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  1. Xcalibur344


  2. Xcalibur344


    Hello everyone, I'm a novice in modding, how could you say it? Well, I wanted to share my project called elitedoom, there are some things that are mine and some are not, but I gave credits I hope you like my mod :D https://www.moddb.com/mods/elitedoom-unreleased
  3. Xcalibur344

    Discord Doom Theme

    New update
  4. Xcalibur344

    Discord Doom Theme New update

    New update Plugin:https://betterdiscord.net/home/ Theme: https://www.mediafire.com/file/82k2k0v93o4rotn/Doom-New-update.theme.css/file
  5. Xcalibur344

    Wadazine Survival Sessions #2: NOVA: The Birth

    I hope they are not banned
  6. Xcalibur344

    Discord Doom Theme

  7. Xcalibur344

    Discord Doom Theme

    It may be that I update the theme and improve it a bit
  8. Xcalibur344

    Discord Doom Theme

    Well I have created a discord theme that is on the doom theme and I don't know if you will like it or not but hey here you have
  9. Xcalibur344

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    Nice job dude
  10. Xcalibur344

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    nice job