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  1. the ultimate mgm

    how to make a mod like brutal doom ?

    hi,l was wondering if l possibly can make my own edition of brutal doom, adding more guns, enemies, etc..... using decorate scripts,l wonder how l make gore for the enemies and iron sights for the weapons, and special features for the guns, t there is no tutorials out there on the internet to make such mods, please help me so l can make my mod.
  2. the ultimate mgm

    What Is Your Favorite Doom II Weapon (Poll!)

    the plasma rifle in doom 2 is really a meh weapons in this game,l found my self using it pretty rarely,since in doom 2 the plasma gun is a really bad gun comparing it to the ssg.
  3. the ultimate mgm

    What Is Your Favorite Doom II Weapon (Poll!)

    rip and tear civvie,UNTIL ITS DONE .
  4. the ultimate mgm

    Did id really add Nightmare difficulty as a joke?

    nice to see you here,but yes l agree it is nearly unbeatable,l rememeber that l beat doom 2 on nightmare it was sorta hard,all though it is maybe a joke,to you at least it is hard in your eyes but l think yes the (are you sure ?,this difficulty isn't remotely fair) is true,l suggest to the players in the game to play on hurt me plenty and not ultra violence or nightmare.
  5. the ultimate mgm

    Doom 2 Map Recreation Project Beta

    looks nice!,with this awesome wad I can play schism with a real sort of classic feeling
  6. any doom 2 single map wad in doom eternal style,but other then super gore nest arena