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  1. Dunn & Dunn

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    So, submissions for this end AFTER the deadline, November 30th? I've never had that before. I've already gotten my submissions in, I'm surprised we got enough to make nearly an actual megaWAD (as defined by the Doom Wiki). I haven't looked at any of the submissions besides @Egg Boy's and the ones I've made...I am looking forward to doing a semi-blind playthrough of this project when it is complete!
  2. Dunn & Dunn

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    RNG. And A.I. I know they are controversial topics within this community and everybody's got different opinions on it. Like I do. The only thing that truly makes me angry in games is RNG. No control over it, no skill required, just hoping the game doesn't screw you over.
  3. Dunn & Dunn

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    Dude, thank you SO much for the feedback! I am very glad to hear you liked this one. The megasphere and invincibility you can only get by using the Archvile in that blue key area to do an Archvile jump up there. It makes the map several times easier so it's super cryptic like that, hence why I decided not to make it a secret. :) It's my first time implementing an Archvile-jump trick, so yeah. I've played a lot of Ribbiks' maps and have been inspired and assisted by them. The clever fights...the secrets...the unnatural landscape...the Boom-exclusive linedef actions and voodoo doll tricks...as brutal as his maps are, I love them the most. I've always had a knack for interesting fights and gimmicks, and with the power of Boom I've been experimenting with ways to really screw with the player and make some interesting stuff like the health and armor pads. Thanks a lot!
  4. Dunn & Dunn

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    I've recently finished the second entry - taking my time with it in case I wanted any improvements, but I feel like the due date is close enough as it is. Information is available in a text document, but basically I tried to do an abandoned underground shipwreck with a few escape canoes, boxes, and other signs of prior human life. After doing that stupidly short and simple Getaway map, I wanted to do something more complicated. So managing your health and ammo sufficiently will require some exploring and utilization of optional areas...even if doing so may cost you your life... Under Wraps - Dunn & Dunn.zip
  5. I haven't really found any flaws with E4M1. It's a challenging map and I like it, too. You really need to conserve your ammo to take down all the enemies, including the Barons. Punch out as many spectres as possible and go for all the secrets, and you'll have just enough ammo to deal with the Barons in the NIN secret.
  6. There's a lot of tracks that I enjoy. TNT exclusive soundtrack is definitely the most kickass to me. I'll go down the list for Doom, Doom 2, and TNT. DOOM: "At Doom's Gate" (E1M1) ; "Sign of Evil" (E1M8, E3M4, E4M1) ; "They're Going to Get You" (E2M4, E4M6) ; "Untitled" (E2M9, E3M1), "Facing the Spider" (E3M8) DOOM II: "Shawn's Got the Shotgun" (07, 19, 29) ; "Into Sandy's City" (09) ; "Bye Bye American Pie" (23) ; "Getting Too Tense" (28) TNT: "Static" (1,9) ; "Agony Rhapsody" (06) ; "Into the Beast's Belly" (08, 27, 30) ; "Horizon" (20) ; "Legion of the Lost" (31, Stats) Out of all of these, Into the Beast's Belly was the music that caught my attention the most when playing for the first time (just five months ago), and will be the best track of the IWADs for me.
  7. Dunn & Dunn

    Swim with the Whales: map 03 platforming

    I was just about to mention that one.
  8. Fancy seeing you here. I agree with E3M7, once you know the puzzle it's not that bad. It's almost as though some levels in Inferno alternate between puzzle and action-packed maps. E3M5 is a teleporter puzzle, E3M6 is an open sandbox-like map, E3M7 is a puzzle, and E3M8 is of course combat.
  9. Dunn & Dunn

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    I meant to report this when I played the map, I didn't get around to it. The map is perfect, except for that little crevice the player can fall into. Other than that, this is a wonderful map, @Egg Boy
  10. Dunn & Dunn

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    Thanks for the feedback! This was meant to be something very simple and cozy, like you've been on a little trip...but with unexpected guests. A survival map like that would sound awesome, especially since the premise of this map is getting away from the island after you've been fending off the invading demons for a while. I'll see what I can do with this in the future, but I'm currently working on a second (and more expansive) entry. Thanks again!
  11. Dunn & Dunn

    idgames archive problem with google chrome

    I do keep getting that from Chrome, it is annoying. I guess they're really cracking down on WAD files...
  12. Dunn & Dunn

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    Alright, here's my extremely simple and short entry. You simply need to find a key for the boat at the end of the dock and get out. All difficulties and a bit of multiplayer implemented, so ammo is a little tight on UV unless you go for the secret. I love the skybox because it blends in with the lighting around the map, but I wish you could see more of the blue sky without mouselook. I included a text document for more information on the map and the MIDI included. Since this is really short and simple, I'll be happy to make another if it's allowed! Getaway - Dunn & Dunn.zip
  13. Dunn & Dunn

    idgames archive problem with google chrome

    I had that problem trying to download something more recently. I had to right-click the download mirrors and open it in a new tab
  14. Dunn & Dunn

    Which way is it???

    I need to make a II DooW list
  15. Dunn & Dunn

    Which way is it???

    Good point