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Kokoro Hane

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  1. Kokoro Hane

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A pumpkin.
  2. Kokoro Hane

    What are you currently reading?

    Finally started reading "The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya", as always, it's really good so far!
  3. Kokoro Hane

    How many games do you have installed currently?

    Majority of the games I have installed are indie games lol. That folder consists of about... 79? I really need to do some cleaning haha. As for big commercial games, I have about... 9? That's for my PC. On my phone, I have about... 23.
  4. Kokoro Hane

    Most recent movie you saw

    The last couple of films I watched was with my auntie. We streamed "Disenchanted", the sequel to Disney's "Enchanted", and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the film and thought it wrapped up nicely, and it actually had a lot of good music. I didn't dislike any musical number. Sequels, especially direct-to-video, er, streaming, can be very tricky and hit or miss, but I'm glad this was actually good. It was a fun movie and Another film we streamed was an older movie, "Candle Shoe", oh my gosh that was a lot of fun! Can't believe I never saw this before. Why can't movies be fun like this anymore? Haha.
  5. Kokoro Hane

    DBP59: Zeppelin Armada

    THIS LOOKS EPIC. *zooms to download*
  6. Kokoro Hane

    How Do You Name Your Game Saves?

    I have a very stupid naming system. "Bob" So my name saves often look like: "Bob 1" "Bob 2" "Bob 3" LOL. I mean, Doomguy doesn't have a name, so I default to "Bob" because it amuses me lol.
  7. Kokoro Hane

    What is the internet to you nowadays?

    The net used to be a fun and wondrous place back when I was a kid. It's hard to believe I've been a netizen for about... probably 20 years now??? Forums were always the most fun place, and I still think forums are... usually ones constructed like this (not a fan of Reddit's structure, feels too impersonal and messy). Back then, most bickering were over silly topics, nowadays, the net is extremely hostile when it doesn't need to be. Social media doesn't really sit with me because the way it's structured is just... ehh... not very engaging, not very customizable, it's very boring and not the least bit friendly. I legit only use Twitter to post updates about the progress of the games I'm making + voice actor scouting, that's about it these days. I don't dare look at my timeline, I just go straight to my own page, post, and that's it. Sometimes RT stuff occasionally from a friend or the official page of a video game I'm playing. deviantART used to be a fun place, but the new layout is still confusing and it's so hard to put things in groups and... it's just... not fun anymore, hard to find things, to connect. This doesn't mean the net is a total wasteland, of course, like any plot to a post-apocalyptic outcome, there's safe havens and survivors... lol I know I'm dramaticising things. But generally, thinking of how the internet spiraled is making me sad, and has made me think of where did this all begin? I feel like things really took a plunge in 2019, and then 2020 and onward showed me it can get 100x worse so... But I am thankful for messaging apps, e-mail, forums that are still kickin' like Doomworld, and the like. And despite YT's unneeded changes over the years, at least it's mostly still easy to navigate and weirdly enough, the comment section isn't as toxic. Like man, I can see the same post on Twitter and YT's community section on a page, and the difference in the comments is like night and day. I don't get the lack of internet etiquette these days, just talk like you do in real life, it's not that hard, or do these people really have an inner beast they have to unleash now and again? I honestly feel really bad for them since I'm not actually sure what they think to gain by being this way. I'd like to say it's just a bunch of emo 12 year olds, and they'll grow out of it, but then you have adults doing the same thing -- or worse -- and I just sigh haha.
  8. Kokoro Hane

    Most recent movie you saw

    I had been curious about silent movies for awhile, because their history as most of them being lost fascinates me, plus the idea of a movie that mostly relies on a live soundtrack, title cards for dialogue, and a lot of acting to get the point across is such an interesting idea and finally decided to watch "Metropolis" since it's been on my to-watch list for awhile. It was definitely an interesting watch, with some genuinely interesting things with how they did certain effects, and there were some downright disturbing moments that made me go "this was made BACK THEN?!" I dunno, but there is something about unexpectedly dark or creepy or whatever things in older films I can't quite describe. It's just very dreamlike, this film.
  9. Maps like these can be fun even if they're straight up impossible. Nuts always gets a good laugh out of me because of how ridiculous it is lol. My brother lieks to play it with mods for extra fun.
  10. Kokoro Hane

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    I surprised my friend by gifting her a welkin on Genshin Impact xD
  11. Kokoro Hane

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Various visual novels and a lot of Genshin Impact. Today I finally pulled Childe, at pull 77. Funny, since I lost the 50/50 to Qiqi on Yoimiya's banner at pull 77 too xD
  12. Kokoro Hane

    What nostalgic games did you grow up with?

    Well, what's considered nostalgic probably differs from person to person, but anyway.... I first started playing video games when I was around 5 years old, when my dad taught me and my brother how to use the Sega Genesis, which was already a few years old by this point. My brother and I would play Golden Axe 1&2 almost every morning, sometimes whacking each other to get those mounts lol. Clearly we haven't grown up since when we pop that game back in for fun, we don't play much differently xD When I was older, I played games like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, and of course DOOM when I was around 8 years old or so. I also played a lot of Streets of Rage with my dad on the Genesis. Not too long after that, I also played games like Rollercoaster Tycoon. Haa, those were the days.