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  1. This is for the people that have give me feed back on my first doom wad i've made called Underground Toxicity. I'm happy to say that the remake for it is coming along fine, still trying to figure out how to make the teleporter to work, switches and yes there door texture and unpegged doors (lol). I am going to take my time on this one and yes like i've said in my original post there's a sequel to this. But since I'm doing a remake i'm going to redo the sequel as well. (i'm like 3% in to the sequel map layout, so redoing it isn't going to be a pain). If you haven't played or watch people play it, just go to my profile and find the post and go though the comments. 


    I hope you guys like the remake i'm working on (I don't know when it will be done), and i do wanna thank people for giving me a push on map making. It really helps me get better and learn what to do and not to do. I thank you all for playing my first doom wad (which it trash :P) and telling me how well i did in mapping. Once i'm done with the remake i'll post it here and let you guys go at it.


    If your going to ask me "when is it going to be done?", i'm going to tell you this "like the godfathers of ID once said, It will be done, When it's done!"