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  1. @MObreck, thanks, I appreciate the testing! I was surprised to see you say that since I never play or test with freelook and honestly kind of hate secrets that require it. I'm unable to reproduce the issue you're talking about using the 0.2 version of the project and the most recent EE dev build from September 10th. I was able to tag both shoot switches in the map from a variety of angles with all the hitscan weapons and the fist. Would you mind looking at it again if you get the chance? And if anyone else wants to have a look, that'd be great too.
  2. A small update to my map. I added some impassible lines around the edges and some monster blocking lines near the central cybers to make it more obvious that you're telefragging them. Standing Stones v2
  3. Okay, I updated my map. Mostly just some enemy changes to reduce the number of hitscanners but some adjustments to resources as well. The map should still be the same difficulty but with less annoying hitscan placement and more sensible resource distribution. I didn't touch the geometry. Washed Out v2
  4. @Obsidian, what sort of balance changes are we allowed to make? Can we adjust enemy numbers, resources, make placement changes, that sort of thing? Just as long as we're not really altering geometry? I had very little time for balancing back in May but don't want to go against the time-limited spirit of the project if I make changes now.
  5. @Raith138, thank you for the feedback! This is a limit-removing map, so if you're using GZDoom you should be using the Doom (strict) compatibility mode rather than the default one. Options > Full Options Menu > Compatibility Options > Compatibility Mode. Basically in the format I designed it for, you're not allowed to jump since you weren't allowed to in the original games. I do need to add some impassible lines around the edges of the map, though, thanks!
  6. Okay, here's my submission. I didn't have much mapping time this month so it's basically a glorified speedmap. It's a sort of run and gun/slaughter-lite thing that is probably more chaotic than difficult. If you want to max, you don't need to clean up the perched imps--they should all get teleported into the final fight eventually, I promise! Screenshots: Name: Washed Out Author: Salmon Format: UDMF (Eternity) Testing: Eternity (one of the more recent dev builds) Skill Levels: Implemented Co-op: Player starts only, there shouldn't be any soft locks Music: Turbulence by Tristan Download: Washed Out v2 Washed Out v1 Please feel free to test and provide feedback however you like. I'm always open to suggestions. If you spot any bugs or texture mistakes, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. This is a limit-removing run and gun map using only stock textures. Screenshots: Map Name: Standing Stones Author: Salmon Format: Limit-removing (complevel 2) Skill Levels: All implemented Modes: Single player with coop starts Ports Tested: Crispy Doom, Eternity -vanilla, DSDA-Doom -cl2, GZDoom (Doom strict) Playtime: ~10 to 20 minutes Music: Aerial Tombs by Alfonzo Download: Standing Stones v2 Standing Stones v1 Please feel free to test and provide feedback however you like. I'm always open to suggestions. If you spot any bugs or texture mistakes, I'd appreciate it if you let me know!
  8. Portals! Don't sit too close to the television, kids.
  9. Okay, I'm in! I wanted to make sure I understood how to do linked portals first. It took an embarrassingly long amount of time and lots of practice even with the examples and wiki documentation, but I think I get it now. Excited to see a project for Eternity.
  10. Some people like the experience of pop-up traps. Mappers enjoying putting pop-up traps in their maps and players liking it when they encounter a pop-up are two entirely different things, but I tend to like both in a lot of situations. One of the nice things about Doom mapping is that everyone knows the rules. We know how the monsters can act, we know what the weapons do, we know the limits of how map geometry can move and behave. While many people will talk about the myriad things you can do within a Doom map, the truth is most people will load up a wad expecting certain unspoken rules to be observed. A mapper can toy with these expectations to create interesting gameplay. Really, when you encounter a pop-up trap, there's two main reactions: 1) Hey! You did something unfair and I don't like it and 2) Hey! You did something unfair and... Oh, I actually liked that. Defeating a pop-up trap on a first attempt gives the player a particular sort of satisfaction that can't be gained from a clearly telegraphed arena or a slow-build encounter. The mapper played dirty but the player still won. Or, you know, they lost and deleted the wad forever. I guess I mostly don't agree with the idea that pop-up traps aren't cheap. They are, or often can be, cheap. I just happen to like that most of the time. When I make a map, I'm aiming for a certain smoothness overall. But I don't want it to be too smooth. Sometimes there needs to be a little texture and well, sometimes, there needs to be a few jagged nails. Pop-up traps can be a really interesting way to layer in that sort of abrasiveness. I think this is part of the reason (and this is armchair analysis on my part!) that you can see a lot of those quick, intense floor drop traps in skillsaw wads, sort of like you see in a lot of Alm stuff. The gameplay in skillsaw wads often feels pretty inviting... until it doesn't and your expectations of a particular rule set are replaced with panic. Some people complain about this but I see it as an inextricable part of skillsaw maps. To me, skillsaw wouldn't be skillsaw without "skillsaw traps." Anyway, I'm just saying Doom is great because people tend to come into it with certain knowledge and exceptions and some people like to see those things subverted because they think it's fun. TLDR some of us are hopeless deviants.
  11. Map Name: But Not in Our Dreams Author: Salmon Music: Punch It, Sleaze It by Alfonzo Difficulty Settings: Implemented Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom, GZDoom Description: A small run and gun map loosely inspired by a Futurama quote. Notes: Regarding nomo, some events are on timers but these timers can be skipped with switch presses. Screenshots: Download: But Not in Our Dreams v1
  12. @Obsidian, I decided I liked the E1 sky better than the E2 sky so I added transfer tags for those ports that support them. I also added a little more health and ammo around the earlier parts of the map and moved a green armor based off of Xenaero's stream. Change the Channel v3
  13. I'm working on my submission for Thirty Monsters Challenge 2.
  14. @Sokoro, here's the release thread. There's still some bugs (I think) but at this point I would assume RC2 is likely final.
  15. I'll do this again. I'll probably make another stock texture, limiting-removing map but we'll see!