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  1. Ks4

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    tnt-7n-5094.zip New zip file, please upload this one and not the previous one, thank you so much DSDA team.
  2. Map 03 NM in 55.77 nerve-3n-5577.zip Map 08 NM in 59.69 nerve-8n-5969.zip
  3. Map 09 Pacifist in 25.26 nerve-9-2526.zip
  4. Map 01 NM in 36.74 nerve-1n-3674.zip
  5. Geryon in 43.80 geryon-4380.zip
  6. Could this be discovered on most iwad maps? Or even pwads? Is this the future of uv/nm speed?
  7. E3M5 in 46.17 h3-5-4617.zip E3M5 BP in 46.17 h3-5b-4617.zip
  8. E5M1 in 1:16.80 h5-1-11680.zip
  9. I hope not to sound like a whining noob, but I don't agree with this doom migrated feature, this means easier extra tics. I know this is an advantage, but I feel this is more like a game modification, like those common weird zdoom features. (also with hexen)
  10. Ohh really? Think that might be unfair with old runs, but don't know if any old heretic port has that feature.
  11. @aconfusedhuman Excuse me, did you use the repeat demo button, or you close the game and reopen every try? I mean, I only can change the starting player angle reopening the game because of the loading time since heretic doesn't have screen melt.
  12. Map 01 Pacifist in 28.86 nerve-1-2886.zip Map 03 in 48.23 nerve-3-4823.zip Please name me "Ks4" on dsda, Thanks.
  13. Ks4

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Is there a way to get any demo time instantly? Or even faster than playback duration?
  14. Ks4

    Doom 2 in under 10 minutes [TAS]

    This is Beautiful
  15. E1M4 in 38.89 h1-4-3889.zip E1M4 BP in 38.97 h1-4b-3897.zip