.
  12. xScavengerWolfx

    WEED DOOM (Version 3.20) Now out!

    Oh ok, i won't ask why.
  13. xScavengerWolfx

    [GZDOOM] 10k Imps

    10K Imps? Hmmmmmm this feels like a Nuts.wad tribute. Pray to god my PC can handle this. Edit: So i played it and holy christ my PC was screaming at me to end it lol. I was running at 3fps when i got to the mega room. But it was fun over all though even if i didn't finished it.
  14. xScavengerWolfx

    WEED DOOM (Version 3.20) Now out!

    Honest question - Why? I mean why make something that's only going to get navigate feedback? Like Lady said this isn't the 90's anymore and whom ever this Doomguy2000 is. I made a dumb mapset based off of shovelware wads of the 90's. But don't let me judge what you can and can't do. To each it's own i say.
  15. xScavengerWolfx

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    Why everyone thinks Brutal doom is such a great mod to play Doom and/or Doom 2 with. I hate brutal doom, it ruins the experience of classic old school FPS. Also why the hell did Sandy add a arrow in his maps? I don't remember which map it's in for Doom 2 but that always bugged me. I mean i put arrows in my maps but i don't make a huge one that shows were you need to go.