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  1. I really enjoyed your map and the feeling it had! I think I know which TF2 Map you mean, its a long time ago. I had fun and munition was a little bit rare. But I liked this challenge, that I had to use the axe! The axe is so under-used in Quake. I had one door, which opened and later closed and was closed forever. So I used Noclip to proceed further. Also I noticed that the double barrel shotgun at the beginning in the map only appears in the source port Ironwail. With FTQ or the official Nightdive remaster for example, the double barrel shotgun is not present. What can cause this? I have made screenshots regarding the closed door and the shotgun, but it seems, that I forgot to upload them into the Steam cloud. Maybe I can provide them later. Are you planning to release your map also on quaddicted?
  2. Kyle07


    EA is also patching their games for full price. Just kidding. :p Half-kidding.
  3. Kyle07

    Console Emulation Thread

    Rogue Dawn is so nice! It is so cool to see what can be achieved with the Metroid 1 engine, which was in 1986 one early NES title. The soundtrack is also memorable, I hear it again only when I think about it. The composer, Optomon, made other great tracks on the NES. Some of them are for Castlevania hacks, which unfortunately never released. Here is his YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Optomon
  4. Kyle07

    Console Emulation Thread

    I also like the achievements. Unfortunately only NTSC games seem to have achievements, the PAL versions are missing them. Yeah, I think the Crash Bandicoot series is an good example of having bug fixes or changes, which the NTSC release is missing. Also I think to believe that the Crash series is PAL optimized, so that the game is not running in slow motion. Maybe it is not optimized, but I had no compliant at all going from Crash 1 NTSC to Crash 2 PAL version. The minor framerate did not bother me, because the camera is anyway very static.
  5. Kyle07

    Texture filtering: how do they look on CRT?

    I had also already the theory that texture filtering was looking better on CRT monitors due to the blending(?) of this technology. I was born in 1993, so I grew up with CRT monitors and TVs, but to be honest, they were replaced in the 2000s and I do not remember CRTs that good anymore. So almost as I haven't ever seen them. I was also a long time on the side for texture filtering. But then in the 2010s I recognized that the filtering removes details etc. and then I got used to the unfiltered look. Its strange a little bit, but I think the PS1 also played a big role in here. Tomb Raider I from 1996 was maybe THE first 3D game I ever saw or played. I had it on PC, but played it also with friends or cousins on the PlayStation 1. Where for sure it was unfiltered. Don't know if the DOS version was also unfiltered, I guess so. So no wonder that I don't like the blurred and filtered textures. When I played Half-Life 1 and Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2010, I also didn't like the texture quality. It was so poor for me, who was more used to graphics from the 2000s. I knew games from the 90s, but there were more cartoonish like Rayman 2 for example. I think on CRT TVs it was for sure different, but I think it should be also kept in mind that the resolution also played a big role. For sure there were differences between 640x480 vs 800x600 vs 1024x768. And back then everything was connected through a VGA cable, which was tech from the 80s, if I recall correctly. I use nowadays a VGA cable for home office through my works laptop and I see definitely quality differences when I have my own PC connected to the same LCD screen via DVI cable. Its more crisp and clear.
  6. Kyle07

    Quake II Remastered

    My GTX 970 and my Nintendo Switch are running the game fine.
  7. Kyle07

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    Nice to hear it has a release date. Never wanted to buy it in Early Access. Don't ask me why, because Iron Fury I did buy during the Early Access. But still I don't like the feeling to buy something what maybe will never come out.
  8. Kyle07

    Is DOOM 64 the best looking N64 game?

    I am assuming the shadows are manually placed. Real shadows would be to demanding for that time, wouldn't they for the N64? But even when DOOM did it, I like it what you can achieve with smartly placed shadows. DOOM looks often so awesome when this is executed well done. As such, I appreciate that it was also well implemented in GoldenEye 007. I think even in the Quake I remaster I liked how lighting was handled. Not sure if quoting the remaster is a good thing in this "90s" discussion. Often I felt, that in Half-Life 1 the resolution of the pre-calculated shadows was so low-res, that this felt the worst to me. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe community maps influenced my feeling on that.
  9. Kyle07

    Quake II Remastered

    Finally you can sort the lobbies by the ping? This change would make it definetely easier to find a quick match. I guess it's not worth to implement this for Quake I. I think the amount of lobbies there is not so high anymore. And of course it is a remaster from 2 years ago.
  10. Kyle07

    Quake Remastered

    As far as I know there is only a recreation for PC, there was never a port, as the engine is different. https://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=62026 I don't think that some will do the work to recreat it for the remaster. Also, shouldn't also Lobotomy Software have some credits on these maps? So first their agreement must be collected before such recreation will be done for the remaster.
  11. Kyle07

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Tbh, it would be a very good move. Bethesda wants to bring new content and one of the original level designers from 1993 still has fun to make new levels. Combine this and a new project/product could arise. Very good thought. But would depend if Romero wants to do again Doom levels as a paid job. Not sure how the community would react. We saw already for sigil, that many people anticipated too much compared to all the other community work from the last decades.
  12. Kyle07

    PS1 Controller to PC

    Its so funny, I remember magazines where the PS3 controller (prototype) looked like this: I play since December with a DualSense PS5 controller on PC. I play many games from the PS1 era with that. For me, as someone who always wanted a Sony console, but never got one, this is enough. But if you have a PS1 controller to plugin, go for it. I have also sometimes the feeling, that the DualSense is a little bit of a waste for old PS1 titles, when you think of what this controller could actually do.
  13. I play Doom and Quake with controller, because my PC is currently with my tv. With Gyro controls it does not matter for me.
  14. Dark Forces came in 1995, Duke3D in 1996. So DF was quite unique when it released. And it was some sort of answer to all the Star Wars themed Doom-Wads, which were released before. I hope so. Then I will not hesitate to support the release on the Nintendo Switch in addition. Like I did for Quake I and II.
  15. I would like to see the Duke Nukem Forever 1998 Quake 2 build in Night Dive's Quake II Remaster. :P