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  1. xScavengerWolfx

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    I would have to say the Casali brothers. It would be really badass if they did a remake or a redux of Plutoina Experiment. Another one would be yes Erik Alm, After watching the dean of doom series on scythe X i want to know what kind dehackery he would've done with the custom monsters he had cooking up. And for a bonus American Mcgee. I know the whole Alice in wonderland thing didn't go so well to the point he basically retired from making games, but it would be cool to see him and john Romero making a Mega Wad together at some point.
  2. try my wad? nojump no crouch freelook is choice but not needed boom map25 doom2iwad. 8:00 par


    1. LoatharMDPhD


      its fun on nightmare if youre bold...

  3. xScavengerWolfx

    Ultimate Doom or Doom 1

    You do know Ultimate Doom is basically Doom 1 with a new episode right?
  4. xScavengerWolfx

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    TikTok is cancer, it is the most retarded thing the internet has ever made. TikTok needs to banned.
  5. xScavengerWolfx

    Wads without slaughtermaps?

    I don't know if this would be in your wheel house but i was apart of this community project. There is some Slaughter maps but it was going by theme but feel free to check it out if you want.
  6. xScavengerWolfx

    Favorite level theme?

    Dark and Mysterious theme maps. I love the feeling of being alone in a dark and mysterious place that's run down and getting stalked my monsters in a doom map. Wish there was more wads like that
  7. Update: 09/25/23: Almost an entire month with no update on the progress of my wad. Well i am changing that right now. First off i am really sorry for being very very quite about the progress of my Ultimate Doom Mega Wad, the reason for my absents is because i've been pushing myself into getting the final three maps finished so i can get them out the door in time for the deadline i set for myself. I will not reveal the deadline only because i don't know if i will make the deadline or not so for now i am keeping it to myself. Second: I am sorry in advance if episode 3 feels like it was lazy or feels like i copy and pasted stuff....well i did. I rip off my own work and change things around. I set a rule for myself that if i'm going to be copy and pasting something i rather copy and paste my own work then someone else, sounds dumb? Yes, yes it but at least it's my own stuff and not someone's else's work. Third: There is going to be another map that i am reworking as well, i will not say which one at this time since i am trying to get the last three maps in episode 3 finished and also i want to leave it as a surprise as well, speaking of reworking maps i might in the future before uploading it to Id games i might rework some maps that feel either too noobish or just lazy made, but for now i have no plans on uploading it to Id games right now, because it's not finished. Fourth: There is going to be an episode 4 but that will come later after i get some feed back on the first three episodes and fix some stuff / changes to the maps. I also took the time to write up episode 3 story in the read me so that will be updated and once i get episode 3 done i will be rewriting the entire post, giving new stuff and making a credits section as well for the midis and the composers of the midis. Always credit the composers when using there midis. Fifth: I am still looking for feed back on the first two episodes, if your a content creator on Youtube or Twitch, feel free to drop your videos or stream Vod here or tag me in it so i can watch it, give some story behind it and leave a comment for you. I really need the feedback because it helps me out a lot and helps me makes the maps better. I am not begging i am simply asking if you can, thank you in advance. So that is the update on what's going on. This maybe the last one for a while since i still have work to do so expect another month long silence from me, until then i hope you enjoy Abandon: Shadows of darkness: A Ultimate Doom MegaWad.
  8. xScavengerWolfx

    (Sad) possibly canon - bunny named daisy died

    That's where i got the pic from, i got it from the cursed doom images thread lol.
  9. xScavengerWolfx

    (Sad) possibly canon - bunny named daisy died

    In a alt reality Daisy is the one avenging doom guy
  10. xScavengerWolfx

    Doomworld Merch?

    AS the great phil J. Fry once said "Shut up and take my money"
  11. xScavengerWolfx

    Doomworld Merch?

    Oh man, if there was a baby caco or hissy keychain i would so thrown down money on that.
  12. xScavengerWolfx

    Worst State in the United States

    To answer OP's question about the worst state. I would have to say California. I have friends that live there and they've said that state is getting so much worse now. I won't dive into the political side of why....because that would cause a flame war and i don't want the post getting locked because i mentioned something that pissed the other person off and we rounds about it. But yes my final answer is California Alex.
  13. xScavengerWolfx

    Worst State in the United States

    As a person that lives in Washington State yes i agree, But i live in the eastern side of the state, not the western side (thank fucking god, i hate Seattle with a passion)
  14. I don't know if anyone remembers this from Adult Swim back in the day but it was called 'Off the air'. Weirdest most fucking bizarre show i ever watched in my life. I still remember one scene where it started as a white back ground with no sound what so ever. Then a face started forming in front of the screen, then more faces showing up and more ect ect ect. The next part is still engraving in my skull still to this day, the faces started moaning for a bit then all of the sudden red paint (no i am not going to say blood, it was paint) started pouring down on the faces and the canvas. The faces....oh god the faces started whaling and screaming until it cut to black and the credits rolled with silence. Ever since then 'Off the air' from Adult Swim i avoid that show like the plaque because it is so down right weird and bizarre. Edit: I know what i'm going to hear "Man this sounds like a creepy pasta" It's not meant to be a creepy pasta, it's more of what i remember seeing at 3 in the morning, well waking up to at 3 in the morning because i passed out around 8pm that night.
  15. xScavengerWolfx

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    I mean her Ultimate Doom Mega wad was the main inspiration to get into UD mapping.