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Status Updates posted by Origamyde

  1. Progress on Oripathy II - 14 MAPS DONE OUT OF 32 !


    MAP01 - Rough Return



    MAP02 - Insane Isochrony



    MAP03 - Lasapaudia



    MAP04 - Thermal Burnout



    MAP05 - Pallas Athena



    MAP06 - Forest of Illusion



    MAP07 - The Town with No Name



    MAP08 - Office Obliteration



    MAP09 - Buying Groceries Online



    MAP10 - Elevator to the Great Sky



    MAP11 - Happy Chaos in your Meal



    MAP12 - Construct Carnage



    MAP13 - Backup Backbone



    MAP14 - Deafening Deals


    1. Djoga



      MAP07 - The Town with No Name

      Do you have the right time, old man?

  2. Oh the noes ! It's my birthday ! I'm 27 years old now :C



  3. Merry Christmas, fellow DOOMers! 

  4. It's been now 2 years since I joined the Doomworld Forums. Hurray !


    I'm really happy with the many projects I've partaked into, and even if some of my earlier works might feel rough to play now, I'm glad this gave me the experience needed to mature and progress in terms of gameplay :)


    Here's to 5 more years of mapping greatness from a French mapper (sorry about that. I'll do better next time) ! 

  5. Even more progress on BNBII !


    E1M2 :








    E1M9 :



  6. Some more progress on E1M2 of BNBII. 






  7. Still working tremendously on Black N' Blanco II ! Map E1M1 is done essentially, and I'm slowly shaping E1M2's layout as I go.



  8. Hey there, folks ! Been a long time since you've seen an update on Black & Blanco II, right ?


    Long story short, I'm currently reworking the entirety of my WAD : It's still on an episodic format, but now on Doom II and using even more of GZDoom's quirks !


    The reason I did this is all the more simple : while I was confident in my progress, sufficient feedback made me reconsider most of the level design's aspect of my maps, prompting me to go for something more interesting. That, and NaNoWADMo 2021 which allowed me to make a Demo version which should mark a milestone in what exactly I wanna go towards for my project. As frustrating as it was, I nonetheless carried on (and still do carry on).


    I apologize for the lack of news regarding this project, and to amend myself, have some pictures of E1M1's newest skeleton :











  9. I have now uploaded my contribution to Doomkid's 20 Years of Mapping Contest, Derelict Row. You can find it here :


  10. Happy New Year from France !


    Hopefully, 2022 shall be the year where I keep on shining in terms of WADs and projects. Stay tuned for more 😉

  11. I've now released a new collab map for Dac's 30 Monsters project. You can find it here :




    You need to play this WAD with the 32TEX texture pack. Otherwise, you won't have fun :(

  12. Sorry for not being that active on the website 😅


    I'm currently focusing on my studies and whatnot, so it's a bit complicated to work on stuff, let alone release anything at all 😶


    Worry not, though, as I intend on being drastically more active by mid / late December. Everybody loves presents after all, don't they ? 😏

  13. Hello there, friends! 


    As you may have guessed, I've released a Demo version of Black and Blanco II, with features that you will find again in the complete game. 


    You can find a link for it here


  14. Currently participating in NaNoWADMo 2021. I'll release a single-map demo for Black N' Blanco II, featuring all the new weapons, and specially-modified enemy sprites. 

  15. I'm only realizing now that I've released my twelfth project onto this website, and fifth submission regarding collaborative projects as well. 


    I've been enjoying my time on this website so far, and while I'm not as active as I wish I would be, I'm still happy browsing WADs by others, telling them they're cool, and having a blast at discovering techniques for improving mine 🤗


    So, here's to me, the Doomworld community, and a possible future as a seasoned mapper !

    1. Catpho


      Grats on the milestone! Haven't had much time or interest to seek out new maps, but i had a blast with the few of yours i played. Cheers!

  16. Look at these healthy young people. They definitively don't look like shady cultists ready to skin you alive for their mad god :D

    (This acts more as placeholder textures and design exploration for now. I have yet to convert those faces onto working enemies)


    > Should I make them real, here's how they would behave :



    Grey : Basic hitscan enemy, akin to zombiemen

    Brown : More dangerous hitscan enemy, behaves like a sergeant

    Blue : Even more dangerous hitscan enemy, behaves like a chaingunner

    Green : Projectile-based enemy, sends orbs of illness (light poison damage) at you

    Purple : Projectile-based enemy, sends lightning at you

    Orange/Red : Projectile-based enemy, sends fireballs at you



    Inverted foes : Same as Grey / Brown / Blue, but with inverted sound effects.


    Drops : mostly ammunition, with a chance of dropping additionnal health and armor bonuses.

  17. Hello there, fellow DOOMers !


    Just a quick message to warn you that I'll be taking a break from the site : I'll be going to my university soon enough, and probably won't have time to spend here.


    No worries, though : BNBII is still being worked on. A relative of mine (who works as a freelancing artist and designer) suggested me to revamp the weapons sprites a bit, and this will be included as well. I'll try to release screenshots of those changes at the same time as the final levels are done.


    See you soon !

  18. I'll be back to my BNB shenanigans soon enough, so please have a taste of my latest WAD upload in the meantime !



  19. I have now uploaded another single-map WAD onto this website, called Nu-Arsenal. You can check it out here :




  20. Some updates on Black N' Blanco II's E1M6.








  21. Hey there, friends !


    Sorry for the lack of updates on BNBII, I'm currently having myself some vacation after finishing my part-time job 😔


    Worry not, though, as I'm still working hard on my project : E1M6 is beginning to take shape, and only two maps will remain after that 😊


    See you soon !

  22. Having completed my map for the Literalism Project, I've finished work on E1M9. It's core gimmick (aside from obscure memes) is the complete absence of Known Secrets : only unofficial ones, which must be searched through and through in order to reach the Ultra-Rare Angelina trading card :)












  23. "All around you, the walls of this strange place feel somehow familiar. Nostalgia fills your body, despite seemingly never setting a foot here before..."


    Quick showcase of E1M9's general layout and design. Enjoy these screenshots, for I'll suspend work to start building my mapset for the Literalism Project collab.



  24. Hey there !


    Sorry for the very brief status. I wanted to make a smallish update so as to reassure people that I'm still active on my WAD conversion, if only slower due to my part-time job.


    As a token of forgiveness, here's a short video (5mn-ish) showcasing so far what's been done, and what remains to be done. Let me know what you think about it !



  25. Hey :)1597869117_2021-07-2222_26_39-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.8a2d90d38759f5c108c10c968c0b5ac4.png1433981786_2021-07-2222_27_17-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.eaf5850857c12f7c8ed5032722c0b82f.png813491711_2021-07-2222_24_57-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.378602b71ddaa0e5c33fed948cabe261.png1713244904_2021-07-2222_25_26-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.49a694ab8101ef10dc28c037615cc3c1.png1320399456_2021-07-2222_25_55-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.015cf3cdd3ba1f6ea1c83b73e13b94bc.png1934112074_2021-07-2222_28_44-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.9d4831488f5cca08a1bcff486c997e2d.png755031911_2021-07-2222_24_25-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.f8d55dc671b78048abc8d8835c4de9f2.png1346919567_2021-07-2222_28_13-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.02987117614a495e97d22dfe516e18cf.png1834130179_2021-07-2222_27_46-BLACKNBLANCO2.wad(E1M5)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3789(64-bit).png.4357c42c3519eb28ef9453d29eeade16.png

    1. Origamyde


      You can probably tell I was hugely inspired by titles such as Adventures of Square in terms of aesthetics :)