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  1. Telemassacre

    My way of doing Doom Reloads

    Hi there. I'm Telemassacre and i wanted to write this. So let's make a basic reloadable pistol. But before we do that, we need to create 2 new ammo types. Actor PistolAmmo : Ammo // collectable reserve ammo { Inventory.PickupMessage "Picked up a clip." Inventory.Amount 15 Inventory.MaxAmount 150 Ammo.BackpackAmount 15 Ammo.BackpackMaxAmount 300 Inventory.Icon "PMAGA0" +IGNORESKILL // added for realism, you can remove this if you want to States { Spawn: PMAG A -1 Stop } } Actor PistolClip : Ammo // clip ammo { Inventory.MaxAmount 15 // clip size of pistol Inventory.Icon "PMAGA0" +IGNORESKILL } Now we can add our pistol. ACTOR Glock17 : Weapon { Weapon.AmmoType "PistolClip" // What will actually be fired Weapon.AmmoUse 1 Weapon.AmmoGive 15 // It is generally a good idea to give players a whole clip Weapon.AmmoType2 "PistolAmmo" // The ammo type you collect in the world and store as reserve Tag "Pistol" +WEAPON.NOAUTOFIRE // Lets us make this pistol semi-automatic -- not needed +WEAPON.AMMO_CHECKBOTH // Lets you select the pistol with reserve ammo and none in the clip For the sake of simplicity, I have omitted other states that do not require special tags for this reload technique. States { Ready: PISG A 1 A_WeaponReady(WRF_ALLOWRELOAD) // Allows us to actually reload the pistol [default bind is R] Loop Fire: PISG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PistolClip",1,1) // Makes sure you have clip ammo before firing Goto Ready PISG B 2 A_FirePistol PISG C 2 A_Spawnitemex("BulletCasing",0,0,37,random(8,1),-6,random(5,8),270) Goto Ready Reload: PISG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PistolAmmo",1,1) // Makes sure you have reserve ammo before reloading Goto Ready PISG D 2 // reload animation PISG E 2 A_PlayWeaponSound("pistol/reload1") PISG F 2 A_PlayWeaponSound("pistol/reload6") PISG GHIJ 4 PISG K 4 A_PlayWeaponSound("pistol/reload2") PISG L 4 A_PlayWeaponSound("pistol/reload3") PISG ED 2 ReloadCalc: // Does the actual calculations for reloading PISG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PistolClip",15,"Ready") // Makes sure you have less than the max clip size [this weapon has it set to 15] PISG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PistolAmmo",1,1) // Makes sure you have reserve ammo before calculating Goto Ready PISG A 0 A_TakeInventory("PistolAmmo",1) // Takes reserve PISG A 0 A_GiveInventory("PistolClip",1) // Gives clip Goto ReloadCalc // loops until the clip is full } } So i hope you understand this tutorial, i just really wanted to make this to show you all my way of reload code.
  2. Telemassacre

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    doom rtx + smoothdoom + hd doom sfx + hd doom music
  3. Telemassacre

    Ultimate Community Project (READ POST FOR DETAILS)

    I will put levels in the format of which ones get posted first, but all of them should be pistol-startable. Map format is advised to be Doom Format, but Hexen or UDMF will do fine.
  4. Telemassacre

    Ultimate Community Project (READ POST FOR DETAILS)

  5. Telemassacre

    Share a random fact about yourself

    As of writing this comment, this is my favorite YTP.
  6. Hi there! When I see a community project it's almost always vanilla or a predetermined set of weapons. Well today i want to put an end to this blasphemy. In order to enter this community project, you must enter with: An obvious standard of all community projects! No particular theme, make whatever you want. You cannot use Realm667 You can use weapons/monsters you've made before Your map can use vanilla weapons/enemies but as soon as an equivalent is made i will replace them Preferably written in DECORATE New Ammo types discouraged, but allowed WEAPON SLOTS 1. Melee: 2. Pistols: 3. Shotguns: 4. Machine Guns: 5. Explosives: 6. Energy Weapons: 7: Overpowered Weapons:
  7. Telemassacre

    Ambient Doom [1.2]

    UPDATE: I have now released the 1.2 update. -Projectiles now make light humming sounds -Bullet Puffs now make ricochet sounds -Cleaned up some unused code
  8. Telemassacre

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Originally, Doom was meant to be un-moddable. This technology was calculated to take 20 years to make a mod for. However, this would launch the world into chaos. So a man named John Romero time-travelled from 2052 to 1989 to become friends with John Carmack, and eventually influence him to make Doom moddable. Later on, John's time in the future influenced the first draft of Deus Ex, however Warren Spector had too many creative liberties, causing Ion Storm to split up. Warren Spector gained custody of Deus Ex, much to John Romero's dismay.
  9. Hi there, i would like to make a music-posting thread of music, ranging from abominable to god-tier. I would like to contribute to this thread first:
  10. Telemassacre

    Misc. Classic Style Wad

    Hi there, i just wanted to make maps on impulse. Here they are. timedoom.zip The reason why the file is named "timedoom" was because i was making a big ambitious project where you would "time-travel" between different versions of the same set of 8 maps [these were those 8 maps.] There would be different timelines, including a Wolf3D version, a "primal" version with R667 enemies, and a Terry Wad version. Unfortunately, I got bored of it pretty fast and only completed the Wolf3D versions, before giving up. All that exists here are 8 maps, Doom 2, GZDoom. And even before that, the first 5 maps were part of another project which got usurped into the mod idea in the form of the primal reality.
  11. Feel free to make any jokes or corrections about the acronyms.
  12. RULES My definition of a "word" is that they must be separated by spaces. Languages that do not have words separated by spaces will not be excluded. I will use the alphabet and writing order of said language. Note that languages that read right-to-left [such as Arabic, Persian, or Yiddish] will use the "first" letters in their words. So that means that i will actually be using the rightmost character in each word. Also note that most languages use Arabic Numerals [1,2,3,4, ect.], but if Google translate specifies a different way of writing 9000, i will use it. So without any further ado, this is BFG9000 in all languages [supported by google translate.]
  13. Telemassacre

    Ambient Doom [1.2]

    ModDB Page Ever want to play doom levels without music, but it's too empty? Well, this is the mod for you! - Ambient sounds to decorations and projectiles - Destructible decorations - Shotshell and 9MM Casings on both player and monster weapons - Works for Pistol, Shotgun, Super-Shotgun, Chain-Gun, Zombiemen, Shotgun guys, Chaingun guys, SS Guys, and Spider masterminds. If there is an issue or suggestion you'd like to make, please let me know in the comments below.