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  1. MAP09

    do you think doom 3 will be as popular as the old doom games?

    I think it will be
  2. MAP09

    ZDOOM 50.cab is out!!!

    My english is sometime terrible because I'm learning it for about 7 years :(
  3. MAP09

    The /newstuff Chronicles #154

  4. MAP09

    ZDOOM 50.cab is out!!!

    what - me or he?
  5. MAP09

    New Doom 3 movie ???

    maybe hoax?
  6. MAP09

    doom3.com :)

    Ya, that's fine but I want some more informations on this site! (i know that on doomworld is everything but i wat to see it on official page :) )
  7. MAP09

    too little too late

    Uh.. I think that doom 3 will come out... 2006 nearly 2010 :0 But seriously I'm not optimistic. Heh. first time doom 3 was called doom2000. If John Carmack won't change again 3d engine, it will be good :). But acivision's doom3.com site is a good news!
  8. MAP09


  9. MAP09

    New Zdoom in Linux?

    Linux? my brother is workink in his work on it. And I'd prefer redhat...
  10. MAP09

    ZDOOM 50.cab is out!!!

    u thinka that i cant find it and u have to say it me :)?
  11. MAP09

    What is the best Source Port?

    Zdoom. But if I remember when I was spectacor of this forum I saw "few" subjects as it...
  12. MAP09

    Projectile speed = bad aim?

    edit source code :)