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  1. @jacnowak I have a question. if you made a full 32 megawad. Am I still allowed to post a map ?? Also I have an idea. It could be a series such as "Doom Board Project" what do you think about that ?
  2. iDoT

    What are your favourite album cover arts?

    I won't send all covers but I ll write it's names and there artists Stokeley by Ski Mask The Slump Bobby Tarantino II by Logic Championships by Meek Mill Future Hndrxx Psents The WIZRD by Future Dreamchasers 2 by Meek Mill Whole Lotta Red By Playboi Carti I AM > I Was By 21 Savage
  3. That was actually a cool event, Congrats to everybody. maybe it will be my profile picture :D
  4. Map: Mountain Stronghold Map Format:Vanilla Doom 2 Texture: Jimmy.tex Tested With: ZDoom and Prboom External PWADs: please open the map with jimmy.tex Requirements:no jumping, no crouching , freelookin if you want Music: it's midi made by me MOUNMIN.zip comments : If you had any problems with the map continue playin the other maps, and sorry for the art of the map it's because I didn't have that much time but I just want from you judge the map on it's gameplay I'm not tryin to win I just want to learn if I had any mistakes. THANKS: Thanks to mr.Jimmy and everybody on this concept. About Hell Revealed I don't know Alot about Hell Revealed and It also didn't come in my mind, And sorry for shape of the map I actually ran out of time I didn't have time to make the map look better, and this was the map before I made it in Doom Builder Again Thanks to MR.Jimmy and everybody
  5. Am I still can send my level even before the stream ?