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  1. Drew the delinquent of doom a while back, thought I would share it here.
    Done this before, hope you like this one as well!unknoswn.png.a0390e248a9e46db6102ff536941562d.png

    1. MtPain27


      Absolutely magical. I will show this to the Delinquent!

  2. Lemonlytical

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    I only ever go saveless when im playing something im comfortable in, easier wads, or early parts of harder ones, but with things like sunlust....
  3. Lemonlytical

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    How can you be unbiased in a review, the guy says it at the beginning, there is no objective good and bad
  4. This might not be the right area to post this, but I drew some dean of doom fanart!1133552326_TheDEANOFDOOM.png.9d456b4c779ddcd410a758f19c46f150.png

    1. MtPain27


      Oh, I love it! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Lemonlytical

    How smart are the demons?

    Given the fact that the demons made E3M7, im going to guess they aint that smart
  6. Lemonlytical

    [Community Project] Morior Invictus (Closed, final round up and cleaning)

    Need to have a menacing opening sight
  7. Lemonlytical

    [Community Project] Morior Invictus (Closed, final round up and cleaning)

    I would love to contribute a map to this project if I can! Any mapslot you can spare is great
  8. Lemonlytical

    An idea I thought I'd throw out.

    If this were to become a thing, I would really like to participate, it seems like a really cool concept!
  9. Thank you so much for the reply, do I have to rename the directory when in the place for the Path environment variable
  10. Hey sorry if this is out of place here, but im pretty confused as to exactly how to install this, so if anybody is able to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Lemonlytical

    Technicolor Antichrist Box | Anniversary Edition! | FINAL

    goddam, this looks amazing, the colors are amazing, never played the original, but I am definitely play it now!
  12. I want to create my own text graphics using Zbigfont which is already included in gzdoom, but can't seems to find any way to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. You are a deranged Phyco, and this is amazing