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  1. Lemonlytical

    Technicolor Antichrist Box | Anniversary Edition! | FINAL

    goddam, this looks amazing, the colors are amazing, never played the original, but I am definitely play it now!
  2. I want to create my own text graphics using Zbigfont which is already included in gzdoom, but can't seems to find any way to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. You are a deranged Phyco, and this is amazing
  4. K, gonna start playtesting all of the maps!
  5. Lemonlytical


    Good job man! Really fun, but, There was one archvile towards the end why? All imps were really fun GG
  6. Hello there, for the past 2 weeks, I have begun the development of a megawad- TRIBULATION! So far, no maps have been done!... Yeah, that doesn't sound that good. Doesn't matter, I am looking for mappers to join this project! Why you may ask? Why not! Time limit- Well, I want it to be done by early 2022, or late 2021 So what is the theme here? Well, there are a total of 6 episodes, 1st one is you destroying the core, however, after it seems like you won, you uncover a much greater world, right beneath the opening level, kinda like hell, but also not. 2nd one is you Exploring a great unknown world, it seems after destroying the core, you opened the gate to this great new world. Not going to spoil the rest- Guidelines- All levels made with Otex UDMF-format only that's really it Anyway, Unload the screenshots! Discord link - https://discord.gg/5Y8hyKtYTf
  7. Lemonlytical

    Do you guys even lift?

    I started exercising yesterday, Decided torturing myself works best- Start out with lifting 2 5KG dumbells, then 10 pushups, some streches, 30-40 minutes on that cycle thing, more streches, run around the house (Cant go out, Floor is quarantined) and then I am done I was only able to lift one of the dumbells, I could do 2.5 pushups, and the rest went well
  8. Lemonlytical

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Stupid fact- I have been playing doom since I was 4 since I have no friends
  9. Lemonlytical

    Guide to new map makers,

    This thread is for tips for the most basic of basic people on how to start making doom wads. This is in regard to making maps using Zdoom UDMF format Step 1- Learn the basics- Learn how to use basic linedefs, such as doors, crushers, lifts, floors lowering and raising and the usage of sector tags, also learn what Lower, middle and upper textures are. Upper- when you lower a ceiling, the textures that can be seen are known as upper textures. Middle- These are a bit more confusing but to explain the basics- when you build a sector and the very ending walls (the ones that are white) are known as Middle texures, they can also be used for textures like MIDGRATE to create iron bars, you can easily get the hang of it if you make levels for a while Lower- same as upper but just for when you raise the floor. Step 2- Be simple with design at first, learn John Romero's Level design rules- You dont have to make levels like the ones you may see in wads like valiant or evertinity, start out by making maps that look similar to the ones in Doom 1 (mainly E1) The rules can be seen and explained in this video- Watch his tutorials by the way they are VERY HELPFUL! If you have learned how to make doors, crushers, and make levels akin to the originals, well then great, you can now move on to step 3 Step 3- Well good job on learning the basics, because now I am going to teach you on monster placements and level layouts. When It comes to weapon and monster placement, there must be progression, of course its bad to chuck 500 Barons on the first room, but giving the player a BFG 9000, plasma gun or even Double barrel early is just DUMB! The super shotgun should not be given early to the player, make them work for it, and after the player gets it, more tanky monsters such cacos and hell knights can be placed, just never place those types of demons when a player only has a shotgun or chain gun, give them a rocket launcher if you want to immediately. From all the good doom maps I have played,I have learned that to make a fun level, you must never make the player have to use the BFG 9000 more then once in a fight, never make any sort of battle where you just hold down the left mouse button and slaughter a bunch of monsters in a boring way, make fights rely on constant movement, and constant use of different weapons. Use a lot of traps in your level, and cyberdemons as turrets are always fun to take down. In early levels, dont make the player "fight" the cyberdemon or spider mastermind if you choose to place them down, make it telefrag-able or make it so that other monsters can in fight with it. Step 4- Learn how to use slade and maybe basic ACS. Use custom music, custom textures, and if you are feeling spicy, maybe add a decorate monster! Well that's really all I can give to anyone starting out, I am not great at mapping, but this is all stuff I had to learn my self so It might be easier to newer people to learn using this guide If you are a new mapper, reply to this thread with maps following everything I have put here and one unique gimmick, and Ill let you know if its good!