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  1. Tindalos

    Alien Vendetta

    Gets way too exhausting by the end, sometimes feels its age and the progression is odd with inconsistent quality. However I'd still recommend it, during its high points it was superb and there are many great maps, just feel bad I couldn't give it a higher rating due to the aforementioned reasons - its quite enjoyable until it isn't.
  2. Tindalos

    Scythe 2. Version 2

    I prefer this one to its predecessor, the levels are not as small and don't feel as rushed as some of them were in Scythe and I really enjoyed the theming and the different aesthetic styles. Having to start over in each group of 5 maps was a nice challenge that I didn't mind, but I didn't like some of the other gameplay aspects: those super fast plasma gun marines are a nightmare, but at least they're used sparingly, and the balancing takes an interesting turn from Whispering Winds (map 23) onward when the difficulty suddenly spikes and the design spirals into slaughterfest maps with hundreds of challenging enemies crammed into confined spaces forcing you to rely on invincibilitys and BFG spam. I revisited this one on a lower difficulty (HNTR) after many years to compensate for my abilities withering away in the absence of playing and the progression felt even odder with the juxtaposition of how easy and chill the maps in the first 2/3 of this pack are and the 500+ demon spam and archvile/revenant/cyberdemon orgies that followed. However it is mostly high quality stuff and the 30 maps breeze by faster than they seem
  3. Tindalos

    Eternal Doom

    Not really a fan of wandering for hours in huge maps trying to discover what hidden unmarked switches unlocked (spoiler: it was more switches) but has some very cool design.
  4. Tindalos


    Silent Hill style wad, with interesting map design, non-linear gameplay and a lot of custom textures and enemies. Good challenge to play. Great atmosphere and the custom content is well integrated into the adventure. I got a ton of enjoyment out of this one and even replayed it a few times with various settings.
  5. Tindalos

    EPIC 2

    Maps are interesting, but the gameplay sometimes gets repetitive as well as the switch hunting/puzzle solving is frustrating at times. Over reliance on ambush spawns and too many damn revenants for my liking, especially toward the end. Aesthetically the maps are consistently impressive, the setting and atmosphere are great and there's enough variety and memorability in them. Despite those drawbacks, its still an enjoyable experience for the most part.