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  1. Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! After a bit of time, and while MAP16 and more are underway, I've decided to treat you all with a sneak peek at Oripathy II's super secret map, MaPeWi ! Consider this my early Christmas present for this website :) MPW.zip Why MaPeWi ? Well, it's because : Anyway, here's all you need to know about it : The map itself is comprised of 9 sectors : 4 mandatory to open up access to the rest of them, 4 optional if you need to replenish yourself in terms of health and ammo, and one final encounter when the central access is unlocked. There's 50 monsters on each sector, with variations so as to spice things up, and 9 secrets in total to give yourself a boost. Also, you can have a funny little surprise on the automap when nearly all sectors are unlocked and explored ;) - CompLevel-9 compatible. - Uses the very-known 32in24-15 Texture pack. - No Jumping / Crouching allowed. I've made sure of that. - Uses Cammy's "Cookie Fangs" as D_RUNNIN. Apart from all that, please enjoy my work, leave some feedback if you did, and merry Christmas to you all ! :O
  2. >> COMPLETE VERSION : NOW WITH 32 BRAND-NEW MAPS ! << ======================================================== Hey there, fellow DOOMers ! Sometimes, when you don't feel like creating a magnum opus of a Megawad, or when you're too tired to make a slaughtermap with 5 billion scrimblo-bimblos, it's always a safe bet to produce a few speedmaps / medium-length maps for the masses :) Thus, my newly completed project : a series of many, many short/medium-length maps made from hours to a few days :D This WAD is to be played on Complevel 9 - Boom / Limit-removing (but other engines such as GZDoom should be fine), includes a custom-tailored 32TEX texture pack inside of it (no need to load it anymore !), and can be pistol-started. Though, you are warned as to the difficulty increase should you opt for this path >:) OripathyFinalFinal.zip ... I don't have much to say, I fear. Enjoy those screenshots and all of the maps to the fullest ! Additional thanks to @finnks13, @ANonThingie!, @Matacrat and @Dusty_Rhodes for testing and bug-fixing. Thank you so much for giving my maps most of your time, and godspeed ! Level Numerology and song tracklist [Spoilers !] :
  3. Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! Last bump before I give the Megawad some earned rest for good : I've updated the file into a .zip file for compression sake. It incorporates all updates made to all maps so far, up to version 12, and should (except if yet another issue is revealed in the meantime) no longer need to be checked ever again. Thank you all for joining in on my antics, and see you around for when Oripathy II releases !
  4. Origamyde

    [1.1] Un Songe of a Midsommar Nacht

    Hello there, @FrankieSturdust ! Thank you for playing my map :) Following your input and feedback, I've made some slight modifications to USOAMN. While both switches that raise and lower the bridge sector are technically repeatable, and while the teleport leading to the secret sector is also a repeatable action, I've made sure to add an additional lift switch to prevent potential soft-locking. If by Supercharge, you mean the Berserk Pack :
  5. Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! I'm back with another mapset, woo ! :O This one is quite peculiar : called Un Songe of a Midsommar Nacht (which is a play on Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream ), it is Oripathy II's MAP15, and features as such a secret exit as well. Will you find it, or perish against the cruel onslaught of demons that will inevitably swarm you ? >:) Download link : >>> USOAMN.zip <<< You will find in this wad : - 801 monsters, more than MAP04 - Thermal Burnout, but not quite as much as Oripathy's MAP32 - The Modren Man ! - About 20-25mn of gameplay ! - Action ! - Violence ! - Drama ! - Custom Textures ! - A secret Easter Egg ! - And music by James Paddock, Cammy and Bloo ! As always, thank you for playing my maps and feeding me your delicious feedback. It really means a lot to me, especially with the half-completion milestone reached on my Megawad project :) This map automatically disables crouching and jumping. /!\ NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PROJECT BRUTALITY /!\
  6. Origamyde

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    Thanks for letting me know. As of right now, I no longer wish to participate in order to focus on side projects of mine.
  7. Origamyde

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    Hey there ! I've seen that most of the slots I initially requested were filled rather quickly, so no need for me to make any map at all, right ? In any case, good luck with the mapset. Can't wait to see what everyone came up with ! :)
  8. Origamyde

    Realm Deeps 2023 Round-up!

    Never in my life have I wishlisted so many games from Realms Deep haha. - Had a blast going through Peripeteia's demo (Deus Ex meets Cyberpunk Poland), and I've yet to try The Last Exterminator's. - Eagerly waiting for the release of demos for D.O.R.F and Dying Breed (probably the most beautiful C&C-inspired games I've seen so far), Rune Coliseum (Sword & Sandals-esque), the reissue of Strike Force Heroes (wth), Agent 64, #Blud and more ! - Divine Frequency when :(
  9. Origamyde

    Game that everyone hates but you like?

    I'm a huge sucker for Tomb Raider : Angel of Darkness. This game is terrible. It's chock-full of unfulfilled ambitions, terribly-implemented ideas and execution, jank and non-sensical stuff happening all at once. Everyone hated it, people made scathing reviews about it, and it literally killed Core Design and Eidos (before the licence was brought back by Crystal Dynamics) due to its reputation. For me, though, it's a guilty pleasure. I grew up with it when I was younger, and while I fully acknowledge it is a terrible action platformer (which you can't even play properly without patches) compared to earlier Tomb Raider iterations (although I'd argue Tomb Raider 5 is the worst of the bunch), I still sometimes re-install it, play it again, and envision an alternate dimension where this was a gem instead of a massive turd. I remember that there is a fan-made restoration/remaster project on the works, but I haven't checked what progress they've made so far. There was also a reissue of some of Peter Connelly's work within a special anniversary edition album of Tomb Raider's most iconic songs (as often with games like these, it's always the soundtrack which is a net positive compared to the actual game), a remastered version of AoD's soundtrack called the Dark Angel Symphony, as well as MIDI demos. So that's about it.
  10. My bad, I've fixed it now :o Shattering-Mayhem-Community-Trunk-5.wad
  11. I'd prefer the linedefs solution, I wouldn't mind creating a speedrunning strat for MAP03 over putting an artificial blocker for players. Shattering-Mayhem-Community-Trunk-5.wad Lemme know if it's fine.
  12. It technically doesn't cause any issue, as you can still proceed through the next parts of MAP03, but it locks access to additional enemies should you go for a full completion. I'd recommend adding some discreet linedefs under the door to the courtyard that permanently lower both sector 2 and 6.
  13. @Matthias (LiquidDoom) Managed to fix the problem, and took some of my time off to clean up some bits and pieces I hadn't done previously. Shattering-Mayhem-Community-Trunk-5.wad
  14. I can look it up if needed, but I'll need additional info as to what doesn't work.
  15. @Firedust Nope, I had completely forgotten about that one as well, thank you for reminding me of this.
  16. Hello there, folks ! Courtesy of @Firedust's bug hunting, I've corrected some issues with Maps 19 and 26, and changed a sector's effect in Map 14.
  17. Origamyde

    [1.1] Un Songe of a Midsommar Nacht

    @Firedust Yes. I'm working on Oripathy II, which is a sequel to my very first Megawad release. I still have many more maps to design, and not all of them will be published on Doomworld so as to keep things interesting :)
  18. Not participating this year, but good luck to all newcomers and seasoned people :P
  19. Origamyde

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    Hi there ! Loving this project already, it's reminding me of previous ones like Angry Quilt :) I would love to give it a go, and have slots 5, 7 and 9 if possible :o
  20. Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! Here's a new map from me called Deafening Deals, acting as Oripathy II's MAP14. It's set in a mall-esque map compatible with MBF21 (CompLevel21), features some dabbling in doomcute (not a lot, but still) and custom textures, and shouldn't take long to complete. Oh, and most of the songs are MIDIs hailing from Neil Cicierega's earliest works. Deafening Deals.wad As always, thanks for playing my maps, and have fun ! :) - Extra thanks to @plums for teaching me how to re-integrate direct Imgur screenshot links onto my topic ! -
  21. Progress on Oripathy II - 14 MAPS DONE OUT OF 32 !


    MAP01 - Rough Return



    MAP02 - Insane Isochrony



    MAP03 - Lasapaudia



    MAP04 - Thermal Burnout



    MAP05 - Pallas Athena



    MAP06 - Forest of Illusion



    MAP07 - The Town with No Name



    MAP08 - Office Obliteration



    MAP09 - Buying Groceries Online



    MAP10 - Elevator to the Great Sky



    MAP11 - Happy Chaos in your Meal



    MAP12 - Construct Carnage



    MAP13 - Backup Backbone



    MAP14 - Deafening Deals


    1. Djoga



      MAP07 - The Town with No Name

      Do you have the right time, old man?

  22. Origamyde

    I made another doom ii wad

    Congrats on releasing another map for Doomworld ! It has potential, that's for sure. However, here's a few tips I can give you for the forseeable future : - You still haven't properly set the exit switch (instead of the W1 command, use something like S1 on your Doom editor). If a map cannot be exited properly, whether via a normal or secret exit, it barely qualifies at a playable one. - You probably don't need to add a rocket launcher in your map with such a few amount of enemies. Or, at least, it could be put in a secret sector, alongside the blue armor. - There's not that much diversity in the enemy encounters. You should try experimenting with stuff like monster closets, ambushes and teleport traps more. A shame, because the level flow is short but efficient. - There is, also, not that much diversity in the texturing department. It's one thing to create connected rooms, but giving them some flair is another. If you use Tech-related textures, for instance, try making some decorations related to them, or spicing things up by making it clash with another texture set (flesh / marble / brown...). Aside from this, don't give up ! Don't hesitate to dissect maps from The Ultimate Doom and Doom II to understand how they work, the level flow and design, and whatnot. It ain't easy learning how to make maps, but it will eventually click :) (If you want to edit weapon sprites, your best option would be to open Doom II on Slade, rip out most of the sprite files on a separate folder and modify them without changing their names.)
  23. Did some modifications to the map, courtesy of @TheNoob_Gamer. You can check the changes in the first post.
  24. A small, but wonderful modification for Doom ! I absolutely love when mappers do experimental stuff like this, where the focus is not on gameplay but telling a cohesive story. This reminds me a lot of what JP Lebreton did with his autobiography, though without any voice overs nor narrative :P Whether you will expand on stuff like this or release more classical maps, congrats on the release !