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  1. DevilMyEyes

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Messing around with Q3, Q1, 32-in-24 and Doom 2's resources
  2. DevilMyEyes

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm working on two hell maps for a OTEX mappack.
  3. DevilMyEyes

    Heretic's E1M1 recreated from memory

    Pretty cool idea!
  4. That's a pretty depressing future for us if I gotta say, if it's just generated there's no real effort anymore
  5. DevilMyEyes

    Cursed Doom Images

    So I reloaded the resources in the editor and this happened...LOL
  6. DevilMyEyes

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    I wonder what Romero would think of this
  7. DevilMyEyes

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on a map for a d2 megawad project... Edit: little update on the end of the hallway.
  8. DevilMyEyes

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    I was about to say that you could check out Bloodborne but if you have no interest on souls type of games then that's fine (Bloodborne's also kinda tricky to get because it's a ps4 exclusive, at least rn).
  9. DevilMyEyes

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    How about From Software?
  10. DevilMyEyes

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    The Chasm...but with a sky
  11. I can't really consider this mine, since it's teamwork, but you might be interested on this: Recently we dropped the E1 Demo. Hope you like it!
  12. DevilMyEyes

    Share Your Sprites!

    Might be the coolest monster I've seen, I really thank you for posting in the original concept so that Tommy could do this cool shit. Also, if you ever wondered where this monster concept comes from it's in this project DOOM REFIRED, I mainly suggested two things to Tommy: A red/white color change and just making it even more creepier. And then he came up with the spine wings/body and I thought that was even cooler because It just fits in with the idea of a body horror monster we had for the episode he's gonna be in, like it was made in a lab or something like you said. Note: You can see the making of this monster in the discord server of the Refired project. ( this was the early version of the monster, just a quick edit I did to show the ideas that I wanted, flesh and bones.)
  13. DevilMyEyes

    Share Your Sprites!

    Here's a Hanging head sprite I've worked on DOOM REFIRED, be sure to credit me if you want to use it B). transparent version.
  14. DevilMyEyes

    DOOM REFIRED: [E1 Demo out!] D2 Vanilla Project

    We thought about a Heaven that could maybe fit in the original doom games, it's abstract and there's H.R Giger tech inspired textures and marble to go with it. So it's really a unique concept (as far as i'm aware of) when we think of Heaven in Doom. It's also the opposite of Hell (ofc), for example: instead of blood, there's water. And there are no hanging corpses. Heaven is away from hellish corruption as iddq_tea said.