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  1. KeaganDunn

    Best Final Fights/Areas and Why

    FCFF07. You know, you know.
  2. After problems with cleaning out unused assets and animations/switches amongst other things being fucked up in the process, plus the idgames uploader's leniency and lack of clarification on IWAD resources, I've decided to reinstate all the unused assets and leave this project as it is without publishing it to idgames. The file size will be larger than it should be, but it's a price to pay when things don't cooperate. Violetshift is now final. GLHF
  3. The different episodes for each difficulty surprised me especially. What's possible in MBF21 is blowing me away. My eyes.......are satisfied. Disorienting, mystifying, and beautiful in every way, Mari. <3
  4. RC1 released! If nothing major comes up in the next few days, this will be sent off to idgames. Unused textures cleaned out, and only 9MB less? Wasn't worth it... - Some difficulty balancing and minor texture fixes in MAP01. - MAP13: Moved tele destination from PSK fight to prevent mancs and other big stuff from getting stuck - MAP13: BSK fight entrance pillars are now impassable to prevent attempts to hit switch. Also prevents a cheese strat that...isn't that much cheese and actively more detrimental than just doing the second phase normally. - MAP13: Suddenly there was some pillar in the BSK fight, half-blocking a megasphere. That's gone now.
  5. Congrats on the release! There are some really unique ideas both in the map and music departments with this set.
  6. A pleasure to hear! It's been a challenge trying to find that sweet spot between much-more-doable and still-somewhat-challenging with HNTR and HMP. I'll see about releasing this on idgames soon, probably next weekend.
  7. I've been writing stories ever since I was four years old, so this is a childhood dream come true. Only took five years of putting it together. 3 writing it on paper, 2 typing it up and revising. 92000+ words, 360 pages. This is a fictional action/adventure/thriller novel I've written throughout my high school years and have given my all. CHILD OF A BROKEN SOUL. Available on Amazon as a physical copy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CCCVRS98/ PLOT (no spoilers involved): The book is also dedicated to some good friends here in the Doom community: @Jimmy, @Velvetic, @The Final Event, @Tristan, @Major Arlene, @Bridgeburner56 Thank you all for your support. Please enjoy it.
  8. Ahh, this has already been fixed. Be sure to update to the newest version on the OP.
  9. Hey, no problem! I forgot, and I'm editing the text file for you right now. I released v6 in haste because Vytaan was doing some single-segment attempts of MAP13 and the Simon Says was still broken.
  10. v6 of Violetshift released! I may have finally fixed the Simon Says minigame in MAP13, which was prone to breaking instantly on the second pattern without any player input. stxvile and Vytaan encountered it breaking but I never did. But I think I've figured it out, and @Vytaan can finally attempt to single-segment the beast that is MAP13. Wish good luck to him! Other than that, fixed some texture issues on MAP12. Next update should be the idgames release, with the file size brought down.
  11. KeaganDunn

    The (simple) fun of difficult wads

    This is indeed a problem I've been seeing lately. Some people act like if they die in Doom, it's the worst mistake in the world and they're a failure and will never amount to anything in life. Even if they're using saves. When people playtest my harder stuff (ie Violetshift), and they aren't a speedrunner/UV-MAXer who can handle the best of the best, I can feel their frustration rising and patience deteriorating with every little death. It makes me feel guilty as a result. But it shouldn't. There have been plenty of games out there, including Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal, that emphasize how with every death, there is something to learn. No matter how good you are at the game, you're not a failure if you keep dying - you're learning as you're playing. Especially if it's for the first time, and you have no idea what to expect or how to tackle a setpiece. Some people have that mentality of how Doom should always be push-forward combat in small maps with obvious progression and no sense of challenge whatsoever, and the map is badly designed if otherwise. If that was the case for every PWAD out there, I would have moved on from Doom years ago. Tons of other people would have as well. I do firmly believe challenge (and creativity in that department) is part of what's kept this community alive, as well as the mentality of dying=learning.
  12. v5 of Violetshift released! Mostly changes to the last few. Big thanks to @Vytaan, decino, and others for this - and a big congrats to Vytaan for completing (the original version of) MAP12 saveless! - Major changes to MAP12! Added a secret fight, removed a cheese strat in the rev hallway, and nerfed the finale - with a one-time teleporter, monster-blocking lines, and a softlock fix. Still tough as nails, but hopefully no more bullshit and can be completed more reliably with enough practice. - Fixed the Simon Says in MAP11 breaking if you step on a pad before pressing the switch. Also some visual fixes. - Minor fixes to MAP13. Will probably be doing one more update provided more feedback on this behemoth comes. Another thanks to everyone who has sang their praise and criticism and/or given this an honest shot. 💜
  13. KeaganDunn

    What was the first map you ever made?

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/firstb My first 14 Doom maps. MAP05 is the true first one. As is typical, this entire thing was made in Boom/limit-removing but only tested in GZDoom. kek
  14. KeaganDunn

    In your opinion, what makes a wad "bad"

    I've had this sort of dilemma in my head recently and I've come to my own conclusion: Aside from misalignments, HOMs, and other mistakes like that, nothing is particularly bad in the world of Doom mapping. Everything has its place and audience. I stand firm on the fact that if the mapper wants to have platforming, puzzles, cryptic progression, a strange MIDI (FCFF07 intensifies) or whatever - let them. Don't bash them for doing what they want to do, especially if you're playtesting for them. Recognize the fact that it's not your style or preference, and either roll with it or find something else to play. This is something I've noticed. Some people tend to bash rather than just roll with it or ignore it. Why is there a sudden teleporter line taking me to this fight in the void? Why is there a space-like sky instead of something more realistic? Why are there doors closing or traps opening up everywhere? Why is this texture here? Why is this map so long/confusing/hard? Because the mapper wants it to be that way. If they don't, THEN there is a problem. Look for mistakes while playtesting, not things outside your own personal preference.
  15. I'm assuming the last two secrets you have are at the north part of the map - those require an archvile jump. There's a consistent lineup for it, done with strafing or SR50 to be safe. Standing on the very opposite edge of a platform and straferunning to the next one, stopping just before you fall off. It is a bit bollocks, but not quite unfair :P Intermission II's color puzzle resides in the torches. This is also making me believe I should replace the cyber/voodoo-doll puzzle since that can happen, despite the voodoo dolls being elevated. That window you're facing in the screenshot is the next place to go to access the yellow card. Follow any markings or clues... ;)