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  1. Kokoro Hane

    BlueAge - A brand new megawad

    This looks interesting, gonna set some time aside to give it a go!
  2. It seems at long last I found one of the old wads I played many many years ago that still stick to memory.... I just need to beat it to feel worthy enough to make a post about it here lol, thankfully it is just a one level thing. (Actually since this thread started I finally found it, but I have been so busy, but I may have time now). No one else seems to have reviewed it here so I still have a chance haha.
  3. Kokoro Hane

    Share a random fact about yourself

    On my larger projects, I can usually recall the music I was listening to when I made it.
  4. Kokoro Hane

    What are you listening to?

    This rendition is so pretty
  5. Kokoro Hane

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    My stuff is kinda scattered around everywhere, but it's fairly small, about 300MB+... at least of what I have in one place lol. I have a few that are in their own folders, but I expect that number to grow bigger in time. I honestly have not checked out too many of the really big (as in size) wads, that could be why it's so small too lol.
  6. Kokoro Hane

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    Hmm, very sad that they changed it to that instead of the old way of the setting of Windows Update allowing you to manually update. This doesn't seem very practical nor is it straight-forward, disabling most is not the same as "all". 11 and 10 just don't sound slow internet friendly. Which is especially not good when everyone in the house is online at once.
  7. Kokoro Hane

    Sandy's granddaughter plays Doom

    Just started watching the video, and my gosh this is so WHOLESOME. It's weird to say anything DOOM related is "wholesome" but this is wholesome! Nothing like the family getting together to play some classic DOOM~
  8. Kokoro Hane

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    My last purchase was several packs of gum. Nothing very interesting lol
  9. Kokoro Hane

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    Ah let me rephrase.... I am not talking about disabling updates, but making it where it's not automatic. Because if the net is not stable or you have a very slow internet connection, sometimes you gotta download your updates later, or a few at a time (for example, on my net, 1GB takes one hour, but some days it is really bad and crawls much worse). Obviously having security updates are important and should always be done, but I am just wondering if you can update in your own time. And also that it doesn't have undesired updates.... like when they tried to remove MS Paint on 10 lol.
  10. Kokoro Hane

    Microsoft Windows 11 confirmed exclusive to 64-bit CPUs.

    Since Windows 11 is out and I so far can't find out much information on one important thing.... Does 11 force mandatory updates like 10 did? Also, out of curiosity.... does it still have MS Paint? lol. From screenshots I find 11 to look visually unappealing like 10, but I *heard* that you can change how the start menu looks? That'd be nice. Because 8 was simply appalling to look at (and use), and 10 is.... ehhhh.... I don't have 10 but I've seen it in action on my grandma's computer and.... improved from 8 but.... not enough haha.
  11. Kokoro Hane

    the most important poll in human history

    Strawberry superiority!
  12. Kokoro Hane

    Happy Birthday DOOM 2!

    Happy birthday to the amazing Doom 2!
  13. Kokoro Hane

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Last thing I purchased was a couple packs of gum.
  14. Kokoro Hane

    Most recent movie you saw

    Karate Kid III. Now I'll be able to watch Cobra Kai series next!
  15. I love this idea of digging for old wads! Plus this thread will be a gold mine, as I have been wanting to play some old wads and might even find some I vaguely remember playing from years ago (I vaguely remember my dad downloading some pwads, not sure where he found them on the net, they were pretty neat). You know I might have to do some digging myself, maybe some of the ones in my head I have vague imagery of might fit the criteria here (but first I will observe the museum if any of them have been dug up already).
  16. Kokoro Hane

    Do you own any old game consoles/games

    I have 3 of them laying around. The Sega Genesis. It was actually my dad's, and was the system both me and my brother first played video games on even before using the PC. I have fond memories of playing Golden Axe 1&2 with my brother in the early mornings when we were little, fighting over those mounting beasts. Good times. Still works like a charm, so I use it every so often, especially after FINALLY getting an A/V cable... it's like night and day. The RF cable was going bad and looked awful lol Playstation 2 (slim). I bought this myself a number of years ago, used. Never had a PS2 when it was new because we didn't have the money lol, oh well as an adult I was finally able to get me one. I actually bought the fat version first with money I was gonna use to attend a con, but for some reason was unable to go so used it for a console and some games. Sadly the DVD diode was dead, so could only play CD games. Later my brother replaced it with the slim version and it's been working like a charm ever since, plus we can now play the DVD releases. GameBoy Advance. Once again, something I bought myself years down the line used for 20 bucks because couldn't have one as a kid, since you know, they weren't cheap lol. The screen's quite scratched but games work fine and it's still viewable. I actually managed to find one that still had its battery door, although the clip is broken. I remember it was recommended to tape it shut, but I've actually never had to do that. For a door that's technically broken, it stays shut just fine.
  17. Kokoro Hane

    What do you all think about this game?

    There was a freakin' 7up game for the Genesis?!? Okay... despite how incredibly silly that sounds.... imma see if I can hunt down a cart and give it a try. Looks like some silly, stupid fun! And I do quite like 7up
  18. Kokoro Hane

    Star Trek games added to GOG

    I was super excited to see this! I love Star Trek Elite Force, and have never had a chance to play the second one. Even though I have the disc version and managed to get it to work, I plan to buy it on GOG so I can finally play it without worrying about the disc. Also lookin into trying out some of those other ST games!
  19. Kokoro Hane

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Last items I purchased were a couple Silk strawberry yogurt and the movie "Galaxy Quest" on DVD.