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  1. If ever there wasn't enough love for the color purple. Made by Keagan Dunn & @RiviTheWarlock This is a collaborative set of 13 Boom-compatible (-cl9) levels made from and inspired by Stardate 20x7. Proto-slaughter, tight skirmishes, casual combat, and various puzzlery await, all splotched with purple for the eyes to feast on. This is a mix of short void vignettes and extensive gothic/cavernous menageries, so maybe there's something for everyone here. This set is comparable to late Sunlust, Fractured Worlds, and its very inspiration. Difficulty settings have been taken into account, and we've done our best to make HNTR/HMP enjoyable experiences while still being somewhat challenging. Full credits in "vs_credits" text file. Author commentary available in "vs_commentary" text file. PORTS TESTED IN: DSDA-Doom v0.19+ GZDoom v4.7+ TECHNICAL INFO: GAME: DOOM2.WAD MAPS: 01-13 SINGLE PLAYER: Designed for COOPERATIVE 2-4: Yes, but untested and likely not compatible DEATHMATCH: No DIFFICULTIES: Yes. PLEASE USE THEM. BASE: New from scratch BUILD TIME: One full year DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/file/3noE2Ihb#RFrG1S3YGZZCk88D-4JL-shlb6RBtlNOijWDBLqroOc https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S01F8Xam2FSADKYtjwpNNngLU1JFbMDm/view?usp=sharing KNOWN PLAYTESTERS (Last updated 6/10/23. Thank you all, seriously.) UV - @Maribo, @ryiron, @Insane_Gazebo HMP - @Jimmy HNTR - @The Final Event TO DO: Clear WAD of unused textures Rework MAP08 Rework MAP13? VERSION PATCH NOTES:
  2. I was given permission to post this here. On top of the music videos, I have charted the entire EP for Clone Hero - not just for one instrument, but four! Lead Guitar, Bass, Keys, and Drums. Download is in the description. Of course, a big thanks to Jimmy for the support and making this whole thing exist. All of these songs are absolute bangers and work pretty well as Full Band. FC when
  3. T'was so much fun to be a part of, and I'll do it all over again for whatever comes next! Though topping the videos we made here will be a challenge. lol
  4. KeaganDunn

    The hardest map to map

    The first and last maps. The first has to be a quality tone-setter and oftentimes able to be approached without too much of a challenge. This can backfire easily, however. The last map has to close the set in a memorable/tasteful/cathartic/grandiose manner. Whether it's a unique boss fight (Eviternity MAP30) or a challenging endurance test (most of Ribbiks' final maps in his sets). Then again...do either of these have to do such things? ;D Though I'm currently busting my ass getting a finale map done, which is meant to be a challenging, puzzly endurance test. I'm on a roll right now, but it'll probably do a number on me once it's finished.
  5. KeaganDunn

    KeaganDunn MIDIs -- updated May 8, 2023

    Repository updated! New tracks: LIMIT BUFFET - Anxiety Level Five - Repetition Illegitimizes - Selling Out VIOLETSHIFT - Harrowed but Conceited - A Dying Red Giant - Decease and Desist - Elliott - Unentitled
  6. Velvetic - Shadow Eyes Velvetic - In Ninth Dimension Velvetic - Departure Velvetic - The Crescent Young Storm James Paddock - Desync lol not sorry vel
  7. KeaganDunn

    Comfy Maps (or, favourite maps to just exist in)

    Nice idea for a thread. The first one was my only immediate pick, but all of these are beautiful. Doing an impromptu Guess the Map wouldn't be hard, but I left the actual map name in spoiler tags if someone wants to. A cathedral, harrowing and mysterious A tribute, heavenly but hostile A puzzle, confusing and haunting A city, blackened and abandoned
  8. KeaganDunn

    AI Midi generator

    AI is a mistake. To use it to create art/music/etc should be a crime punishable by a lifelong sentence.
  9. Haven't seen this until now. Been mapping for almost three years, since July 2020. This excludes any progression-stopping maps in the WADs. 2020 First Blood = 14 Boaty McBoatwad = 2 16 2021 3x3 = 1 - MAP02: Waterlogged* Bloodbath: Hell's Deepest = 7 Demonkind's Dwelling (single) Heavenly Rock (single) Tenth Gear = 1 - MAP29: If At First You Don't Succeed... Half Moon = 1 - Pt. 2, MAP12: Clockwise Knockoff Detrimental = 3 Doom: The Way We Remember It = 1 - E2M9: Mortress of Fistery Interstice (single) Christmas Cheer from the Chill Zone = 1 - MAP19: Forgotten Memory 18 2022 Shades of Azure* = 12 5 Minutes to Kill = 2 - MAP15: Ignorance is Bliss - MAP31: Less Likely Than You Think Against the Spirits (Redux) (single) Capybara = 1 - MAP17: Sequence 99 Hordamex = 1 - MAP17: Trapped in Another Gothic Hellscape The Mountaineer = 5 22 2023 (so far) Disillusion, Ch. 1: Subsided, Without a Virtue = 2 panicstation.pk3 = 6 Speed Weed = 1 - MAP04: Cabin of the Chunted* 9 Unreleased or finished+scrapped maps = 10 TOTAL: 59 *Technically was made in the previous year but whatever. I have a project I'm planning to release in the next month or two, so that will be an additional 8 maps into 2023, and perhaps Dwelling later into the year... Ever since 2023 started, I've been wanting to buckle down and push out Doom content more regularly, no matter the ambition. '21 and '22 have been me releasing a lot of stuff earlier in the year and getting stagnant for the rest of it. But now, looking at this...heh, that may be true, but my output in terms of numbers has been just fine. And there's only a couple releases listed here that I'm not proud of.
  10. "The Mountaineer" is now up on idgames! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mountaineer
  11. RC2 is released! But ultimately a minor update. Finally came back to this and did some maintenance to get this uploaded to idgames. Will announce when it is up on idgames!
  12. EEE DE EEE DDDD A collaboration between me and @The Final Event (formerly Regular Warren), released in time for April Fools (GMT+1). 15 maps for GZDoom that will flabbergast even the most seasoned of Doom players and mappers alike. Also contains a plethora of inside jokes that only a small number of people know. CREDITS: OTEX by Ukiro ZoonTex by Jimmy MUSIC: "Panic Station" by Muse, revoiced to MIDI by Jimmy, modified by Keagan Dunn Title music: "D_BLASTIN" by The Final Event MAP14 music: "The Zone of Gorpus Schrompf" by The Final Event Stats music: "ye" by The Final Event Soldier of Chaos remake by Robo_Cola PORTS TESTED IN: GZDoom v4.9 TECHNICAL INFO: GAME: DOOM2.WAD MAPS: 01-15 SINGLE PLAYER: ye COOPERATIVE 2-4: lol no DEATHMATCH: lol no DIFFICULTIES: I wish BASE: New from scratch BUILD TIME: 1 month DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vKjg3_bBef9lIoyxUSKlRxXY183c188c PATCH NOTES:
  13. Ahh, how about that? A bit more of radio silence...but why? Interest in other things? General lack of motivation? Or the fact that it took me a while to sit down and figure out the final boss of Dwelling, and make something happen...
  14. KeaganDunn

    Jaded RC1 [MBF21]

    Beautiful set, and a really fun challenge on UV. Never got held up on any fight or progression for a long time. The ammo situation is very well balanced, at least for my playthrough - I never had to chaingun a LOT of things, but still had to be mindful of my ammo consumption. I had this brought to my attention thanks to Maribo - thanks for using the Epiphanies MIDI! Cammy's MIDI on MAP02 is amazing and fits the spectacle perfectly.