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  1. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    It's currently in beta testing to my knowledge.
  2. Dunn (& Dunn)

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    As per my efforts to depart from playing Doom in some form every single day, I've had interest in more story-driven games. A blind playthrough of Detroit: Become Human (50% off for the Steam sale) is happening soon. I've also had interest in the Resident Evil series after watching a playthrough of RE3 Remake, but god knows how long it'll be before I have the money to get any of the games. I've seen a bit of Cyberpunk 2077 back when it first released (some of my friends were playing through it at the time). I'm intrigued by it, but my computer is definitely far from the minimum specs. And it's $60 outside of sales :V
  3. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    There have been a lot of amazing releases this year. Good luck and godspeed to the Cacowards people on picking all this stuff out. +1 for Lullaby and Atmospheric Extinction, having been the highlights of what I've played this year. And man, this year has been quite a ride for me. I really like the look of Fractured Worlds, Judgment, Haste, and a few other major releases but I've never gotten around to playing them for myself.
  4. I am offering a beta of Dwelling for private playtesting. Message me on Doomworld or Discord ( Dunn & Dunn#8435 ) if you're willing. Difficulties are implemented for the map but will need playtesting and further balancing, which I will greatly appreciate feedback/help on! - I highly recommend a recorded playthrough (commentary or not) as it says a million more words than a paragraph, but you can still provide written feedback if you want. - There is no exit, just yet. Playtesting will mostly be focused on the combat setpieces themselves. - A shortened version of the Dwelling text file will be provided so you know what to expect. - You will be added to the playtester list, which I hold in high regard ;P - Estimated play time to get everything will be at least 1-2 hours for a blind playthrough. - Please do not post the WAD publicly anywhere when I send you it. Please. - Nothing is final!
  5. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Insanity Deathmatch version 1.1

    Congratulations on the release! Can confirm that this mod is loads of fun, and it’s been fun helping contribute to its development (and memes of course) in the Hellforge discord. I highly recommend this to any deathmatch player out there. Just don’t take it too seriously or you’ll never be able to escape the insanity…
  6. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Doom Streams

    Dunn doing a mapping stream? HAH, imagine https://www.twitch.tv/dunn_and_dunn
  7. Dunn (& Dunn)

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sunlust

    ZDoom ports account for lost souls, and all resurrected monsters add to the monster count rather than decrease it.
  8. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Mappers, what was your biggest project?

    If we're including WIP projects, it will definitely be Dwelling. Single, extensive, gothic MBF21 map, to be brief. It's a revamp of Demonkind's Dwelling and I've been slowly working on it since April this year. As for released, it's hard to say as a good number of my stuff lately have been small single maps and community project contributions. I'd say the biggest undertaking so far was my previous mapset Bloodbath; a month or two putting together eight difficult maps. There's a LOT of stuff in there that should've been fixed, but I consider it groundbreaking for me, as it's where I experimented with strategic, gimmicky gameplay and making large vistas with only the stock textures. It's also where my largest map to date lies - MAP06: Against the Spirits, and it was pretty much where I started to gain traction and get some actual playtesting. Only my second mapset...and from earlier this year...god, I hate time. Of course, these wouldn't be here without various support and feedback in this community. :)
  9. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Atmospheric Extinction - a Boom mapset (Now on idgames!)

    Finally played through the last episode. Gotta say I was surprised by how relaxed it mostly was. Although I did traverse MAP07 with little health and took a few tries to get through the Arachnotron arena - was a neat hike in difficulty. The final encounter of MAP09 was also a fun challenge despite only using the BFG and some rockets. The atmospheric and non-Euclidean MAP10 was a really nice touch, thanks in no small part to your track "Memory is a Virtue". See, part of me is pretty happy with how the set played out - and the other part of me really wants these to have more bite overall, especially the final episode as I blazed through that one unlike Episode 2. This is already on idgames, so take my feedback here as just personal thoughts and how it lines up with my preferences. Overall, I am impressed by everything here - really high-octane stuff. You excel in creating cohesive layouts and map detail, showcasing expertise in OTEX; as well as your music, which I will definitely take a gander at and use in future works! Something to work on would probably be combat design like you mentioned - creating more difficult/larger-scale setpieces and taking more advantage of the bestiary's abilities (fodder enemies serving as walls to push through in arenas; archviles for boundary control; player encourages infighting to survive; etc). There wasn't much of a difficulty curve throughout the set - I thought the final episode would be a turning point, where Velvetic has run out of all mercy for the player. :D Although, I can see you built this around a large audience and didn't want to overwhelm the player much - that's totally understandable as everyone has their own perspective on what kind of map they want to build and play. Regardless, I enjoyed playing through the set and I look forward to anything else you do!
  10. Dunn (& Dunn)

    The Way of the Odonata, Book One - A MIDI Album

    A pleasure to see Strictly Plate-Tonic Forking in here! (wait what) A number of these I’ve already listened to thanks to charting some, and some of them springing from 2-hour composition challenges. They are…[clears throat] rather nice. Funny how 6 out of 9 of these tracks were all written last month. You’ve been on a roll and I think others are going to like these as well. Chapter 2 and 6 are my favorites from the title track.
  11. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Atmospheric Extinction - a Boom mapset (Now on idgames!)

    So I finally got around to playing this. Did a UV-continuous playthrough of the first two episodes, and I am very impressed. The amount of detail (and linedefs) in these maps is immense and so finely crafted. Not to mention the cohesive layouts and entertaining combat throughout. And the MIDIs...you clearly know music and your way around such a simplistic format. I heard sounds I haven't ever heard before in MIDI, and they all conveyed the atmosphere they were going for. You are clearly a very talented individual, @Velvetic. I'm already looking forward to what else you make down the line. I wrote down a few notes about the maps and combat as I went, and a little more afterwards. Spoilers inbound.
  12. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Random Question for Map Makers...

    I pick out a music choice about ten minutes into making a map. I find it important that you find music that will best compliment the energy or atmosphere you're going for, and keep building the map around it.
  13. Oops. I've more recently come back to work on this beast (after all that charting). Some rooms are finally getting filled in. They may not be final, but I'm just happy stuff is getting done again. I've updated the info and screenshots in the original post - do have a look! Also, graphic/music commissions for this project might finally be happening...
  14. It's a bit hard to say as it's been a while since I've played any Doom for more than 30 minutes before quitting or getting bored unless it's my own map (truthfully and sadly enough). The three that first come to mind are Jimmy, @Dragonfly , and @RiviTheWarlock - but that's probably I've been hanging out with them a lot on Discord. haha I know I would also enjoy collaborating with @MAN_WITH_GUN, as we have made pretty similar maps in terms of combat and experimentation, and have played each other's stuff.
  15. Dunn (& Dunn)

    Any tips to beat Icon of Sin?

    You don't.