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  1. sandman

    Doom 3 md2/md3 project

    DunBar >>> The game will be alot better than this, and I don't WANT people to do anything, this is a project, all I am doing is taking models from doom 3 and porting them to doomgl or any other gl engine, sense there is no copywright as of now because of the game being released as a leak then there is no illegal actions that they can take against me. People will still play the game, I don't know why you would think that they would not want to just because they have a copy of doom 2 with some engine and doom 3 models and sounds... seems like dumb comment to make, and levels are another thing, I don't plan to release levels from the alpha nor ask people to make them, I don't know where you came up with that but that will never happen, and if it does I will e-mail Id and ask them for there permission, as of now these models may change in the retail, either way there is no illegal stuff going on here.
  2. sandman

    Doom 3 md2/md3 project

    Mr. Chris >>> Well I wouldent like it very much, but that is just me. If you don't like what im doing then just ignor this Thread.
  3. sandman

    Doom 3 md2/md3 project

    It may be possible, any way I convert them I will and I will try to make Zdoom/Jdoom Compatible of using them by editing here and there, either way I will try my hardest to get this right, try to make doom more of a scary game then a shootum up game, if you played any of my levels from 2 years or so ago you would know that I dont put 30+ demons in one spot.
  4. sandman

    Doom 3 md2/md3 project

    Legal is one thing, thats why im not telling anyone where to get the "game" itself, the models are diffrent, once I convert them and port them to a engine I am going to release it as a beta.
  5. sandman

    Doom 2/1 Retextured Project COMPLETE

    Well from the levels I played they were complete, this is still an ongoing project, and I am going to get some help from some people on porting it to Zdoom, it is made for Jdoom though. I am also sure that ZdoomGL can handle it. Dont count on non gl ports sense they dont support 32bit textures (at least to what I know, I may be wrong.)
  6. Wow... these f****** rock. Makes it more like a morph between doom 2/3 I absolutely loves these. I thought everyone should be informed so they get there own copy :D http://switch.to/doom2textures/
  7. sandman

    Doom 3 md2/md3 project

    This post was orginally for doom connector forums but has moved... I am trying to get enough people to help out in conveting doom 3 models to doom 2 (gl/jdoom/zdoomgl, any doom that supports gl). Some of you may wounder about how the high polys will be done, I don't know yet, I will try to handle this though, I may edit them and take out a few polys or leave them as be if the engine I choose to use has no errors. If it is just plain impossible then I will wait for MD3 but from whats going on now I don't plan to do that. I need some people to help out ONLY if you are experinced with graphics/modeling or have a fast connection and can host our files. I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHERE TO GET DOOM 3 FROM (it is only a alpha anyway) so please dont ask. I have the models on ICQ though, and if they are not there when you check they will be, as well as sounds, im planning on using sounds too, so if anyone can find out please contact me.