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  1. Hey there, folks ! Been a long time since you've seen an update on Black & Blanco II, right ?


    Long story short, I'm currently reworking the entirety of my WAD : It's still on an episodic format, but now on Doom II and using even more of GZDoom's quirks !


    The reason I did this is all the more simple : while I was confident in my progress, sufficient feedback made me reconsider most of the level design's aspect of my maps, prompting me to go for something more interesting. That, and NaNoWADMo 2021 which allowed me to make a Demo version which should mark a milestone in what exactly I wanna go towards for my project. As frustrating as it was, I nonetheless carried on (and still do carry on).


    I apologize for the lack of news regarding this project, and to amend myself, have some pictures of E1M1's newest skeleton :











  2. It appears that even after some extra tinkering of my map (courtesy of @Dusty_Rhodes), the level of detailing and amount of sectors/linedefs makes it impossible to be played in Chocolate / Vanilla Doom without crashes and other issues. I apologize for this inconvenience, and will promptly add a disclaimer about it. Even though I'm glad my map isn't completely unplayable, it's a shame it's not suitable for your typical OG Doom experience :(
  3. Hey there, Glikkzy ! Unfortunately, I do not know how much I can do to fix those issues regarding Chocolate Doom/Vanilla. Your best bet would be to use forks like RUDE, or switch to engines like PRBoom+ / Crispy Doom. I'll modify my post to specify the problems encountered by you and other people potentially, and stop recommanding Chocolate Doom for now until I can make sure it works properly. Sorry for the inconvenience 😔
  4. I have now fixed my map with another new version. It should no longer trigger any more bugs related to collision and height.
  5. Thanks for telling me this, Doomkid. I'll be working on a version with modified traps to prevent this issue in the future.
  6. I have now uploaded my contribution to Doomkid's 20 Years of Mapping Contest, Derelict Row. You can find it here :


  7. Version 1.1 : Fixed a bug with the monster traps (courtesy of Doomkid), trimmed some textures, added four additional enemies that were missing in the first version. ============================================================================================ Alright, folks, here's my contribution for Doomkid's 20YMC : Derelict Row ! Derelict Row - OneManOri (20 Years of Mapping Contest).zip * Tested on : - GZDoom (Works flawlessly) - PRBoom+ (Works flawlessly) - DSDA-Doom (Works flawlessly) - Crispy Doom (Works flawlessly) * THIS WAD CANNOT BE PLAYED IN RUDE / CHOCOLATE DOOM / VANILLA DOOM * Fully implemented difficulty settings * Co-op compatible * Multiplayer compatible * MIDI used : Put You Down by Alice In Chains (MIDI rendition by Doomkid) "Jamal Jones finds himself stranded in a former UAC complex, now overrun by decay, ruin and demons. It's time to reclaim the place !"
  8. This is a really good texture and enemies pack you've provided us, Doomkid ! Any chance we could get access to a separate WAD file containing your textures in the future ? By the way, I'm participating to this contest. Even if I don't win at all, I'll have fun, and I hope you and everybody else does :D
  9. Origamyde

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    Congrats on the release of D2TWWRI, everyone ! Let's hope we all get a kick out of these extremely well-remembered maps, beyond the eventual laughs and giggles we'll have thanks to inaccuracies 😄 Thank you @Engired for organizing this community project and offering yet another opportunity for people on Doomworld to shine 😉
  10. Happy New Year from France !


    Hopefully, 2022 shall be the year where I keep on shining in terms of WADs and projects. Stay tuned for more 😉

  11. I have now updated The Bloody Devils to Version 2. It features changed switches textures so as not to provoke a bug where their animations would not trigger properly, and tweaked and cleaned-up textures in general to give more coherence to the whole thing. Have fun ! https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2392875
  12. Thanks for playing my WAD, but especially for pointing out this dreadful bug of mine 😱 I know exactly why this bug is happening (the textures were directly incorporated via Slade instead of the level editor), and I'll fix it as soon as I can. In the meantime @Bloodbath Giraffe, could you tell me if your version of GZDoom is up to date ( and beyond) ?
  13. Origamyde

    Dartagur Dungeon - my second UDMF map

    Forgot to comment on your WAD, so I'll leave a message here. Your maps are simply amazing. They're just fun to progress through, and the designing of most of the rooms is beyond decent. I'm also glad you chose to stick to the UDMF format through and through : we need more of that to break the constant barrage of Boom mapset 😌 I hope you get the recognition you deserve. Your hard work shouldn't go unnoticed at all 😶
  14. Origamyde

    Community Trunk, a cp in the style of CC1 and CC2

    Shattering Mayhem (Community Trunk 5).rar Here's my (long-awaited) contribution to Dusty's Community Trunk, Shattering Mayhem !
  15. I've now released a new collab map for Dac's 30 Monsters project. You can find it here :




    You need to play this WAD with the 32TEX texture pack. Otherwise, you won't have fun :(

  16. 30mcORI.zip Map Name : Caco By Caco (map order not relevant) Author : Origamyde Theme : Egyptian (Misri Halek without pyramids) Music : Camel by Camel - Sandy Morton Difficulty Settings : Fully Implemented Ports Tested : DSDA-Doom / GZDoom Description : "Doomguy goes to Egypt for the holyday. Chaos ensues, and he is now forced to battle against an onslaught of thirty fierce demons. To think he just wanted to visit the Valley of the Kings once in his life..." Notes : There are much more cacodemons on the Ultra-Violence difficulty setting, hence the name of this map.
  17. Hey there @dac ! Saw that thread popping up on my feed not long ago, and I'd like to participate to the project alongside everyone else :D Thank you in advance :)
  18. Sorry for not being that active on the website 😅


    I'm currently focusing on my studies and whatnot, so it's a bit complicated to work on stuff, let alone release anything at all 😶


    Worry not, though, as I intend on being drastically more active by mid / late December. Everybody loves presents after all, don't they ? 😏

  19. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Hey there, Clippy ! Thanks for playing Angry Quilt 2 ! If you need to know, I was the one who designed Square 5 - The one with the Berserk secret at the beginning, your favorite ;) - ! But of course, everyone's contribution to the project was a blast as well :O
  20. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Hey there, I've just noticed Angry Quilt 2 is approaching its final release state. That's great ! I loved working on the project. It was a blast from start to finish, and everyone's contribution is amazing :D Thank you @MidnightMage for organizing this community project. I hope I'll be available someday for the third iteration, and whether I'll sign up again or not, good luck in advance to all future participants !
  21. ================================================================================================================ -> Link for NaNoWADMo and everyone's contributions to the event : ================================================================================================================ Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! Following the small success and praise that received Black N' Blanco : Adventures in Monochrome a few months ago, I've began work on a sequel at the same time. Progress was steady, and participating in the 2021 edition of NaNoWADMO has allowed me to create and enhance a fresher, more interesting player experience. Now, as I'll be focusing back on the Episode project, please welcome the official Demo Version of BNBII ! ================================================================================================================ What's new in this version ? ================================================================================================================ - More texture and spriting work (yeah, yeah, I know, enemies are still not designed differently. Don't worry, though : this will be the case in BNBII)! - A custom-made weaponry (with revamped weapons straigth from Realm667), some sporting Altfire functions ! - New sounds, and revamped old ones ! - Enhanced jumping mechanics, brought to you by AirControl the magic of aerodynamics ! - A custom menu look + launcher (courtesy of @Matacrat) ! - A new soundtrack ! - A scoring system for all "gamers" out there ! - Collectibles ! Can you find all 9 trading cards scattered across the map ? - More action ! - More pixels ! - More everything ! ================================================================================================================ Link for the .pk3 file here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pm43zuy0g2ck896/AACb0CBwhsVzAdmWiaEpnJFNa?dl=0 ================================================================================================================ * As always, thank you in advance for your feedback and impressions regarding my project. It always pleases me, and motivates me even harder to release newer and newer projects onto this website :D *
  22. Sorry for making a bump upon this topic right here, I just simply decided to add a Texture file with all common textures used for Black N' Blanco II's Demo. You can now try them for yourself, and make your own monochrome-themed textures ! BNBTEX.zip
  23. For those scrolling down this thread, you can now play the demo version of BNBII over here :
  24. Thanks a lot, man ! Don't forget to tell me how you felt about the WAD afterwards :D
  25. Hello there, friends! 


    As you may have guessed, I've released a Demo version of Black and Blanco II, with features that you will find again in the complete game. 


    You can find a link for it here