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  1. So this is your first time you finished a level? this looks and plays pretty cool! I still have no clue on how to get the blue armor, i'll just keep UNFing until i get it keep up with the mapping dude, I really like this map and music also rocks.
  2. I hate it, everything from it. from start to finish, worst 2:05 min i've ever experienced.
  3. DevilMyEyes

    Some news on my project & Lil' Teaser

    It will work on Prboom+, Crispy Doom, Gzdoom and Zandronum. Also i'm sorry for the late answer xD Edit: I don't think it will work on older ports
  4. DevilMyEyes

    Some news on my project & Lil' Teaser

    Here's the link If you want to check out bob's profile https://www.doomworld.com/profile/28428-bobstremglav/
  5. If you liked my level E1M2 Fear System...there will be even more mayhem, secrets, blood and all that good stuff on the upcoming first episode of Rampagious! (The name of the wad is kinda edgy yeah) Me and Bobstremglav will be releasing this first episode as the final demo 'cuz we're not done yet. As Fear System, the locations of this episode will take place on Mars. I'll see you guys when we get this done, im excited to see your opinion on this episode! *s c r e e n s h o t s*
  6. DevilMyEyes

    Fear System (Rampagious.wad)

    Thank you so much, im glad you liked it!
  7. DevilMyEyes

    Fear System (Rampagious.wad)

    My bad, im gonna put it now
  8. DevilMyEyes

    Fear System (Rampagious.wad)

    E1M2 from the Ultimate doom
  9. DevilMyEyes

    Fear System (Rampagious.wad)

    I'm a newbie mapper and programmer in the doom community and this is also my first ever submitted map to this page. I wanted to share with you a demo level of one of my team projects that i'm currently working on... Tested With... Gzdoom Zandronum Crispy Doom Prboom-plus Lenght About 5 to 7 minutes to complete it Difficulty It is designed to play on UV, others difficulties are not balanced yet. . . Download links http://www.mediafire.com/file/s48c4h522h36qr7/Fear+System+Rampagious.wad/file Note: -This is a vanilla megawad and it will have 4 episodes for the Ultimate doom. It only changes the episodes names, skyboxes and map names. -This map replaces E1M2 from the ultimate doom