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  1. Salmon

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    @TheCyberDruid, thanks for pointing that out! I actually built the map with the first version of the resource pack. Evidently the switch texture I used was removed in the second version of the resources, hence the weirdness there. I'll get it fixed and update my original post. The MIDI was written by stewboy for the Alien Vendetta MIDI pack that came out last year. It's, of course, the track for Hillside Siege.
  2. Salmon

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    This should be ready ready for testing now. Name: Hillside Dweebs Inspiration: Alien Vendetta map 06: Hillside Siege Modes: Singleplayer and very untested coop Testing: DSDA-Doom -cl9, PRBoom+UM -cl9, Eternity, GZDoom (Boom Strict) Skill Levels: All implemented Music: stewboy - Shoot the Pianist Info: The original Hillside Siege is a run and gun map balanced a single green armor and low-ish ammo, making infighting very important. In making my map, I tried to keep to those things in mind as guidelines rather than strict rules. I ended up with a run and gun map balanced around two green armors and moderate ammo availability of everything but cells, with infighting tending toward being beneficial rather than necessary. Visually, I tried to recreate the general feeling of the original--that you're attacking some sort of hillside base. And sorry for the awful pun of a map name, but hey, the project's called Momento Moron. Any sort of feedback is welcome. I'm happy to watch demos. If you notice any errors or have issues with balance, I'd appreciate it if you let me know sooner rather than later--I'll be fairly busy toward the end of the month and into early June. Thanks, y'all! Download: Hillside Dweebs version 1.1 (fixed switch textures)
  3. Salmon

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    Working on a map inspired by AV map 06.
  4. Salmon

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Well, that's a shame. I hope Thelokk is able to take up leadership of the project again in the future. It's a fun concept and I thought things were going well. At the moment my "map" for this consists of a concept, a MIDI, and an outline sketch. I've been focusing on my MAYhem contribution since it has an earlier deadline. I'll see where things are at when I'm done with that but right now I'm a maybe on still contributing. Thanks to @Snaxalotl for (sort of) taking over the project!
  5. Salmon

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    I had a good time making something for this last year. I'm in!
  6. Salmon

    Is UV Max for babies?

    When testing my own maps, my most typical run is to do 100% kills and 0% secrets to make sure the secrets aren't necessary for map completion. That said, once all the monsters are dead I'll often double back from the exit to pick up the secrets. This has the added benefit of reminding to make sure that it's easy to re-explore the map from the exit area. That's about the only time I aim not to get secrets intentionally--in other people's maps it's because I'm stupid and can't find them. My secrets tend to be purely beneficial, though. Secret fights can make getting all secrets harder than not doing so.
  7. I have a feeling that making Releases and Development the main forum would lead to a lot more work for the mod team. A lot of people aren't going to look at the forum descriptions and just dump their discussion posts in whatever the main forum is. Mods will have to move those posts and people who are just looking for releases will still have to sift through clutter. Not the end of the world but I don't see that being much better than the old format. As someone who primarily uses these forums to find wads to play, participate in community projects, and share my own releases, I support having Releases and Development be the subforum. People looking for that stuff are going to find it, especially since there is a direct link to it from the main page. Really though, my preference would be for Releases and Development to be its own thing with no subforums and have wad discussion as a subforum of Doom General or another main forum.
  8. Salmon

    How'd you get into Doom, anyway?

    I first played Doom in '96 or '97 when my family got a computer. I was not quite a teenager. We had this disc with all these games on it that included shareware Doom. Funny enough, I played shareware Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, Heretic, and the Dark Forces demo all at the same time because of that one compilation. I also played SNES Doom a bit over at friend's house during the same period. While I played shareware Doom over and over again, that was really the only Doom I would play for another 20 years. My parents didn't like violent video games so I had to play all of that stuff kinda surreptitiously. By the time I could have bought it for myself I had lost interest. First PWAD I played was in... '98 or so, I think? I had mostly moved on from FPS to RTS then (lots of Warcraft 2 and Starcraft). It was some awful map a friend of mine made for Doom 2 that I played on his computer. Not sure what editor he used but I remember messing around with it a little. His map was bad, all I remember is pistoling lots of pinkies in a dark hallway. No idea if he ever uploaded it anywhere. That was my first experience with Doom 2, PWADs, and editors. It gave me a bad impression of all three, unfortunately. I goofed around with Freedoom a tiny bit around 2009, but other than that I didn't touch Doom until the summer of 2020. I was bored during Covid lockdowns and, like a lot of people, feeling nostalgic, so I bought all the classic Doom games and played through them for the first time. I had such a great time that I started looking into modern PWADs. Sigil, Ancient Aliens, and Scythe were the first ones I played. I was so impressed by Ancient Aliens that I was curious how someone would even make Doom... do that. So I downloaded UDB in August 2020 and have been messing around with it since. It's weird--on one hand I definitely feel like I missed out on a lot, since in retrospect I'm sure I would have had a good time if I joined the community 20 years ago. But on the other hand I'm really, really happy to have gotten started with all of the high quality modern editors, source ports, and PWADs as examples.
  9. Salmon

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    @Thelokk, I'm in. I like horror quite a bit although gore's not usually my thing. But I have an idea I want to explore and I need more MBF21 practice.
  10. @dac, here's an updated version of my map with a death exit: Windswept v2 Changes: The two eastern mancubi (or Hell Knights) in the first section are now revealed by a new walkover linedef. This linedef is triggered when you enter either of the western rocket cubbies. Speed of initial trap trigger reduced from turbo to fast. Stimpak in opening area changed to medikit. Added two rockets to the second section. Added a death exit. A few minor visual adjustments. I think these changes make the map play a little smoother without really needing to reconsider its place in the overall order.
  11. Salmon

    Ideal WAD Length? - Poll

    The longer a wad is the more variety I like to see in its map types. Varying visual themes occasionally is nice but what I'm really talking about is gameplay. I like lots of different styles but sometimes I don't really want to play 5 hard challenge/slaughter maps in a row. Give me a tighter, focused techbase between two slaughter-lite maps. Or a quiet, atmospheric map between larger maps with high monster counts. That kind of stuff really helps keep me engaged with longer wads. So even if maps get slowly harder over time in a megawad, I don't think they should always get longer--break things up a little with some short maps, even in the 25+ slots. Short maps can be hard too! But if a wad is shorter overall, I don't really mind if it's more samey with its gameplay or visuals, and often that can work to a short wad's benefit. I realize I answered the question at an angle but for me these considerations boil down to pacing more than overall length.
  12. Salmon

    Accidental Plagiarism

    I had played Going Down when I played your map set and I never felt like you were copying it. Really, the flesh textures suggest a lot of their own tropes--being inside of or on top of a monster, fleshy corrupted techbases, fleshy demonic hell, etc. I feel like lots of people can arrive at these ideas from different places totally legitimately. Alien Vendetta came out in 2001 and map 29 has a section where you go into a mouth and enter a fleshy throat area. I think it'd be weird for someone to suggest that mouldy copied Andy Johnsen because of that. I have a feeling there's probably an earlier example of this in the idgames archives, anyway. When I think of plagiarism in Doom, it's more stuff like copy and pasting map geometry, clearly ripping off specific visuals, or basically replicating the exact mechanics of particular fights (although I feel like there's a lot of leeway on this one.) I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, that giant fleshy head was amazing!
  13. @SCF, @alexsa2015sa, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! In terms of my map, I'll do an update eventually to add a death exit but I'm holding off for now in case I get more opinions. My main concern is the general business of the opening area. It's a bit dependent on how blind friendly people want UV to be since it's such a short map anyway. I may end up splitting up that initial walkover trigger to make either the mancs or the arachnotrons revealed by another walkover linedef upon entering either of the cubbies where the boxes of rockets are. Regarding all the cyberdemons in the wad, yeah, it's definitely noticeable. I actually didn't use a cybderdemon myself since I was wary about that happening. That said, I don't know what could really be done about it now. Since there aren't set map slots you can't really limit cybers to particular map numbers. It's mostly a pacing issue for me. If there's any sort of sequel or successor project to this I think it'd be a good idea to have a soft time limit for map completion the way Micro Slaughter did (although 5 minutes might be too long for 30 monsters.) Having to map with a specific par time in mind would probably limit the number of cybers or at least reduce the amount of time needed to kill them in a particular fight.
  14. Apologies for yet another blue map but I had to use that palette. Download - Windswept v2 Download - Windswept v1 Map Name: Windswept Author: Salmon Theme: Temple Music: Power Plant by Deadwing Difficulty Settings: Implemented Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom, Eternity, GZDoom Description: A compact run and gun map. Notes: UV and HMP have the same monster placement but HMP has more health and armor. HNTR has extra health and armor with easier monsters. Coop starts are placed. There shouldn't be any multiplayer softlocks. No extra monsters though, obviously. Comments, demos, and videos are all welcome from anyone. I don't usually make maps like this so let me know about balance. Definitely looking for softlocks and texture issues as well. Any sort of feedback is appreciated, really. Thanks! Monster Count:
  15. Some progress on my map for the 30 Monsters Challenge project.