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  1. Wait, I'm confused... How does this effect RADIUS setups? Is the vulnerability specific to WPA2 AES personal? Or enterprise with handshakes and PKI? I read that this was only relevant to your basic ISP modem with built in wifi... Did more come of this?
  2. You're doing god's work, son.
  3. It was from 1997? I had no idea. I have two directories for files - one for Getwad, and another one I built over the years which has it dated as 2001. I always assumed it was much older, but sure enough the one from Getwad is dated 1997. Thank you. Ah, my foot tastes wonderful - but needs more salt. That's what I get for only checking the first two pages. That's a thing? Born in 1987, but truth be told I only had access to doom back in 94/95 at a friend's house - my folks would never have let it fly...they had no idea. They were the anti-MortalKombat types. Winquake over Mplayer was my first fps internet deathmatch experience. Novalogic's F 22 Raptor was my first internet multiplayer experience period. 128 players on Novaworld, baby! And that was 1997. Way ahead of its time.
  4. Ctrl+f No EARTH.wad? Really? So innovative for its time back in '94, and its still a blast to this day. I constantly host it. Multiplayer? UDM.wad. All day. Then there's the stuff from the old MJ Doom page I stumbled upon way back like the original Simpsons Mod, School Doom 2, and Batman Doom 2. Afterwards, any of the below do it for me: Dwango5 Dwango6 AZDwango DCDwango LBDwango DOOMMALL.wad (might be mall.wad, not sure) PLAYPEN6.wad SON, DO YOU EVEN POINT OF DEPARTURE? TNTBlood and I can't remember, but the old west one with the chaingun replaced by dual revolvers.
  5. Doom and the doomworld community have aged like fine wine to me. Many of us have been here to witness both tragedy and success, such as members passing away/taken before their time and others moving on to create their own games respectively. By far the most fascinating to me is how much the mapping architecture has changed over the years. Seeing limit-removing source ports open up the future to larger and more complex maps may not seem like that big of a deal to many newer members, but for myself at least the vast contrast between your circa 1995 DEU generated map and a modern Lutz map is quite extraordinary... ...and the realization that I've been around to witness it and map some maps of my own makes that experience all the more precious. Also, I think I still hold the current longest active member/lowest post count card. At this rate I'll never see a custom title.
  6. Just people who coded.
  7. I've lost count of how many strangers' ribs I have broken.
  8. This. Build something well the first time, and it will outlast its creators. Regardless, well deserved record.
  9. If you want better performance for DOOM 4 and don't want to break the bank, stick with AMD. Vulkan is heavily based off of AMD's Mantle tech (as is DirectX 12). All AMD cards with the GCN 1.0+ architecture were built for Vulkan/DX12. My 4 year old HD 7950 runs the game solid 90+ fps with Vulkan, and my R9 Nano hits the 200 fps cap occasionally. The RX 480 just came out early July. It is the AMD equivalent of the GTX 980/1070, and even exceeds it at times. Its also only $200 for the 4gb version - half the price of a 1070. In DOOM 4, the RX 480 beats out the 980 in Vulkan and is on par with the 1070. Nvidia GPUs do not have hardware Async. AMD GCN 1.0+ cards do; therefore, they benefit exponentially more from DX 12 and Vulkan than Nvidia cards do. Also, you're gonna see a lot of GTX 970 cards drop in price - AVOID THEM unless you are okay with false advertising (they are truly 3.5gb cards, not 4gb) and want to gamble with low GPU usage issues. I think there's still a thread on the Nvidia forums regarding the GTX 970 and the gpu usage problem that has hit 300+ pages. That's just downright irresponsible. If you don't mind not being futureproof, pick up an NVidia gpu if you find it cheaper than a modern AMD gpu. Otherwise, let Nvidia learn from their mistakes for a bit with drops in sales, and force them to improve. The Linux VGA-passthrough world has already dumped Nvidia in favor of AMD as well. You can google all the above if you want to verify.
  10. Best advice in the thread right here. Vulkan will bump you up I'd guess at least 18% on the Nvidia side. If you must pull the trigger on a new card, Pick up the cheapest GTX 960/R9 380 you can (bear in mind that a R9 380 is a rebranded R9 280, which in turn is a rebranded hd 7950). Avoid the GTX 970. Google GTX 970 3.5gb and see for yourself how much of a joke it is... Performance has been poor up to this point on the AMD side for Doom 4, but a hotfix was released today that seems to bump AMD performance by 35% in Doom 4 across the board. Crimson Version I believe... If you are a FOSS/GNU/Linux guy like myself, don't buy Nvidia strictly out of principle. Nvidia has been kicking Linux Gaming in the balls a lot, and have even implemented built in driver halts (code 43 errors) for anyone attempting to use vga-passthrough to a guest Windows VM - which is a slap in the face to me, since I run Windows 10 under QEMU-KVM on top of Debian.
  11. Aw, fuck here we go... Also: Count me in.
  12. Linguica beat me to it, but you can construct a square room in any map editor to create/duplicate the scenario. Place one 2 sided line and run against it. Now opposite of that line create a rectangular sector equal in length, and raise that sector 32 pixels high. You can compare the difference that way. I've used raised sectors as windows or other objects to get around it, and I'm sure I wasn't a pioneer. I think earth.wad from 1994 gave me the idea.
  13. I hope the doom 4 team decides to release the "what could have been" content or commentary at some point. A lot of good games and films could have been disastrously better or worse and often are included with special/collector's editions of the game/movie. I'd be truly interested to hear directly from the team why they canned it all. The local sausage doesn't need you on your knees... He has Hissy for that... ...or wait...does Ralphis still have it?
  14. Amibios hivemind.
  15. I read this thread topic as AMIBIOS sucks, and expected it to be a topic about how shitty american megatrends bios has become in the last 15 years on most motherboards. I'm such a nerd.